Chief Keef – Almighty So (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 12, 2013

As promised, Chief Keef delivers his Almighty So mixtape. Stream and download it after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Chief Keef – Almighty So (Mixtape)

  • Warhol

    Groudbreaking achievement in the history of life.

  • Smh

    This guy has to be the worse rapper alive

    Crazy how he got a deal

  • brad stevens

    if you listen to chief keef then you’re a third grade dropout

  • damnbruh

    stop posting this shit,

  • Max B

    Yall just dont understand.

  • letmyniggazlive

    @maxb biggavel dont fuck wit this shit you grouie

  • August

    @max B we don’t understand what exactly?!! he’s too bad.

  • yaaaa we dont understand a word that comes out of this idiots mouth

  • steez

    ay shut da fuck up i a intellagent yung man who educated n rich n i listen to cheif keef so shut da FUCK up

  • DjdakaYungDan

    If you don’t like it you probably don’t understand the context. But people love to hate out of ignorance.

  • mike

    yea…hate out of ignorance…thsi dude aint nice I have two of his tapes and his album, why would I get this after him failing me 3 times?

  • lol

    explain this context?!

  • Flex God

    This aint rap or hip hop. THIS IS TRAP MUZIK !!!!!!!

  • The Real TC

    Chief Keef is obviously on a whole other level and if you don’t agree with that, you probably just don’t like amazing, thoughtful, intelligent music that sheds light on the reality of where he comes from. You can tell by the amazing pictures he paints in your mind through his lyrics that he is the next greatest rapper to walk the planet.

  • Shaq is lord

    Da fuck yall niggas i talm bout, this shit bangs ig you do not like dis shit then fuck off to rats in the street with joe durk. Shaq gave yall niggas diamonds and this is what we get? Praise lord Shaq nigga shalom.