DJ Khaled – Hell’s Kitchen f. J. Cole & Bas

blame it on Shake October 17, 2013

Finally, the most-anticipated track (at least to me) off Khaled’s Suffering From Success is available for our listening pleasure. And after giving it two straight spins, it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Take a listen below and cop the album this Tuesday.

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  • Xnyles

    Cole…. damn. Killed it.

  • Rezo

    Cole has the WORST hooks in hip hop. If you deny that, you’re an annoying stan. His verses are usually dope, but his hooks are cringe worthy.

  • DOMG

    Born Sinner left over still DOPE

  • wat

    Khaled: Ayo COLE… I need something FIRE for my new ALBUM. Suffering From SUCCESS. You GOT me?
    Cole: Yeah I gotchu Khaled! *starts digging in Born Sinner throwaway stash* Here you go!

  • chazz

    cole; rap game eeyore

  • i’llbethatguybutfuckyou

    i am no “stan” and i LOVE J cole’s hook, specially when he sings

  • wat

    @chazz: That made me laugh but please explain lol

  • Yo, this is cold. replay value for sure.

  • Rhett

    Cole is special. So dope, lyricism for days!

  • Jax

    I’m a Cole fan for sure, but either way, this is hot, hook and all. I love this track. I’m definitely buying it. I’m going to get Khaled’s whole album now.

  • you

    I don’t wanna hear DJ Khaled’s name on here

  • JWill

    Cole needs to come like this, minus the non-needed hook every single time.

  • marty mcfly

    He tried to remake She Will by Lil Wayne ft Drake LOL and as much as he tries to be Drake its like he already went pop so no need to rap about what he’ll do if his next album flops. @Dear Cole, give Drake is style and sound back, stop with the singalongs and girl songs and get back to bars and hard beats. Drake should be the only rapper in hip hop that rides the emo rap lane. EVERY other MC should just leave him by himself over there.

  • Cole stays winning. Verse should’ve been longer.

  • Ralph

    This shit is dope! This is the only song I’m going to buy off this wack ass album.

  • Sladewilson

    Cole killed it. Again.

  • DatGuy

    This hook almost put me to sleep.

  • three

    if cole makes you sleep then u really need to just listen to edm or something. this is hip hop, not poppy ass future shit.. sorry wrong genre

  • Sprosma

    Cole boring to me too! Wanna be friends? Call me … 23234009348203980238740423423

  • Niggy Wright

    This faggots album covers piss me the fuck off! Stop crying on every cover Khaled you s’posed to be so rich you fat fuck!!

  • Danjamouf

    DJ Khaled aka The slavemaster

  • JD Dhalek

    J.Cole please use some of that money and buy a personality

  • the realest

    Khaled: Ayo COLE… I need something FIRE for my new ALBUM. Suffering From SUCCESS. You GOT me?
    Cole: Yeah I gotchu Khaled! *starts digging in Born Sinner throwaway stash* Here you go!
    wat said this on October 17th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    ^ that one

  • Master Lee

    This song is crack. Stop hating. Cole is one the best. That includes hooks as well. I’m seeing Cole in San Francisco on October 27th. I cant wait. Cole World.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    ^Whats So Crack About This Song? his Longface ass Wanna Be Drake Now,last year he was [email protected] the other mcfly,This does sound like she will.I Hate This nigga,mainly bcuz you wack niggas say how cold he is when they’re wack.That beat is garbage,sounds like some random 8 year old playing with fruity loops.To Rate mc’s correctly You need to do some research. His Lyrics Are Not That Lyrical.Subject matter And content Sounds Like surrounding niggas lives(jay,nas..etc.)Nothing is original about this cat.

  • SwishasNKush

    This is cold? I’d like to see what’s freezing then cuz this ain’t cold… Bold James “Reform School” is COLD. I don’t know what this is… Especially that hook. Shit is pitiful and y’all need to step your game up on what you listen to. You wanna talk about temperatures? Well this bout luke warm, like your bath water, bubble blowin muhfuckas.

  • MyFiddyCents

    MosDef the most anticipated track… Well now that this is out, we can forget about the album. Cole killed it, not as good as their Lit collaboration but good enough.

    Probably was a potential born sinner track. Guessing he would have got someone to sing the hook but since it’s Khaled he was like take it as it is.

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  • slauson

    People are followers in the c-section! Why is everyone complaining about the hook? Haha!

  • The Hok

    COLE did his thing! That Nigga Bas bodied this shit with them ‘bird flu ‘ bars…#queens

  • JReezy

    Lol @ dudes saying the beat is wack. Too funny.