• Slaughterhouse

    LMAO @ Travis Scott's struggle bars.

  • who cares

    Only listened to Bronson's verse. Dude went in.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aDfrmnenSs Ill Son

    Boring! Bronson, was ok. Everything went downhill frm then. The no name dude was cool, tho.

  • haha

    haha that nigga said premo this beat sux

  • clone

    travis had the best freestyle by far ha

  • Billy

    Travis Scott is the 3rd most talented person in that room after Premier and Bronson but this was weak

  • mitch

    Amazing how bad Kim is without Biggie as her ghostwriter

  • j1

    travis scott is bout to ruin hip hop forever.


    Travis, Travis, dude, do some homework. You had forever to write this shit.

  • Sea Monster

    wtf is lil kim, human/cat?

    lol at travis nothing at all comfortable and tellin premier the beat sucks. i was thinkin the same. wtf premo. i wonder how you did that christina aguilera cool trumpets and shit banger in the 00's.

  • shway

    damn lil kim is ugly