Wanna Know Who My Favorite Rapper Is?

blame it on Meka October 11, 2013

A few weeks ago, ‘Plex Row asked myself and a few of my contemporaries to disclose who our favorite rapper currently is. Of course, me being the weirdo I bucked the trend and didn’t even give them a rapper. Find out who I chose below.

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  • -.-

    Oh, I think the fuck that I give went that way >

  • KING

    We got some dumbass bloggers considering 2 of them chose Future and Nicki Minaj as they fav rappers. FOH

  • Dan

    ^read what you write before you post.you make no sense dude

  • Billy

    For anybody who doesn’t want to wast their time going through the slides:
    He doesn’t have a favorite rapper and his favorite producer is Premier who inspired him to purse a career in music.

  • wackness

    I wish they said after the first guy put 2Pac, ok anybody else? If I’m going to endure a slideshow for no reason, I’d at least like different answers on each page.

    And I’m with the last guy-rappers can suck a dick they all turn when they get a few bucks to their name.

  • What a retarded article. How dare you trick me into reading that bullshit. Not one person said Eminem, which I guess I’m not suprised. Future and Nicki, seriously?!? SMFH so hard…

  • brad stevens

    you’re officially “that guy” meka. you’re the guy who’s favorite basketball player is “i like them all.” literally your one job was to select a rapper that you like or listen to the most. you’re officially the hipster who tried to give the most “different” answer. “oh i dont listen to rap recreationally. i like other genres.” Jesus….

  • To answer the article’s title: No.

  • doc

    if your favorite rapper is future or nicki, i probably dont like you as a person and i question the kind of human you are.

  • Just Give Up

    Meka, you need to give up on writing, it’s just not your thing. That first sentence is a joke. Why don’t you read it over once before posting? You should take some pride in what your doing.

  • SforMusic

    I love how motherfuckers here are judging personalities based on rappers my GOD, how much of a hipster are you. it’s funny cos I have expected bloggers saying some next conscious rapper to make themselves look like a PSEUDO-intellectual. I guess it’s hard to be real when ppl are judging you cos their favourite rapper is NIkki Minaj lool… have a sense of actual individuality, aint this supposed to be subjective ?

  • runon&on

    Meka is a terrible writer…and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it.

  • BP

    Why even bother submitting a response if you weren’t going to answer the question? Stupid.

  • Anewlevel

    I almost came in here to writing something scathing to get under your skin Meka, and well to be honest, instead I’m coming in here to give you a great deal of respect for mention Stan Getz. I’m sitting here reading your post and ran across Jazz/Bossa Nova and nearly shat myself. Well done my friend, well done. About 10 years ago I hit a big Jazz stage and Stan Getz was one that really stood out, now I only listen to it from time to time with some many other genres taking their turn.

  • disdatfiya

    YEA FUCK YOU FOR NOT GIVING A RAPPER AND INSTEAD GIVING YOUR REAL OPINION BLAH BLAH. goddamn you c-sectioners are the reason I hate reading comments. The real issue here like like 3 or 4 said Camron….

  • lames

    Dumbest article ever, the only one with significance should be Dallas Penn, he’s contributed so much to hip-hop. Other than that, this was a wast of 5 minutes of my life.

  • Silky Johnson

    lol @ that pseudo-backpacking hipster faggot Noz’s answer

  • Jojoba

    I love that 3 people said Cam doh’ shows you how well respected his in the blogs and the steets

  • Exhibit C

    Yeah, Cam’ron is definitely one of my favorites too

  • Will


    Maybe he does not like Em, I do not either the white boys can have him, That is the only rapper they listen to anyway. I notice most whites who listen to Em are rock fans either thrash or metal. They talk shit about hip-hop, yet they only name Em like he is the only rapper with skills in the scene lol. He is garbage and his time is almost over.

    We are not going to let mainstream society Elvis up hip-hop how they did with Country, Rock, Blues, etc. You stole that from us but you ain’t taken this from us.

  • radio

    @Will is the type of person to spit on a random white person and say “That’s for killing Trayvon Martin!”

  • Will


    I am the type of person White people fear, because I have my shit together and I have a history. I am Ethiopian, this means I am not a stereotypical African-American, and I know what it means to embrace culture. I do not think lowly of whites they think lowly of us.

    I am not on Rock blogs leaving borderline racist rants about how the rock is trash and the black man is the best at it. You will find this on a hip-hop site with whites though. The sad fact is when whites get in something they take it over and claim they started it or it was better created by them.

    I know whites that even tried to claim me and my family lol. We cannot co-exist without their inferiority showing. Perfect case Elvis the king of rock and roll, but who created and was the true king yeah answer that one.

    I see history is repeating itself with rap music. It was shunned by whites now they are saying one is the best at it, too bad they never heard of Rakim, Black Thought, Exquire, Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, MF Doom to name a few.

  • track

    Hey Starvin Marvin Why Don’t you Shut up

  • brad stevens

    @Will just proved how insanely racist he is lol

  • adolfmayne

    I wasnt surprised by meka’s response at all haha

  • Will

    @brad stevens

    I am not racist in order for me to be racist I have to garner some power. Racism is a practice and an ideology that hurts the people it is willed against. In other words no I am not racist. I am a person who sees past the bullshit that the mainstream culture creates.

  • Mike


    You talkin sum real shit brah, white people do act like they made everything.

  • brad stevens

    so you’re a racist and a looney conspiracy theorist. got it.

  • thatoneguy

    i hate 2dopeboyz more and more every fuckind day.

  • thatoneguy


  • Will

    Brad Stevens

    What did I say that was racist? I am telling the fucking truth, get over it. The truth does not swing one fucking way like you think it does, so you spout out bullshit like you did just now. I must have hurt you somehow, because you feel some type of way. I never said any racist bullshit agenda, what I said is the damn truth.

    You are the type to talk about a Black man’s track record, but neglect you’re own. A true racist thinks his people do no wrong. I am aware of African-American problems as well as East African problems, the only difference is I am man enough to admit it. If anyone is racist its you, especially with the defensive shit you just typed.

  • david

    @Will you just generalized all white people making you a racist. I’m white and listen to Rakim, Black Thought, Homeboy Sandman and DOOM almost every day. In fact, I know black people that listen to Asap, Lil Wayne, Drake, Minaj, Future etc.

    And you use Elvis as a bad example of how white people taken over a genre but most white artists who started playing blues and rock name black artists as their favorites/inspirations. Rock n Roll wasn’t invented by one individual, it was created by multiple people of different color (Google ‘The Rolling Stones’). Elvis’ nickname ‘The King of Rock n Roll’ was given to him by fans and he had loads of fans and blues artists more iconic than Elvis at the time called him The King too. It’s just a nickname not an official status.

    On hip-hop blogs I never see whites talking anti-black comments but you’re not the first time I’ve seen a black supremacist on them. Daft cunt.

  • Will

    I see you are deluded, the truth is Rock was created by African-Americans. Do not try to sugar coat it, this is not up for discussion it is what the fuck it is brother. The genre was often associated as a form of nigger music back in its heyday along with original country, which was played with a banjo (an African instrument) the root principals of rock music were rhythmic shouting and high pitched vocalizing which was not known by this time to whites.

    Stop trying to be Eurocentric and face the truth, whites are known to talk ill of African-Americans. A video with AA’s on it will have nothing but racially charged insults in the comments section. I do not know what world you are on buddy, but it is not earth. I am not prejudice, so keep that bitch made attitude you have and come at me with truth, not some punk bitch stop talking down to me whiny ass response you cad. Do not tell me I am wrong prove it, because there is nothing prejudice about the truth. The only ones that are afraid of it are eurocentrist.

  • peaceofpi

    No, actually, I don’t