• Juicy-G

    ILL!!! ANTHM went and Sandman went in.

  • Juicy-G

    *ANTHM and Sandman went in*

  • And1

    Blu needs to do some shit for free before he gets forgotten. Dude is like the EA of rappers. He seems unable to grow his career.

  • 619er

    Johaz = most slept on

  • realtalk™

    Blu doesn't need to 'do some shit for free'.. he has fans that buy his music and I don't think he's lookng to become big in the mainstream or anything.

    What Blu really needs to do is properly mix and master his music, apart from that I have nothing to complain lol.

  • Jizzmarkie

    please let this be released on vinyl

  • http://offthebooksphotography.com Off The Books

    Master this shit....damn Nottz

  • Colossus

    anthm ate everybody on this shit.

  • iizlow

    ^^^ c*nt, fck your spam nigga.

    blu and anthm beasted. sene came off too