Who Had the Best BET Cypher?

blame it on Shake October 15, 2013

The 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards finally aired tonight and as usual, the cyphers were at the fore-front of people’s attention. A$AP Mob, TDE and Slaughterhouse put on for their respective crews while Rittz, Rapsody, Jon Connor, Problem, Bad Lucc, Astro, Action Bronson and others dropped bars as well.

For those that weren’t able to catch it on TV (or didn’t wanna sit through the rest of the show), we’ve got links to each cypher below.

Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz, Jon Connor
A$AP Mob: Ferg, Twelvy, Nast, Ant & Rocky
Action Bronson, Star Life Breezy, Travis $cott, Tifanny Foxx & Lil Kim
Slaughterhouse: Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce da 5’9 & Joe Budden
TDE: ScHoolBoy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad & Kendrick Lamar
Asia Sparks, Bad Lucc, Problem & Astro

Yes, the Real Husbands of whatever had a cypher as well, but let’s be real… they have NO chance of taking this. Check out each cypher and get your vote in below.

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  • whateverIguess

    Well the forsure the cypher with Travis scott wont be the winner. What the fuck was that.

  • Moses

    Honestly, the Real Husbands Cypher was more entertaining than ASAP Mobs

  • Thank You, Based God

    A$AP Mob

    Didn’t see the rest. Slaughterhouse (IMO) was better overall, with TDE coming REAL close. Kendrick killed everyone though… obviously. ScHoolboy came correct too. Which was surprising considering most of his freestyles that I’ve seen suck lol. Looked like he was coming off the top.

  • Lol lil kim shouldve stayed home….TDE for sure…asap was wack with there lil sing along…west coast taking over

  • marty mcfly

    Slaughterhouse >>> Special shout out to Crooked I who I forgot to mention yesterday when talking about MCs with multi syllable flows thats just as good as Ems. Overall though I wasn’t really feeling this years awards show. Everybody did they best but this particular kinda hip hop just aint what I personally like. I blame Jay Electronica…

  • :/

    Where is the Real Husbands cypher? I know you guys won’t put it up in the poll but I still want to view it.

  • Doc Brown

    Even when marty says something that I agree with I still want to bitch slap him.

  • Jumbo

    Honestly, RHoH’s cypher was better than at least 2 of the others.

  • :/

    Yall removed the post for winners as well? Sheesh.

  • Thoth

    Slaughterhouse had a solid cypher as usual. But TDE brought much energy to it.
    The rest? Nah lol

  • Beard Gawd

    It’s a popularity contest. I thought the TDE cypher was dope but it definitely wasn’t better than the Slaughterhouse one.

    TDE will get votes just because of the shots fired. But if we’re talking strictly bars? The House Gang had that.

  • JW

    All around best? Slaughterhouse, hands down. Lyrically there wasn’t a single dude in that cypher slacking.

  • Hey Shake, hook us up with those mp3s of the cyphers when you can please!

  • Mike Tomlin

    No bullshit papoose tweeted this…

    “@Papooseonline: @kendricklamar is that all you got? Hahaha chocolate drop had a better cypher than y’all”

    Pretty sad how far Papoose has fallen.

  • no1

    Emis Killa…

  • BlackSheep

    Jon Conner and Jay Rock was the best and I don’t really even listen to Jay Rock like that best cyper overall was Slaughterhouse

  • timestretch

    Jon Connor, Jay Rock, Rittz, Kendrick, Q, shout to Isaiah Rashad holdin the crown fo Chattown, all the House Gang especially Crooked, and dude from Douglas,GA, but for real the rest was normal 2013 rap shit. also let me say a special fuck you to Travis (money sign) Scott for tweeting that his cypher beat was “underwhelming” go practice and write some mo struggle bars, and claim they freestyles.

  • WHAT!

    Two words: House Gang.

  • rpj

    TDE of course. You don’t even have to listen to any of the cyphers to know that. Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper on the face of the earth. The greatest rapper that has ever lived in fact. He’s bigger than rap actually. I think I would cut off my ears if he ever stopped rapping.

  • MidaZ

    Ignorant dickriding faggot ^^^

    And the dude who said it’s a popularity contest is right, people don’t even listen to the Cyphers and they automatically think that TDE had the best one…well kids, it turns out Slaughterhouse had the best one, stop dickridin and give credit when it’s due.

  • D

    Kendrick was amazing as expected, but Schoolboy Q sucks so bad. I have NO idea how anyone likes him. He says nothing of interest. I don’t usually hate on rappers, but damn talk about OVERRATED. Jay Rock sucks too. Ab-Soul is good.

    On the positive side, Slaughterhouse had the best cypher because they all are good rappers.

    But Kendrick by far best verse.

  • Zmoney

    Kev Hart kilt it…shout out to dat nig

  • Sladewilson

    House Gang ruled it. Again. TDE did their thang and K Dot went all out but as a unit, wasn’t nobody fuccin with Slaughterhouse.

  • bladaoh

    Jon Connor went the hardest

  • DatDude

    slaughterhouse as a whole had the best cypher….kendrick, jay rock, and isaiah came correct for TDE but q and soul were just wack especially soul who could’ve done a lot better

  • TKO

    TDE? Cypher was garbage. The only one who kept them on was K.Dot.

  • TKO

    and was Travis Scott even awake?



  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    The TDE cypher won, but tbh none of the cyphers were that great. Worst cypher in a while.

  • For everyone calling others out & saying it’s a popularity contest, and then claiming either TDE or Slaughterhouse had the best cyphers, you’re doing the same thing. I honestly thought the Rapsody, Rittz, Jon Connor cypher was the best. Rittz had the best point of the night when he said that rapping like you angry just makes you sound raspy; it doesn’t make you a better rapper. I can admit Kendrick and his crew had a good couple of verses. So did A$AP Mob, Slaughterhouse, and the others. That’s the biggest problem of Hip Hop today, you’re either considered a stan or a hater. Where’s the middle ground?

  • Shane

    Nick Cannon had the best verse

  • Jay Rock Aint Eating

    Slaughterhouse but you know TDE gonna win the vote Schoolboy Q was very weak know wonder his album won’t drop this year, I expected more from TDE Kendrick verse is hyped and it weren’t that special his got that Eminem & 50 Cent energy lately not saying he never had it before but you;re hearing it more and more.

    having a opinion they say you hate – Joe Budden

  • J_Sleazy

    Slaughterhouse was the best one, in my opinion.
    I just wish that Joell would have had a longer verse.

    TDE was alright, it seemed like Q and Soulo were too fucked up to rap.
    Kendrick is good, but he is going off the aggressiveness and hype that he had in “Control’.

  • 206FRE$H

    1UP rpj funny shit.

    lil b
    riff raff
    pairs hilton


  • hi

    slaughterhouse sux, r no more than punch line rapperz. as far as actual music is concerned, theyll make a headache worse any day

  • joe

    I feel bad Bronson was apart of that cypher, WTF was that.

  • Martin

    Kendrick is to rapping what Joey Chestnut is to the hot dog eating contest.

  • Lukey Bam Bam

    Bronson an Problem both killed shame about there groups though. Slaughterhouse had the best allround cypher though

  • it was great for hip hop all i can say is for that much exposer you would think some of these people would put more thought in to what they were saying im mean you could walk away from that thing with some one else’s fan base there are not that many opportunity to tap in to other rappers fan base like that im juss saying i

  • James Dean

    idk about groups…but crooked i not only lyrically but from just a technical standpoint had the best verse of the night

  • mike

    Well…that decision was unanimous, plus TDE had 3 people who actually freestyled

  • christ 1

    tde was horrible! except kendrick … school boy q is boring as hell every time i hear him now he comes with this nonsense .. its something middle school kids could spit … jay rock was okay ab soul didnt really say nothing raw .. tde was a disappointment .. kendrick did his thing tho

  • davywhatever

    As a group I find it hard to care about Slaughterhouse but they clearly took it, Joell in particular. I get that we’re all supposed to be on Kendrick’s dick these days but come on, this wasn’t anything above a B+, while Q and AbSoul were the definition of meh. On an individual level, I liked Action, Rittz and Jay Rock.
    Worst was Travis who either had his shitty bars written on the floor or is just allergic to fame.
    I’m gonna be having nightmare about that moment Kim and her melted MJ face emerged from the shadows…

  • T-Luv

    Why even ask you already know niggas is gonna say TDE and if they dont theyll say Slaughterhouse and say that the people who said TDE are just biased or some other shit lol

  • 88clubs

    ya’ll need to rewatch crooks verse.

  • Nyc22

    Jon Connor had the best verse. As a whole, TDE and then SH

  • Da Spaniard

    TDE, Jon Connor, Slaughterhouse

  • Realnizz

    anyone voting TDE is a dickrider, House Gang came correct, all 4 bodied it. And jon connor definitely did his thing. Kendrick did have the best verse tho. Also fuck BET biased ass for givin TDE the best beat

  • peaceofpi

    Kendrick’s verse was like 10 minutes long and he still didn’t say shit. He’s okay, but everyone just wants someone to worship. The 2.0 boys took home the gold again this year, no surprises there.

  • BSR

    As much as i like Slaughterhouse and anything they touch, Kendrick killed EVERYONE.

  • Jon

    TDE – Lakers (one man show)
    SH – Heat (all the pieces fit)

  • 2pacshakur

    Budden killed this, hands down

  • flo


    if SH was like heat, they would be selling records

  • NoWuff

    All I wanna know is, why wasn’t Freddie Gibbs invited? Tell me that.

  • GI


  • mazoomy

    The one with Jon Connor, Rittz, Wax, Rhapsody and the Italian guy. That one had the best mix of lyricism, energy and charisma.

    SH obviously were the top dog lyrically (see what I did there?) and TDE suffered from very poor Q and Soul showings.

  • RealHipHop

    Wax, Rhapsody, Rittz, Jon Connor cypher

    That’s my ranking. Honestly, the Wax/Rhapsody cypher is so slept on its crazy.

  • Eddie

    Jon Connor & Kendrick won this year…

  • fucktravisscott

    man mothafuck that shit nigga kendrick, jon connor, Q & slaughterhouse killt it. s/o to bronsilino to holdin it down for queens. s/o to starlfe breezy for winnin, you kilt it homie. and FUCK YOU TRAVIS SCOTT FOR SAYIN THE BEAT I MADE SUCKS> I WORKED HARD ON THAT SHIT FAGGOT.

  • Conscious Leo

    Kendrick obviously did his thing, but I thought the question was about group effort. Slaughterhouse was the most complete.

  • D39

    I’ll stick take G.O.O.D. Music’s cypher from 2011.

  • letmyniggazlive

    real hip hop dont live on award shows especially bet award show lmao at all of you simple groupie ass niggas. i know most yall gotta know hip hop but reading these comments damn dopebois all of you dickriding TDE or SH lol .

  • J_Sleazy

    Let’s be real here, Kendrick Lamar did another over-agressive verse that was not needed and was not that great.

    Slaughterhouse had the best cypher all together.