Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely (Production Credits)

blame it on Illy October 9, 2013

With Get Home Safely arriving at retailers next Tuesday, some folks have managed to get their hands on Dom Kennedy’s forthcoming project and let loose of the production credits for the 18-track album. DJ Mustard, DJ Khalil, 1500 or Nothin, The Futuristiks, amongst others, contribute with production on the album.

Get Home Safely drops October 15.

01. Lets Be Friends (prod. The Futuristiks)
02. 17 (prod. The Futuristiks & Larrance of 1500 or Nothin)
03. All Girl Crazy (prod. The Futuristiks & Nick Brongers)
04. After School (prod. The Futuristiks & Dammo)
05. If It Don’t Make Money f. Skeme (prod. The Futuristiks & DJ Khalil)
06. Honey Buns Interlude (prod. The Futuristiks & Dave Foreman)
07. Honey Buns f. KRONDON (prod. The Futuristiks & YuYu)
08. Erica Pt. 2 (prod. The Futuristiks, DJ Khalil, Dave Foreman & Danny Keys)
09. Black Bentleys (prod. The Futuristiks & DJ Khalil)
10. Tryna Find My Way (prod. The Futuristiks)
11. A Intermission For Watts (prod. The Futuristiks & Preach)
12. South Central Love (prod. The Futuristiks)
13. Dominic (prod. DrewByrd)
14. Still Callin f. TeeFlii (prod. DrewByrd)
15. Pleeze f. Nipsey Hussle (prod. DrewByrd)
16. The Year 5 Theory (prod. DJ Tech)
17. A.M.N.I.G.z (prod. Troy NoKA)
18. Nothing Like Me f. DJ Mustard (prod. DJ Mustard)



  • Fred

    I was hoping for some THC and J. Pounds

  • @Fred agreed, production was kinda lacking but still dope as fuck

  • SandySupreme

    Where the fuck is polyester the saint? I’m pisssssssed!!!

  • Rosebudd

    No Spitta, no Too Short, No Cardo beats. I hope this still slaps

  • This album is very dope def worth the purchase.
    Dom >>>

  • jundamane24

    Would’ve loved to see cardo, polyester the saint & thc on this, either way still should be on point

  • biff tannen

    This is worse than listening to madonna rap.

  • Bryan

    wish I had this to bump during the summer but regardless, it’s still dope

  • 2dope4nope

    Ima buy shit is smooth might not have those lyrical songs that some ask for but it knocks just wish other producers were on it like that yellow album but regardless that “if it don’t make money” and that “17” dope and most joints.

  • leakers4Preident

    Album got leaked already. Go over to rapgodfather. One of the best of the year. Dope ass beats.

  • imbuying

    I’m just wondering why he never has L.A.U.S.D beats on his material anymore?

  • Swaggerooni

    No THC or Polyester the saint??? Wdf? For the last couple of tapes they hooked him up crazy. I’m hurt

  • jj

    also would of liked to see atleast a couple wit Polyester the saint.

  • matt

    lol people complaining because certain producers aren’t on. maybe hes going for a different sound on this project. poly’s beats are distinct anyhow but i think he either started righting with futuristiks beats in mind or at least collabed with them a bit before this album came into fruition. the other beats were supplemented by producers that have worked with dom before so go figure

  • Rodrigp

    Dope is Dom

  • BRWO

    Dude gets dope beats, but he’s incredibly wack on the mic. Westcoast version of Birdman right here. Give these beats to 1000 other rappers and that shit would be better.

  • nickyb

    This guy raps the same way every time. dude is extremely overrated. ask anyone on Crenshaw and Vernon if they heard of Dom Kennedy and the answer 8/10 times is NO. ur definitely not gonna catch anyone in LA in they car bumpin this shit. especially not south of the 10 freeway. I’m not a huge Nipsey Hussle fan but at least he REALLY holding down Crenshaw


    lol @ Dom is no better than Birdman lol..gtfoh

  • Jetlifer

    Ya’ll niggas is crazy this album is dope as fuck… That 5 year plan is my shit

  • Yung Kam

    The Futuristiks are a treat.. Dom on their beats is pure heat. Which is this album, so far.

  • los

    shit is dope took a few listens to really get grasped by it much love on this one!! next time i think we need more bars from dom like 5 year plan- 1997 type shit. I think its dope that all of his projects have a vastly different sound. OPM

  • Get home safe is a Banga .Well produced.these techno sounding want to be from the sound nigga need to listen to dom’s cd to here what a sold produced cd should sound like.

  • Dez

    This album was wack. Mediocre production and lazy lyrics. I know he’s not known for lyrics, but he could had did better.

  • Will

    The album was great half the cats on here complaining about lyrics listen to J. Cole and think he is a beast lol. This shit is alternative rap whether you like it or not. He is not super lyrical, but he is not garbage either he has a perfect balance with great production and numerous topics in his songs.

    You have guys who have bars that cannot say shit on the mic, or they are not flowing like Dom is and this is a true fact. I listened to a couple of cats who are one dimensional as hell, but can spit he seems to be able to do a bit of both.

  • killamayne

    NO DAHI????