Flatbush ZOMBiES – Death (Video)

blame it on Meka October 9, 2013

directed by TONE and Vinny Picone

The Brooklyn trio unleash a new set of visuals for their Better Off Dead cut.

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    these guys arent lyrical at all juice just sucks

    • Frylock

      How the fuck aren’t they lyrical? I swear you niggas done lost your mind with this shit.

  • MewLover34

    ^ Good luck with that, pretty much mixtape of the year.

  • Just My Opinion

    Don’t see how they aren’t lyrical bro. But you so called “hip hop purists” prraaayy for “true new york hip hop” every fucking day!!! ZOMBiES are the real deal. Gritty, grimmy, rough, aggressive in your face music. #BetterOffDEAD #BEASTCOAST

  • Thank Me

    One of the best mixtapes released this summer.

  • mazoomy

    Mixtape of the year bitches! Shit’s been on repeat front to back since the day it came out.

  • Will


    Are you even from New York? They are not great MC’s to you, because it looks like they have mixtape of the year to me. You sound like a hater, because it is obvious that these dudes are sptting. If you said you did not like them then okay, but down playing them is a sign of hating.

    I hate hip-hop purists, because you mother fuckers are pretty much ignoring true talent for traditionally bland predictable bullshit. There is no one that sounds like them or delving into the route they are in right now, they are unique not even Underachievers are fucking with them or Pro Era, these dudes are part of the movement but they are unique.