Saturday Night Sexy: Claudia Nelson

blame it on Illy October 12, 2013

Twitter: @ClaudiaLNelson/Instagram: claudialnelson

San Francisco-bred model and Urban Ink cover girl Claudia Nelson shows us she’s a walking piece of art in this week’s Saturday Night Sexy.

claudia-nelson_01 claudia-nelson_02 claudia-nelson_03 claudia-nelson_04 claudia-nelson_05 claudia-nelson_06 claudia-nelson_07 claudia-nelson_08 claudia-nelson_09 claudia-nelson_10 claudia-nelson_11 claudia-nelson_12 claudia-nelson_13
  • KING

    Too many tats. Nice ass doe.

  • real

    wOw. Whoever doesnt like this you are gay as fuck. Flawless.

  • kiko

    why is she so white in the first pics? that ass though!

  • adi Pre

    Bitch paler than a Irish elbow.

  • thisguy

    Went to high school with this girl. She’s always been baaad.

  • Rodrigo

    Shout out to the homie real honestly if you don’t like this suck a dick and kill yourself.

  • Will

    Average mixed African girl, she has a nice body, but her face is average. They need to stop making them look so damn white when they are not, because it throws me off a bit. I can tell with her features and that body she is largely of African descent no mistaking that.

  • al

    I agree with Rodrigo… Will go suck a dick and kill yourself

  • @JoseRio29


  • WHAT!

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s superbad! Fuck last week’s chick.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    She looks the best in those last two pics, they need to stop trying to make every woman look white.

  • smellmyfinger

    shes hella fine but real talk those tatts make this bitch look like a gutter slut lol

  • DJ

    I know her, and she’s not that fine, all that make up really does wonders, she looks nothing like that at all, she’s just another ghetto bitch. Hate to sound harsh but i know her personally. She’s hella ghetto, she fucked hella dudes i know, but i guess that’s what most of these “models” are about anyway.

  • biggest pimp

    idk why u hatin on those tats. i agree, sometimes tats can ruin a beautiful body but in this case it still looks delicious.

  • nahmean

    wack shit as always

  • #Dope! Without even readin the comments of the meek, Im sure they say “eeewwww She has tattoos” lol smh Get some Pussy You Nerds lmao

  • Welsh

    ^Why are you using a hashtag when the c-section on this blog doesn’t support it?

  • Yonyless

    Ya’ll sound like some old ass racist bastards hatin on her tats really….it’s fucking 2013 get over your stupid petty tastes, Girl is fine as FUCK.

  • thisguy

    Welcome to the internet, Welsh.

  • wesside pimp


  • Real

    and no more wack ass ghetto bitches!!

  • dagel

    and u know this trashy hoe still expect queen treatment after getting tatted

  • Will

    I agree with Rodrigo… Will go suck a dick and kill yourself
    al said

    Why should I kill myself, because I said the truth she is average. You are on her nut-sack because she is light that is it. Niggas like you would be seen with a busted light skinned chick or a fat white women, because brown and darker girls are ugly right. Nigga go seek some help darkie. I know you are one, because dark skin African-American men for some odd reason have a skin problem, because they feel inferior.