Game Signs To Cash Money

blame it on JES7 October 13, 2013

As Shake mentioned in this post, it looks like Game is the newest addition to the Cash Money Records roster. Having finished his contractual agreement with Interscope with the release of Jesus Peace, Jayceon is turning to Birdman and company for the future.

On top of YMCMB confirming via Twitter, Game also displayed his new jewelry of choice through Instagram. Take a look at the representation below.


  • ohhellyea

    All downhill from here

  • Mike


  • keepit10000

    He got lame after the 2nd lp i mean he got some iight songs but ymcmb gonna water him down

  • zonvi

    I used to be a HUGE GAME fan but with this, I’m done. IDC if he has the dopest GAME track out, he’s reppin’ them and I don’t fux with that at all.

  • Exhibit C


  • adi Pre

    Damn…I was a big Game fan but this can’t help his career in anyway other than financially.

  • Jay

    dumb move doesn’t he see where every other rapper that signs to Cash Money falls (Busta, Bow Wow, Mystikal) he’s gonna be shelved the rest of his career smh

  • rdd08

    Game is a dope Rapper, underrated even, but he always seems to make weird ass moves that has everyone scratching their head

    Hopefully this will help Game get some extra hype on him and/or lets him make some more money

  • PACnw

    Leftovers lol. I used to like Mystikal in 1999. I used to like Game in 2004. I used to like Busta in 1997. Hmmm I see a pattern here. Cash Money likes leftovers.

  • KING

    Totally agreed with rdd08.

    He makes these bonehead moves and associates himself with people that don’t deserve to be where they are. I thought RED and Jesus Piece were gonna suck but eventually found out they were mad dope. I hope this is the case for future Game albums. But signing with Cash Money is a fucking stupid move. You go from working with Dr. Dre to Birdman. Big difference.

  • jus10

    I’m not a fan, but even I don’t think this is a good look. Game’s better off forming a group with Buck called “G-Unot Unite”

  • mitch

    Man hopefully this isn’t the Stake in his career… He should’ve just went independent like he said he was going to a little while back. He could control who he wanted to work with when he wanted to work with… no deals that require him to do certain shit for every album. I wish him the best but I’ve just lost a lot of respect for this guy.

    This reminds me of when Mack 10 signed to Cash Money – That didn’t last very long hahaha (and what ever happened to him?)

  • who cares

    Fucking stupid move. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. He likes working with all of these lames anyway.

  • mpls612

    i liked cash money when mannie fresh produced for them! now i’ll probably like 1 or 2 songs outta every album they put out.

  • U Mad Bro?

    Annnnd the Name-Dropping musical masterpieces will live on for another album or two.. Wayne finally has someone he can “SuWoop” with on a daily basis now.

    Do you think Wayne and Game have sleepovers and kick each other while they sleep?


  • malcyvelli

    A perfect fit for a fuck nigga, industry gangsta rapper, tell this fool to hang it up, nobody is gonna miss his style biting ass bars whatsoever

  • YeahRight

    Just because the guy signed with CM, he’s weak now?

    You might be entitled to your own opinion, but mine is “Y’all lame and hateful.”

  • fdhfdhh

    dude who said “even if he makes a dope track im not gonna fuck with it”.. can you get more fake? Good music is good music. If his shit sounds like it has, im gonna fuck with it. We’ll all just have to wait and see. i am afraid he’s just gonna get shelfed though :/ i mean, they’re busy working on Paris Hilton’s album (sigh)

  • marty mcfly

    Hate Hate Hate… Yet Jesus Piece is still better then most albums to come out this year. OKE was ok but when he has a concept to follow he can make some dope shit.

  • sellout

    I thought he was actually turning around after listening to OKE, but signing to Cash Money? Nope. Just Nope.

  • mike

    I think the new promotion and mainstream appeal (working with label mates) will generate some more buzz to Game. Of course the old fans will think they’re the only ones that matter but this will only be good.

    Whoever thinks he went from working with Dr Dre to Birdman in one move is delusional.. he hasn’t worked with Dre since the early 2000s and not since The Documentary was dropped. The cameos and odd throwaway beat here and there on The R.E.D. Album weren’t anything.

    I think Game will fit the crew well bringing a harder vibe as long as they set him up for success and he gets some solid features from the 3 powerhouses on that label.

  • mike

    And those wanting him to stay independent or away from these big labels.. how many of y’all copped his last few albums? And if you did, it’s not enough. He can’t continue to sell 250k in total and recoup on marketing and beats. He needs a quick mainstream boost or album sales will decline and only get worse if he went indie. I’d rather see him stay in the light longer, independent isn’t for everyone – Xzibit put out a hard album and it sold 3,2000 first week. I copped it but who cares, it’s no where near enough.

  • Flip

    Yall some retards, Do you not see what route he’s going…..He’s doing this so he wont have to switch up keep giving us dope music and yall bitching….You fuck with baby and wayne its money no matter how wack his music is sometimes….This is a hustla mind state, you skinny jeans fuck boi’s making that baby money…

  • marty mcfly

    I really cant knock anybody for signing with Cash money because when it comes to getting money Birdman is an expert. Artistically an artist probably has the most freedom on Cash Money then alot of other places cause I highly doubt anybody over there will say make this kinda record or that kinda record. Cash Money is one of the best machines in music if you weigh the pros against the cons.

  • marty mcfly

    Game signed for one very simple and obvious reason. Birdman cut a check with a number and a whole lotta zeros behind it.

  • three

    you act like hes going to be working with people that he never worked with before. Wayne was on every one of his last 3 albums. birdman was on the interlude of his last album and tyga was on it too. drake was on R.E.D.. i mean nobody had a problem with it before. games established, hes not som young buck doing anything to make a hit. he has a whole catalog of em.

  • mike

    everything comes with a price and those top tier feats on Jesus Piece weren’t cheap. He had the hottest in the game rapping on that album, you think they do it for the love or they’re asking for a check?

    Meek Mill, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Common, Kanye West, Pusha T, J. Cole, King Chip, Tyga, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Young Jeezy, Future (and I’ve probably missed some).

    I mean, how can you sell 300k and recoup on all that plus promotion, beats and marketing (not to mention everyone involved taking their cut). His quality has been as good as ever but the sales are down.

    Get a hot beat, get Weezy on it, Drake somewhere and maybe a Nicki but, you’ve mainstream appeal and you’re moving units. You still keep the old fans happy cause there’s at least 10 solid songs on the album and a few radio hits.

    His last radio hit was My Life. With Wayne. This move just makes sense.

  • mike

    I guess what I’m trying to say is if you like Game as he is now, the only way to maintain that is with a buzz injection. The old fans keep fuckin with him but how many new fans is he making? I’d say he’s losing more than he’s creating.

    I want Game to win so he can keep dropping classics like Jesus Piece. I just don’t see that without the backing of a big powerhouse like YMCMB. They’ll be hot for a few more years to come, he can make good use of it.