Papoose & Memphis Bleek Drop "Pound Cake" Freestyles


No, Papoose and Memphis Bleek aren't rocking together but I figured they are somewhere in the same league as far as status. Obviously Bleek is in a better financial state for obvious reasons (<>) but that's besides the point.

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  • scared?

    damn Shake. Why don't you just shit on these guys?

  • Frost

    ^ lmao

  • Thoth

    That Papoose picture man... Just doesn't look right.

  • MidWestFlyest

    Big ol arms, lil ass head lol

  • j

    pap goin at jay now lmao

  • gregory kruxx.

    dont diss Bleek...he may not be poppin now but he did more in his time then you ever did blogsite guys...

  • Joshgotti

    If you shit on Papoose you really don't understand real hiphop. He killed the present "Goat" with his control verse for example. Papoose is nice for over a decade now, ok he is not really a poppy mainstream artist, but a lot of RAPPERS cant really fuck with Pap.

    Greetz from Rotterdam - Holland

  • realtalk™

    Shake will talk shit about any rapper until they're standing in front of him in some dressing room and they confront him..

  • 3ktl

    This is his best freestyle yet the others were trash. He needs to just rap and stop dissin make good music during your 15 minutes and people will take notice


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What do you know, I actually enjoyed one of these.

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