Molecues (of The Legion) & Showbiz (of D.I.T.C.) – Revenge (Video)

blame it on JES7 October 12, 2013

90s heads: Remember The Legion’s “Jingle Jangle” featuring Dres? Some argue The Legion’s ’94 album, Theme + Echo = Krill was wack, others say it was slept on. Even if your opinion sides with the former, the “new” Ill Adrenaline Records release may change your mind. The above video is a previously unreleased gem (some may recall the beat from Finesse’s “Actual Facts” featuring Sadat X, Large Pro & Grand Puba) which will appear on The Legion’s Lost Tapes EP dropping in November.

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  • forget who use this sample ,heard a million songs like this ..nothing special could have came alot better

  • tglue

    nore use this sample to… The concept of the story is played out!… when i seen showbiz did this joint it made me check it out but i cant say i was impressed! ..these dudes are mad old still rhyming wow!

  • Obvious troll is obvious.