2013 BET Cypher: TDE w/ Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Isaiah Rashad (Video)

blame it on Illy October 15, 2013

And here goes the much anticipated cypher at this year’s show. Top Dawg Entertainment’s ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar (w/ SZA in the cut) kill it at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. Watch TDE go bar-for-bar after the jump. #KendrickVerse UPDATE: Audio download (.mp3) added.

CYPHERS: Slaughterhouse | A$AP MobAction Bronson, Starlife Breezy, Travi$ Scott, Tiffany Foxx & Lil Kim | Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz & Jon Connor | Problem, Bad Lucc, Astro & Asia Sparks

  • Sicko

    The shit we all been waiting for good lookin out!

  • dev

    thanks for the live update 2DBZ. love from South Korea

  • whateverIguess

    Isaiah Rashad deserves some love. Dope verse.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Serious question… Why are all these rappers sitting around while Kendrick shits on them time and time again acting like nothings happening? Drake wants absolutely noting to do with him at this point.

  • who cares

    ScHoolboy was alright. A little generic though. He also got off-beat a few times.
    Rock went in.
    Ab-Soul was alright. He sounded half-dead, but still had some dope quotables though.
    Isaiah went in too. His animated delivery was fun as fuck to watch.
    Kendrick fucking killed it. Rode that beat like a pro. He actually surprised me considering the amount of hype surrounding his verse.

  • The Cypher

    1. Kendrick
    2. Jay Rock
    3. Isaiah
    4. Soulo
    5. Schoolboy

  • Death Row >

    CDQ! And Kendrick went in Rock went in Isaiah too looking forward to his future tape under tde and wtf with soulo too much pineal gland I guess!

  • ear2ear

    Haha, I like Kendrick’s energy level and the verse was cool but I don’t understand where all of this new found aggression of his is coming from. Hahaha. It seems like such a steep contrast from last year’s Kendrick. He was mimicking some poetic 3000 shit last year and now he’s on some battle rap Eminem shit this year. It’s kinda funny to me. But he’s very talented.

  • well

    @Mike Tomlin, Because those rappers understand hip hop and niggas like drake don’t understand lol

  • The Vet

    The Cypher

    1. Kendrick
    2. Jay Rock
    3. Soulo/ Isaiah
    4. Q

    Soul’s verse wasn’t bad imo but the way he delivered it was, still said some sick shit.

  • flo

    I think almost every verse had a shot back to all rappers if they want war, they ready.

  • well

    @ear2ear, you aint been paying attention cuz Kendrick was more aggressive in 03 when he went by the name


    Lol, nothing was the same since kdot entered the game. Drake is going to have to take the L, ain’t no singing and serenading his way outta this shit. LMAO

  • Ahyis

    Might be the first time in a while that the same person has the 1st & 2nd best verses of the year.

  • Isaac


  • BC

    hahaha. holy shit. nobody is within miles of kendrick. you can argue, but you’d be wrong.

  • yetw

    @COTDAMN his way out of what? you acting like he dis something wrong. cant stand instigators.

  • well

    @bc, im a Kendrick fan, but lyrically slaughterhouse destroys Kendrick…he got the total package though

  • ear2ear


    Not like this. His two major contributions that he’s known for Section 80 and Good Kid were mostly about being a vulnerable kid growing up in the ghetto. I’m just saying 2012 Kendrick and 2013 Kendrick are strong contrasts of one another in terms of message and identity and you can bring up his “Monster” freestyle from 5 years ago or whatever you want but that’s not gonna change the image he put on last year and the year before of being the vulnerable artistic kid from Compton. Nothing wrong with that. It just makes this new aggressive persona kinda strange and funny to me.

  • rand0l

    I hope that was aimed at Drake, im a huge fan of both but if this happens it could be the next big thing in hiphop, No violence, just competitive music.

  • J.Y.

    Kendrick BODIEEEDDDDD this cypher

  • Thoth

    @ear2ear Maybe you should wait for his next album before judging him. Right now he’s just sending out his energy towards the culture and showing the rest of the world how hip hop needs to be.
    I really don’t think that his next album will be some punchline songs.

  • fuckkkk

    hold up, wait a minute. your career aint shit without a little kendrick in it.


  • well

    @ear2ear I wouldn’t have to go back five years, just last year and when section 80 dropped an he was a xxl freshmen he rapped with this same aggression from the freshmen freestyle to every hot 97 freestyle. He went from to Kendrick lamar, since then he’s been both on the mic. Just because he’s clearly the vulnerable kid growing up in the ghetto doesn’t mean he cant be aggressive on the mic. Isn’t like he’s rapping bout shooting people, he’s rapping about lyrically shooting people lol

  • dope

    haha anybody noticed how kendrick would randomly move from sitting next to the tde to sitting next to premier between camera takes.

    Maybe the aggressive thing is new , maybe he’s just trying to find a way to motivate himself to work harder, maybe he’s just always been this way ( hes replied 3 times to 3 dfferent people), or maybe he’s just and asshole.

    who cares it’s entertaining

  • 416

    The intensity in how Kendrick delivered that verse.. whoa! The game needs some “aggressive content” like 50 used to say. Drake don’t really want it with him..


    lol @ yetw, I can’t stand people who try to correct others but can’t spell check they own shit first. What the fuck is “he dis something wrong”? C’mon son, and lastly Drake has said on his new song “fuck any nigga that’s talking that shit to get a reaction” on the language. Nigga, I ain’t an instigator, it’s just that Kendrick is that nigga and Drake won’t respond back to this shit. How many niggas you know got an album named “Nothing Was the Same”?

  • supremesoulstice


  • 4 realer

    King Kendrick. Seriously, who could fuck with him on some lyrical battle shit?? And before someone says Eminem, no.. not today. Em from 2003 probably, but not the 42 year old Em of today.

  • marty mcfly

    ear2ear, its cause he’s feeling himself now which is kinda understandable since even before his album came out his fans was saying he’s the greatest already. Papoose could come out and body him again and people would just make an excuse for why it dont count. Kendrick will throw another indirect and fools a say he killed every breathing MC on the planet, smh. This is not the first time this shit has happened in hip hop but nowadays its not even about bars, its strictly a popularity contest. Kendrick aint wack but people acting like he’s Canibus 2.0 and thats just not the case at all.

  • marty mcfly

    Go listen to how many dope lines came from each member of Slaughterhouse and then listen to Kendricks. Again Kendrick aint wack, thats not what im saying but COMEONSON.

  • shut the fuck up

    lol marty mcfly are you serious? kendricks the best out right now. dude cant say whatever the fuck he wants.

    but actually im not even surprised at anything you say.

    i cant talk rap with anyone who thinks JayZ is better than the king, Nasty Nas.

  • shut the fuck up

    this stupid motherfuckers over here talking about “dope lines”

    great lyricism doesn’t depend on “dope lines”

    but again, I expect nothing but nonsense from a JayZ stan.

  • Mike Tomlin

    “@Papooseonline: @kendricklamar is that all you got? Hahaha chocolate drop had a better cypher than y’all”

    LMAO it’s actually pretty sad how far Papoose has fallen.

  • biff tannen

    Rofl @ the irony of martys words

    What a herb lol

  • WW

    @4 realer gotta put ’13 Kendrick against ’03 Eminem since I would say that Kendrick is in his prime now and ’03 was when Em was in his prime. Let’s see Kendrick after 15-20 years of this and see if he has lost a step or two.

  • yeah STFU

    Leave it to Mcfly to be the one hatin’.. Papoose dis was mediocre, every dope line was followed by a corny line “laugh at you like hee hee hee”. Fact is King Kendrick is running the game right now. The nigga Drake can’t have the crown when half of his albums are RnB singing. That’s not hip hop.

    Kendrick will not take his foot off the neck of the rap game; as he wins more & more people with every verse, soon the haters will be a tiny minority. His talent is truly undeniable..

  • marty mcfly

    @Mike Tomlin, you talking about Papoose has “fallen” but fallen from where? Papoose has always been strictly underground as an MC. He never had Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre promotion behind his music. So my question is this, are you familiar with Papoose music from the early 2000s to now? Ok so really who is the better MC? Honestly? Overall? I mean some if you think its not about bars but thats cause you probably know Kendricks aint that hard.

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ fallen from a dope AF rapper 10 years ago to someone tweeting weak shots at a rapper who just killed the BET awards trying to stay relevant..

  • 4realer

    @WW OK.. I’d even give it to ’03 Eminem in a battle. But I just put that out there cause too many Stans think Em is unbeatable and hasn’t lost a step.. he has. Anyhow Kendrick gon be in this game for a long time..

  • marty mcfly

    You fools talking about running the game right now but even thats questionable because one platinum album doesn’t necessarily mean that Kendrick is out performing every artist in hip hop. That just means he has one platinum album. Again ya’ll can take it how you want but I didnt say Kendrick was wack. I just dont think this guy is lyrically better then every MC like most of ya’ll say every time he spits some random theatrical bars about whatever.

  • marty mcfly

    @Mike Tomlin, ok well stop checking for what Papoose says because your keeping him relevant since you think he’s so wack.



  • well

    @marty, if hip hop was just a popularity contest 80 percent of the internet wouldn’t be saying Kendrick is better than drake. People are saying Kendrick is better not because he’s more popular, but because a lot of people really think he’s the best overall mc out right now, if you disagree that’s fine. But you expressing how much you feel Kendrick is overrated on every Kendrick post is just corny lol give it a break

  • well

    @marty, of course its questionable who’s “running” the game, that’s all opinion. Nobodies saying Kendrick is “out performing” anybody as far as sales and stuff, theyre talking skills which is their opinion like what you’re doing right now. Nobody here used kendricks platinum album as the reason why he’s the best, that’s your logic with other rappers, they’re talking mc’ing.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah ok, people will skip around actually lyricism to bring up other shit and how Kendrick is running everything and how all the MCs should watch out cause big bad Kendrick is on the lose but once we get to the lyrics? Its like really? Thats what you say is the best lyrical ability these days? So what is Slaughterhouse then? Like I said already, I blame Jay Electronica…

  • marty mcfly

    @well, yeah well those people your arguing for can speak for themselves. You always take the opinions of multiple people and try to explain their point of view in compariosn to mine. The bases of 99% of your comments is based on the opinions of people who never ask you to speak for them.

  • Moses

    @marty You’re an idiot if you think Kendrick isn’t the hottest in the game right now. Not by album sales, not by ticket sales, but Look at how everyone is looking for a feature from him. And Jay Elec is dope, but where’s the fuckin music? That dude stay in his fuckin hole. You’re never gonna be the best if you don’t ever drop shit.

  • well

    That’s actually not what I say is the best lyrically these days, I actually said slaughterhouse killed kendricks verse in this very post. A retard like you would never catch that though lol but anyway, there a some mc’s lyrically better than Kendrick, but as far as being the total package being lyricism, creativity, and content he’s definitely top 3 right now to me. And slaughterhouse are no where near that list because they can rap their asses off but make terrible music

  • rpj

    I bet most of you were saying kendrick had the best verse before you even heard the shit. He got the co-sign and the push and predictably y’all just ate it up.

  • MusicHead

    Marty ….YOU NEVER EVER EVER GIVE KENDRICK CREDIT..on a post when he’s gettin hella love for somethin he sound SOO bitter.. Like bruh Kendrick is the BEST RAPPER alive right now & it’s not even swear Pap bodied him..u want Kendrick to have some type of dent in his armor soooo bad lol it’s really funny to see TRY to discredit a nigga like him with the whole package..

  • well

    @marty, yea well take it how you want to take it but WHAT IT IS is that if my opinion is the same as a number of people and I see you trolling like you usually do im going to clown you lol Im not “arguing” for anyone but myself, me bringing up what other people said was in response to you claiming everybody is saying Kendrick is the greatest because its a popularity contest. That’s not defending other peoples opinion, that’s stating my opinion, while stating the obvious because you’re literally responding to opnions that weren’t mentioned in this post lol you do that a lot

  • marty mcfly

    @well, “Kendrick, but as far as being the total package being lyricism, creativity, and content he’s definitely top 3 right now to me.” Ok so who are your top 3 then? And why the fuck would you somebody raps better then Kendrick? If you believe that then Im not even talking to you anyways. Im talking to those who believe Kendrick raps better then everybody. But who’s your top 3 right now fool and dont skip around the question like a bitch.

  • marty mcfly

    And again, let me hear from people who believe Kendrick RAPS and LYRICAL ability is BETTER then EVERYBODY else. If you think someone is better then Kendrick lyrically then im not talking to you.

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, I aint talking to you either cause we already know you think Kendrick is actually GOD.

  • Richard

    Kendrick and Jay Rock. Real niggas know competition and at the end of the day its all love. untill a nigga step outta line touch on fam or wifey its all fair game. Real niggas. I fuck with KDot and Jay Rock, Eminem is one of the greatest rappers still in the game Aftermath all day. Its perfect really and kendricks enegry should scare niggas cause hip hop was dead until ma dude came out the wood works that is L.A. Shit gets rough in the hood and respect goes to anyone in the struggle. As for Drakes pussy ass,… Niggas his shit was dope with weezy for sure… mixtapes and all but once a nigga went mainstream…. i dont know i guess i dont really think he every lived a struggle… Yeah he might not have had lots of money growing up but nigga it aint even about that, real niggas make due. we make sacrifices and dont catch no breaks. He aint hip hop and well, fuck that nigga. sit down, spit your little flow get the bitches wet and let real men hit the game. That is all.

  • well

    lol I just noticed something, Ive never posted with the name well, and marty tries to make a summary of the type of comments I post on here. You’re clearly either a troll that works for the website to get people to refresh the page a bunch of times or you’re assuming I’m somebody out of ignorance, either or.

  • Tania Peters

    Why was Corey Charron excluded? He earned his spot by winning it on 106&Park but he wasn’t even informed when it went down! B.E.T. needs to answer for this. He woulda killed it, no doubt about it. So why y’all hatin on the white, Canadian champion?

  • marty mcfly

    @well, yeah we know. You’ll just go on and on about nonsense but meanwhile you never really say anything. You never make any statements of your own you just assume other opinions and you throw a bunch of silly remarks at me as if that gets your pointless argument anywhere. Either you believe Kendrick is THEE BEST LYRICAL MC in hip hop or you dont. If you dont then its no need to counter my comments cause clearly I dont either. My point is fools will say anything to get around the words to Kendrick actual lyrics when making the argument about his lyrical superiority and then later claim thats its not all about lyrics and that there’s other MCs that are better. Why the fuck would you take a position about an opinion that you dont even believe yourself. Either your saying Kendrick is the best lyrically or he’s not but dont bullshit about the subject.

  • well

    @marty, EXACTLY! lol why do you want to hear from people who think Kendrick is the best?? why are you making it your job to debate everybody who has a different opinion than you who are hardly forcing there opinion on you the way you are on? HATE that’s why, you hate the fact Kendrick gets the attention he gets. And my top 3 overall mc’s right now would be Kendrick, cole and wale

  • Ihatemejob


  • marty mcfly

    @well, my comments with your name are aimed at YOU not everybody else. Your top three obviously leaves out some other players who are just as dope if not better.

  • well

    I didn’t take a position about an opinion I don’t believe my self. I said quote “im a Kendrick fan, but lyrically slaughterhouse destroys Kendrick…he got the total package though”, so what are you talking about mr troll? lol You can feel its no need to counter your arguments but that’s irrelevant because in reality im going to counter what the fuck I want to, and in reality I would probably smack the shit out of you for saying some stupid shit like that. So cut all of the “don’t respond to me if such an such” because 1 this isn’t your comment section, and 2 im going to say what I want, you don’t have to reply. But guess what? you do reply, so I guess I must be saying something

  • pause

    Wale? lost credibility for that

  • well

    @marty, my top 3 obviously is my top 3, nobody asked for who your bitch ass thought “obviously” was wrongfully left off

  • federalnamejermainecole


    right now the west coast kingdome is all over hip hop. i’m so analytic sayin this next thing: artist “newcomers” i listen out of the west coast? the are alot. artists I got respect for them? ..

    FUTURE: c’mon he made the sillybrain rappers become to his type of beats. and he is the only one with this sound that don’t sounds generic.
    RICH KIDD: mad talented dude
    BIG SEAN: he’s a party rapper, punchline rapper, motivator rapper. and he don’t make u feel gay like drake cause sean don’t act like somebody else. he’s big sean. (damn he’s fucking this glee girl)

  • c’mon son

    Why do niggas argue with Mcfly? He’s a troll; a Kendrick hater, and a Jay-Z and Drake dick rider… Anybody who hates on Kendrick THAT much obviously has no credibility.

  • well

    @pause, I don’t need “credibility”, my opinion is my opinion and I don’t need you or anybody else to be ok with it.

  • marty mcfly

    @well, yeah we know. You’ll slap the shit outta me and you speak for everybody else and you name calling and shit talking about bitch this and bitch that smh but meanwhile you really say nothing at all. You saying Slaughterhouse would destroy Kendrick lyrically as if that does anything to my opinion LOL. You either saying nothing or foolishly agree with me in some failed attempt to talk as if you some kinda tough guy. FOH

  • MusicHead

    @marty there are obviously a few more lyrical rappers than Kendrick but OVERALL? There’s no rapper livin right now overall better than Kendrick period..& to the dude slandering Wale..stop actin like Wale isn’t nice lyrically & overall. Smh

  • from da west

    You know this so called beef between drake and kendrick is funny as hell. Kendrick said your project ain’t shit until you have some kendrick in it or something to that effect right? Well apparently his project wasn’t shit until he had drake in it. he can’t look over the fact that he needed drake’s feature to get to the radio. Who wasn’t playing him.

    This by no means mean I like drake or his corny ass music but let’s get this straight those who have fed into this have just been played. This is all a way to draw attention to the awards and make money. This kiddie shit isn’t beef. And kendrick’s verse was written I thought the cypher was a freestyle? Or not but it is good to see kendrick and tde get that money and grow as a brand but kendrick is just raps it boy right now just like j. cole was and just like when drake was.

  • caliOwnsIt


  • well

    I didn’t call names to sound like a tough guy, if you want we can turn this into some keyboard killer shit , meet up, beat you senseless and go about my business, but that’s not why I said that. I said slaughterhouse would kill Kendrick lyrically even before you commented, so in reality its you that shouldn’t be replying to me if you have nothing else to say in reply to my comments. What I said about you is you’re hating, which is clear to damn near everybody who commented after me. So that’s not me or anybody else arguing somebody elses opinion , its EVERYBODY noticing you’re hating, and probably trolling

  • Kendrick’s Cypher was dope but in my opinion, I don’t think Kendrick could fuck with Papoose or Cassidy, It’s just that they don’t have the commercial success.

  • clark kent da 3rd

    @MuicHead, your just letting your fandom pollute your opinion. kendrick is not the greatest rapper or MC or the total package. I like how cats are saying that now but when jay-z came out they said that, when 50 cent came out they said that, when drake came out they said that, when j. cole came out they said that and now it’s kendrick’s turn. The hip hop world didn’t begin with kendrick nor will it end with him so you cats out there need to chill with the dick sucking. He’s nice with it but he isn’t the best.

  • marty mcfly

    So basically you dont think Kendrick is the best LYRICALLY right? Cause either your he is or he’s not. All this other side shit you (@well & MusicHead) is talking about is beside the point. Either you say he’s the best LYRICALLY or not. @well, you talking about what you said before I commented is also beside the point because 1, you could let other people speak for themselves and 2 if you dont think Kendrick is the BEST LYRICALLY then I dont give a fuck about whatever else you say. You talking about how im a hater and your a keyboard killer that will do this and that jsut makes you sound like a fucking idiot. Again DO YOU THINK Kendrick is the best LYRICALLY? IF not then you basically cosign my opinion that he aint.

  • marty mcfly

    You guys talking about overall? and shit, thats fine but again either you think Kendrick is the best lyrically or not.

  • Shawn

    That Kendrick verse alone was better than the whole Drake album, sweet Jesus.

  • flo

    I think everyone had what they needed to say and brought it to the table. I don’t expect TDE to be throwing out any shots unless provoked.

  • well

    Now you can reply with a long as speach but at the end of the day you look stupid because you said a bunch of comments ago that i shouldnt reply to you if i dont disagree with your opinion. But if theres nothing left to say what exactly are you still talking about other then how you feel about my comments in which you already explained a thousand times? Looks like im not the one not saying nothing. and on a side note if lyrics was the only thing that mattersjay z wouldnt be over nas as far as the goat conversation is concerned now would he?

  • asap gilla

    @flo, they were provoked by quite a lot of rappers. And they didn’t throw shots back at them. Kendrick has been playing bitch by going at drake and meek mill but never went at papoose nor did q or soul go at snake hollywood or every other rapper that brought them in it when they went at kendrick. So YES shots were fired but tde has fired back.

  • well

    @marty idgaf if my comment before you commented is beside your point, because that was my point from the beginning and what i said in reply to you was a different arguement. you dont have to reply to my observation of your comment, but guess what? you did and guess what else? if i aint saying nothing you’re writing a whole lot in reply to someone that you feel aint saying shit so how does that make you look? like an idiot….me talking about slapping the shit out you in real life can really happen so that isnt idiotic in comparison to you writting paragraphs in reply to someone you stated aint saying nothing a half hour ago

  • marty mcfly

    @well, whatever man LOL. Anyways like I said before Im not saying Kendrick is wack cause 1st of all I respect his skills and he is indeed lyrical but some of ya’ll need to stand behind your comments or at least what your comments are implying. If you think Kendrick is the best lyrically then say that then and stick with it but dont skip around the subject once lyricism is brought up. All this other shit ya’ll talking about dont even matter. @well, Your top 3 right now is Kendrick, Cole and Wale LOL STFU

  • Me how

    I think kendricks aggression comes for his success he’s know he’s the best for a while but with s80 and gkmc he knows he’s the shit.

    He knows no matter what anyone says he will deliver dope songs freestyles love songs etc for days, we are witnessing a great enjoy.

    Listen to look out for detox, cartoons and cereal hiiipower etc

  • flo

    exactly… after this point on, whats been said has been said.

  • iii

    God damn…..half of this is still censored fix the shit.

  • well

    its hard to look more idiotic than someone who constantly tries to not only debate but force his opinion on a whole comment section that clearly has there minds made up, let it go, your opinion and the only one

  • MusicHead

    Smh you don’t have to be the best lyrically to be the best overall..just cuz he not the best lyrically doesn’t mean he not lyrically elite..dawg..Soul & Lupe..maybe Wale at times..more lyrical but overall ??? Delivery, songwriting, concepts, body of works? Kendrick can do it & great faggots just scared to admit certain shit smh..dawg been CONSISTENTLY good for SOME YEARS..right around the time Kendrick Lamar EP dropped then OD, etc.. C’mon man stop discrediting homie..he not like Jay, 50, Drake, Cole NONE OF THEM..he’s actually better than them at everything as far as rapping goes..singing that’s another story..but fuck y’all got so much hate blinding y’all..y’all can’t even the kids skills & potential .. Wow.

    Name some better RAPPERS overall out them Kendrick, Marty & his faggot friend ????

  • well

    @marty, and who the fuck isnt standing behind there opinion? because i quotes my comment and stuck with what i said this whole time so who are you replying to? imaginary people you think are going to comment? lol i didnt skip around anything, i explained in detail why i think kendrick is top 3 right now. all that “other shit” im talkin bout matters enougn for you to keep replying. and as far as lyrics, creativity and content thats a strong list. kanye lyrics were terrible this year to me, jay z had some good songs but lacked creativity and had lazy lyrics, lupe is probably the best lyricist alive, but cant write a good song to save his life lol i can go into detail about why those guys are worthy of top 3, i have yet to see who you thought was top 3 right now though

  • marty mcfly

    @well, again my comments with your name on it or replying to your comments was directed at YOU so thats not forcing an opinion on nobody else, thats talking to your bitchass. Anything speaking in general and directed at anybody willing to say Kendrick is the best lyrically could’ve have been answered by whoever believes that. Especially since you dont even believe that yourself but yet you wanna argue for others and talk about the obvious which would be opinion this and that and then of course you’ll name call and talk about some keyboard killer shit as if that makes your pointless and foolish non argument even better LOL. As far as anybody out there who believes Kendrick is better then everybody else LYRICALLY? My response is ok then if thats what you believe then thats interesting. Too bad this other clown who believes Slaughterhouse is more lyrical then Kendrick (which cosigns my original comment btw lol) spends so much time speaking for others instead of forming an opinion that has any important context in regards to the subject.

  • marty mcfly

    Now you saying “lupe is probably the best lyricist alive, but cant write “A” “GOOD” song to save his life”… Please STFU and as far as Jayz creativity goes? At this point you can think whatever about Jayz cause his music’s performance speaks for itself and that includes the lyricism involved. At least he put out an album this year and honestly its more creative then a couple of those other guys in your top 3’s material was.

  • well

    your forcing your opinion on me and everybody else. you asked me for my top 3 and then told me i “obviously” left off some people as if your opinion is fact gtfoh. aint nobody talking no keyboard killer shit, you must want that to happen nerd ass nigga lol

  • well

    creativity wise wale was superior to jay, kendrick was superior to every rapper i can think of right now with his last 2 albums, and cole s creativity aint much higher than jays last album but kills as far as content.. and you can write the best lyrics in the wolrd, that doesnt mean you can write a hook, a bridge, pick good beats and make good music. thats a valid point, and been said about many lyricall rappers since hip hop began so you stfu

  • marty mcfly

    Picasso Baby
    Holy Grail
    Jayz Blue
    Nickels And Dimes

    I mean if thats the shit thats “lacking” these days then either your being intellectually dishonest or you just mad that Jay still makes better projects overall then most albums out this year. But thats besides the point cause whatever is said about Jayz does nothing to prove anything in regards to the lyricism of Kendrick Lamar and again you yourself dont even think he’s the best lyrically so it is what it is.

  • well

    wales golden slavation which i saw even you give props to was more creative thaN any song on jay zs album. and kendricks album was probably the best put together concept album ever last year so your jay z dickriding can rest right about now

  • marty mcfly

    And fuck your top 3 and your comment section wannabe thugshit cause I sorry but I dont believe you bitch.

  • well

    none of those songs are more creative than the one song i named so that was a fail lol those songs are good, i liked the album it just wasnt creative, and as far as creativity , lyrics and content all together? his album aint even top 3 this year, just had great production

  • DatGuy

    If the question is best hip hop artists in the game right now…

    Kendrick Lamar > Drake > Schoolboy Q >…

    These the niggas making the best music right now. And y’all gone see when OxyMoron come out.

  • marty mcfly

    @well, Jayz really has nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar. Again you yourself do not believe Kendrick is the best lyrical MC in hip hop correct? Ok then. Anything else i could give less then a fuck about now eat a dick and die faggot.

  • well

    you keep continutng this “key board killer” idea that i dropped 30 minutes ago if you really want to see how i smack the shit outta niggas we can do that, send me your address. if not you can stfu like the bitch that you are and just talk rap because i can make you believe easily

  • marty mcfly


  • well

    if jay z has nothing to do with kendrick why you listing his songs dickhead? lol is jay z not said to be one of the best ever? and is kendrick not said to be one of the best right now? there going to be put in the same sentence for a long time, get use to it. and you can really die with that faggot talk so i suggest you just talk rap, because i doubt you about that life

  • Mehow


    I think the problem is that people are too stupid to understand how good this man is, he is the first artist to catch my eye in 10 years and including ab soul.

    This man is in the league of tupac biggie nas etc, this man does his own hooks he’s got the best flows I’ve ever heard and his wordplay is incredible, maybe it doesn’t show through the cypher but I’ve her most of his shit that’s the way I see it.

    Don’t hate on what you don’t understand.

  • Kk

    West Coast we on! KK.

  • marty mcfly

    You doubt im about that life? Mothafucka you making threats in a comment section LOL. This fukboy talking about whats my address and lets meet up and shit…. Listen pussy just no when to STFU cause you the type to talk about “that life” and then get yourself either fucked up or shot and be naming names to the police the same night. Mothafucka this is the internet so GTFOH before you actually think you tough and get your fucking brain blew out in the real world.

  • marty mcfly

    Again @at anybody in they right mind, I respect Kendrick skills and I dont think he’s wack but some of his fans are fucking ridiculous.

  • well

    yea well that gettin your brains blew out shit is the shit im talkin bout young man so since you clearly aint with nothin im saying you need to stfu cuz your the one that continued the whole keyboard killer shit while i said keep talkin rap because im really about that and you not sending your address lets me no where you probably stand as far as street shit. me making threats comes from you gettin disrespectful and me putting you in your place. just talk rap because you can easily send that address and get beat the fuck up. if not stfu cuz everybody sounds safe behind computers

  • well

    you dont know what type of nigga i am so you can stfu with all that, but your clearly the type of nigga thag gets disrespectful over the internet but avoids any real life comfrontation this section proves that so again just talk young man cuz you can send your address and number right now so we can talk like men about how ima smack fire out you and i dont take disrespect lightly, or you can shuddup and be a bitch nigga that spends there life on blgos all day

  • well

    some of every rappers fans are ridiculous, and you’re ridiculous with how you carry on in every section with people with different opinions than you

  • marty mcfly

    Ask your mother what my address and number is bitch and let me know when you get here LOL smh.

  • well

    Well that confirmed it, you don’t want that drama, so continue trolling these blogs like you’re use to cuz what I do in REAL LIFE to niggas like you, you probably aint use to bitch ass nigga

  • B

    Kendrick’s expressions, delivery and energy outshines others. Everyone else sound lazy compared to him. Jon Connor also killed it tho

  • 206FRE$H

    kendrick lamar nigga!!!!!! west side get the money ya herrd! hahaha that shit made me get hyped up like i was bumping 2PAC.

  • Crispin

    Kendrick wins again… Haha

  • truthserum




  • wackness

    Damn Marty…

    I remember when you first started commenting all the time thinking it was cool having someone who cared about the music.

    Then you got shit on some time around 2 Christmases ago and you’ve been losing it ever since.

    I think you’ve lost your mind to the comment section.


    ^^nigga legend has it Marty fused with the comment section, he like that episode of south park with cartman and the trapper keeper, cept prolly fatter than cartman

  • RAW


  • Da Spaniard

    Kendrick’s expressions, delivery and energy outshines others. Everyone else sound lazy compared to him. Jon Connor also killed it tho

    B said this on October 16th, 2013 at 2:40 am

    ^THIS. Jon Connor was dope!. The only one I can see lyrically outshining Kendrick in a cypher is King Los. And again, in a cypher. Overall Kendrick > Los

  • Will

    I am an ab-soul fan but damn, Ken and Jay did their thing no hate, Isaiah was good to been on him for a minute. I think this year was meh, they should of had Danny Brown, El-P, Killer Mike, Exquire,Joey Bada, Flatbush Zombies or just some other cats mixed in. It was nice to see Jon rip the mic he is underrated as hell.

    I am not a fan of Rittz, but he is alright. Hieroglyphics and Clear Soul Forces would be a good addition to the fray as well as Vince Staples.

  • Nasty Nas

    For all you dick sucking faggots saying kendrick is on par with biggie, 2pac and Nas ya cats need to be taken out back and killed executioner style. Let little kenny try to step to Nas and he will be bodied easy. I have no problem with cats liking dude and his music but saying he’s the greatest is a joke. You cats wasn’t saying that when he was going by the name of k. dot or the early garbage he put out. He had a little epiphany like lil wayne and y’ll calling him the greatest makes me wonder who ya cats was saying was the greatest before. There’s a reason why he went after drake and meek mill because he will easily be murdered by J. Cole and other cats like Pusha T. Ya stupid idiots thinking that control was a diss sorry but it wasn’t. It was a declaration to strive to be the best over other rappers but every rapper says this. If little kenny wants the crown AT LEAST have big enough balls to take the crown like Jay-Z but like Jay-Z he will get smacked down. And I doubt little kenny will EVER go at Nasty Nas.

    Every rapper says they are the greatest and the best even the mediocre ones so what’s really new here?

  • marty mcfly

    “Damn Marty…
    I remember when you first started commenting all the time thinking it was cool having someone who cared about the music.”

    @wackness, 99% of everything I have ever said on 2DBZ is because I care about the music, the artform and the culture. Your talking about me losing it but that leads me to believe that you haven’t read anything I’ve said. IF and again IF my initial question was ever answered in this section, I actually wasn’t planning on bashing whoever thought Kendrick was the best lyrically. I was gonna say something else but you got this guy @well you decided to make the attempt to speak for everybody else over and over but never had anything to say about anything at all. Most times people just make an opinion without getting emotional and turning into keyboard killers over it and then read my responses to those kinda comments. Most times they dont bash anything that was said and there’s a bunch of other constructive things thats said about the situation in which nobody feels like they lost anything. If somebody makes a comment in which I think something about makes sense, I say that was a good point and leave it at that. You got others on here that get emotional and feel like they have start talking like they hard about nothing at all because really they have nothing to say and they really dont even believe the words coming from their own brain so they create arguments as their actually cosigning everything im saying.

  • Unmasked

    Listen to earily K. dot he is a carbon copy of Lil Wayne. Training day mixtape was garbage that was when he was trying to act hard and like a gangster. C4 was a joke and his first was Youngest Head Nigga In Charge which was trash. He wanted to be bad now he wants to be good.

  • derrickxdejuan

    @marty mcfly kendrick is one of the best lyrically. A few may be better than him lyrically (Slaughterhouse, Jay Electronica etc.) and a few may be better than him musically (Drake, Kanye, etc.) but in terms of total package as in overall he’s winning point blank, There is no other argument. No other rapper can do BOTH at such a high level. His delivery and creativity is ridiculous. For someone to say that they care about the culture you should be glad that someone in his position is actually focusing on lyricism and raising the bar rather than simply radio hits. Whether you think he’s great lyrically is opinion. All rap status comes down to is opinion. But he has lit fire under rappers with his words and brought excitement to the genre rather than singing on songs about missing women and using autotune. This is rap. Sing along songs don’t belong.

  • westDown

    Kendrick had a chance to kill Pusha T on Nosetalgia but nope he didn’t. It’s easy to see why control had the impact it did. Big Sean is garbage so it wasn’t difficult.

  • derrickxdejuan

    @westDown Pusha T is no pushover. No pun intended.

  • marty mcfly

    @derrickxde, so there are MCs that are more lyrical then Kendrick is? Ok then you said it. As far as the total package thing, if you feel Kendrick is the only rapper then can hold an artistic balance then you can feel that way. As for singing and rapping at the same time (as your referring to Drake), thats actually a good thing in my opinion. Most rappers get singers to sing their hooks but if a rapper can sing his own Id say thats probably a good thing. I think theres other MCs that focus on lyricism also and they get shitted on for being lyrical while Kendrick gets props for it. Slaughterhouse did two albums full of lyrics and they got clowned on for focusing on bars. Pusha gets clowned on for drug referrences, Lupe gets ignored for sounding too smart and the list goes on and on… Kendrick is a lyricist like I’ve always said but this whole shit about his lyrical superiority comes from factors outside of his actual lyrics in my opinion.

  • real

    Kendrick shit on all of TDE.. The rest of them sounded lazy

  • kanyestan

    at this point, isnt as lyrical as he was when overly dedicated and even section.80 came out. he CAN/COULD be like the cypher verse above showed, but the verse itself also goes to show that he has to appeal to the masses/stir up some type of hype to keep his mainstream success rolling. this new “tough guy” image is the current style kendrick has been performing and its grabbing everyones attention. and honestly kendrick gets a lot of passes in the game just like some nba players do with foul calls. its totally politics and popularity. no matter how hard you try to argue how good of a rapper kendrick is, you cant try and argue that hes the best emcee lyrically because there are so many hiphop artists puttin in work that dont put out radio records. kendrick just blew up at the right time and he literally says and does what he wants but in comparison with the OGs and legends in the game, he doesnt come close. the main reason why is longevity and he has way more albums to go to really prove his place. only time will really tell if hes the greatest. im not arguing that hes the hottest emcee out right now but lets see where he goes. think about it, hes only been in the limelight for a year. compare that to nas, jigga, or any other successful rapper whose had that longevity, kendrick is just a baby with a bunch of raw talent.

  • kanyestan

    its way too premature to just hand over the keys to kendrick as the greatest emcee. he has all of the skills and talent to do it but hes only had one album. i personally think is something special in the making but this whole tough guy facade hes showcasing is getting a little old and stale. if kendrick wants to be the best, he needs to continue to put out great music and stop trying to strengthen his image. if its all about good music at the end of the day, then keep it at that but dont go talking about how youre the greatest and youll murder everybody blah blah blah. its so redundant and boring it creates this unnecessary drama that fuels stupid shit. i just want to hear good rap and hiphop.

  • marty mcfly

    As far as Kendrick acting like he’s tough? He probably is tough, I mean dude is from Compton so if you a pussy you aint making it outta there to safe so Kendrick is probably not “acting” on an aggressive level but as far as lyrics go I think Lupe said it best earlier today when he tweeted “its too many best rappers and not enough best raps”. Now somebody brought to my attention earlier that if Kendrick were to rap anymore lyrical then he would probably lose some position in mainstream hip hop and honestly after hearing that perspective I can kinda see that as a possibility cause after all the people that keep the lights on in the building of hip hop as far as commercial rap goes are not listeners of lyrical hip hop. I say that to say Kendrick is doing a good job in the position he’s in by somewhat keeping the door open for lyricism on a mainstream level. In closing, I gotta blame Jay Electronica for the state of hip hop right now, not the good parts but particular the bad parts… Kendrick i like 94 – 95 hip hop when lyricism was view as being kind cool on a mainstream level but Jay Elec is like 96-99 hip hop when it was like a fact that lyricism was cool and his absence in the game just makes alot shit sound wack and watered down imo.

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick i like 94 – 95 hip hop when lyricism was viewED as being kindA cool on a mainstream level but Jay Elec… I know some people will be like wtf is he talking about but just saying.

  • well

    @marty,every post you’re on. That’s not people speaking for others, that’s people noticing you’re trolling and pointing it out. You’re a hater period, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be on every post of the rapper you claim is overrated talking down on them.

  • well

    And I only started “talking tough” because you started getting disrespectful, and when I asked you do you want to talk man to man about your recklace mouth you quickly declined and probably realized you were talking to real people behind the computer. Would you talk like that in my face? probably not, gave you the chance and you tried to ignore it

  • well

    Im not speaking for anybody else, im pointing out what you’re doing which is being ignorant, its not my fault half the comment section said the same thing even before I saw the post*

  • JohnsonYA

    Ab-Soul couldve killed that his cypher last year with talib was the same level as kendricks this, kendrick had a point to reiterate thats why he had so much longer if he had the same slot as the rest of tde there wouldnt have bin that big a margin in talent. on par with slaughterhouse

  • JohnsonYA

    an as far as this talk of “man to man” goes, y’all sound like a couple of bitches.leave it

  • well

    ” if hip hop was just a popularity contest 80 percent of the internet wouldn’t be saying Kendrick is better than drake.” That was my first reply to you, proved what you said was bs. Im not saying nothing? read again

    “People are saying Kendrick is better not because he’s more popular, but because a lot of people really think he’s the best overall mc out right now, if you disagree that’s fine.” That was clearly not defending other peoples opinion, but explaining my first sentence on how if this was a popularity contest Kendrick wouldn’t be the one everyone dickrides, it would be drake, but that’s clearly not the case. Just cuz I ddnt counter your argument saying Kendrick aint the best lyrically doesn’t mean im not saying anything, that IGNORANT, because that would mean anything that’s not pertaining to your opinion doesn’t mean anything, which would mean you’re special or something? I guess….Just because I don’t want to force my opinion on you the way you are on everybody else don’t mean I aint saying nothing.

  • PGEE

    I’m sure the 39 dislikes are from Papoose using every computer at the New York Public Library.

  • silence

    PGEE wins the comment section.

  • kbaneshasty

    Kendrick is a fucking animal.

  • gregory kruxx.

    King Kendrick and Jay Rock Murked It.

  • marty mcfly

    @well, I have never not once ever used the word “overrated” when talking about Kendrick Lamar so get your facts straight 1st. 2nd, there are no “people” saying anything towards me like you are in this section, its only YOU. 3rd, ANYTHING I say on 2DBZ, id say directly to your face and Id further disrespect to your face and id hope that you try and turn up because that would either land you in a hospital or a graveyard simple as that. There is no way possible to be any kinda G at all by making threats on the fucking internet because that has to be the lamest shit ever. I feel weird even responding to such nonsense but since you keep doing it im just letting you know. You sir are not tough, there is nothing gangsta about you, you have no reputation in any streets period and no part of the game has ever respected you. ME on the other hand, I dont even wanna be “about that life” cause im so far passed that basic mentality that anybody claiming such fuckery is a lost embarrassment to themselves and their family. Good day sir

  • basedgod

    marty you smell like pussy

  • stayblessed

    Funny how everyone talking about Drake when this is clearly going at Papoose. Papoose has just opened Pandora’s box.

  • Carlos

    Drake fans soundin hella salty

  • GATZ

    “tough guy facade” how else would you get to the top? Didn’t Jay have the rapid fast machine gun flow and changed it up before RD dropped? Then went off and begin to claim he was up there with biggie and nas (where im from) now he is the hailed as the GOAT. Didn’t Nas do the same thing when he challenged biggie (the message) and also Jay (H to the omo, ether) didn’t Wayne get attention when he did greatest rapper alive? WAIT didn’t biggie brag about being great when he was alive? WAIT WAIT lets go back further didn’t Big Daddy Kane and Rakim almost have beast due to the claim of being the best? Isn’t Kanye saying he is a ROCKSTAR of hiphop? Game mentioned he as top 5. So lets go back to Kendrick he is doing the same thing and it does have its results. you right k dot was trash coming up but he was as talented as wale or a j cole or a drake he had to work to get to where he was at. Nothing wrong with trying to be the best. Why niggas gotta be humble for like get that shit for yourself. Don’t rely on fans and sells to help you become GOAT. Just rap man i think kendrick is doing that right. You got a platinum album you need to find a way to get on top and to also lyrically challenge you why no do a control verse and this cypher. You takin a year off you gotta do something until the next album. its smart business moves. and its gonna help him get better. BUT TOUGH GUY FACADE naw nigga thats being agresive and taking what YOU FEEL is yours.

  • well

    @marty,” 3rd, ANYTHING I say on 2DBZ, id say directly to your face and Id further disrespect to your face and id hope that you try and turn up because that would either land you in a hospital or a graveyard simple as that”.. then why didn’t you send that info so we could set that up?

    ” There is no way possible to be any kinda G at all by making threats on the fucking internet because that has to be the lamest shit ever”…that must mean you aint no g cuz you just mad a threat also

    “You sir are not tough, there is nothing gangsta about you, you have no reputation in any streets period and no part of the game has ever respected you”, you clearly don’t know me, so im not going to even argue that

    you sure sound like you want to be about that life, but since you don’t maybe you should have stfu a long time ago, cuz its seems like u AINT SAYIN NUTHIN lol now good day bitch ass nigga

  • marty mcfly

    The level of pure stupidity that one would have to have to even suggest something so ridiculous is disturbing. The fact that you honestly believe that someone would send you information over the net and you would be dumb enough to follow through with it lets me know you are a complete clown and idiot who has not one bone in your body thats “about the life” period. Again the fact your even suggesting such foolishness is so beyond stupid its unbelievable. You would have to be either a complete dumbass or basically have no value on your own life to even take such an invitation serious. I tell you what, next time you wanna be a keyboard killer with someone then you can ask them to set you up to walk into a location of their choosing and get your ass kicked smh, or YOU can post YOUR information in a comment section lol and give the savages out there something to do, like disposing of a lame like you. I swear man, some people wanna be gangsta so bad they actually deserve the shit that happens to them. Never in your life make another comment directed at me because you have to be the most stupid mothafucka in the history on comment sections.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean “about THAT life” and furthermore anybody who uses the term “about that life” is not and never was “about that life”. Im just saying it because it sounds so corny that I gotta use it on you LOL.

  • Mk565

    Why are y’all taking this so far? Kendrick Lamar is a good rapper in general and so is Drake. Personally I like Kendrick Lamar habit more and I like earlier 2008/2009 Drake. Kendrick’s verse in control was basically what every rapper thinks all the time. He didn’t diss anyone. He basically said y’all my niggas and I got love for y’all but this is still a rap game with competition and he was also saying that they are good competition and that they are the best out right now. Did Mac miller or Tyler or j.Cole get mad and called beef? No. Other rappers made it into a beef by responding to it like a beef. Like I said every rapper thinks in that same mentality as Kendricks verse in control. Let’s say that Wayne and drake are in the booth. You think for a second that drake is not going to go as hard because his best Buddy is in the song with him, no. Same goes for Kendrick and jay rock. I liked jay rock’s way better than Kendrick’s in money tree and I haven’t listened to alot of Rock’s music. But I will say this, if drake would have said that same thing that Kendrick said in control, no one would have battered an eye or if jay z would have said it.

  • All this hostility…shoutout to SZA lookin good in the background though…

  • elijah

    Kendrick murked the game on this one. lml drake sorry ass gon have to put work in. highly unlikely for him to come back hard after this doe.

  • KzX

    Battling and rapping are two different things and Eminem can be 50 and will still hurt Emcees on an off the dome freestyle battle ALL DAY…

    That being said though, Kendrick is one of my favorite new rappers right now

  • Bro Nova


  • Bro Nova