Dom Kennedy – Pleeze f. Nipsey Hussle

blame it on Meka October 9, 2013

Dom and Neighborhood Nip connect once again for this Get Home Safely cut, which drops in its entirety October 15th.

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  • cal

    these guys are the least lyrical dudes out of west coast

  • ^^ HAAAAA THESE NIGGAS TALK A LOT OF SHIT! go hate somewhere else, sorry the homies & women you with ain’t real.

  • dodo

    this aint supposed to be lyrical shit, that being said. dope shit

  • malcyvelli

    meh, love both these dudes music but this was just too stagnant

  • realtalk™

    underwhelming.. i loved most of his mixtapes but not feeling anything ive heard off this album so far

  • bongwater

    man this album is insane

    Dom deliverd

  • los

    i wastn feelin dominic but this grew on me quick.

  • biff tannen

    Wack. Someone please take this dudes mic away, he’s making the west look bad.

  • Rosebudd

    this shit cool but Dom has definitely dumbed down his lyrics since He said I let my fitted sit high cause im really on my grind. katt Williams flow bitch this pimpin all the time

  • realness

    album leaked today

  • 2dope4nope

    And can’t appreciate a niggas shit but just bitch in the saying of JustEnjoyThisShit simple as that dig the album, Crenshaw a dope tape too westcoast what it is!

  • AndONeill

    Man his album is fuckin dope, shit, really really good, worth the wait, support this shit, I got mine pre ordered,, I recommended everyone to get this

  • C’mon Y’all

    Dom’s not the most lyrical. he just tells relate-able stories and has a cool flow. dude’s dope to me.

  • biff tannen

    Cool flow? Really??? Do Birdman and flocka have “cool flows” too?

    Sad times

  • tone

    ^^^^clown ass nigga, birdman and flocka dont stand for shit with there music, dom been doing this shit since 2005 grab from the westside with love part one or 2 if u need bars fukboy.

  • jay g

    the beat is too dope

  • biff tannen

    Just listened to the westside tracks. Really dude?those are bars? Rofl


    This guy is trash and has BEEN trash.

    Stop supporting wack shit. There’s plenty of good hip hop out there.

  • tone

    ^^^^1.nigga this isnt all i listen too 2. yesthose are bars 3. your a hating ass nigga whos gonna marry a hater ass wife and have hater ass children 4. this album is hip hop, most of that other shit isnt. only a few newschool artists are making quality “hiphop”