DJ Khaled – Never Surrender f. Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton & Akon

blame it on Illy October 17, 2013

With his new album Suffering From Success dropping this Tuesday, Khaled gives us another preview. Take a listen to the Street Runner-produced “Never Surrender” featuring Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton and Akon.

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  • dtb

    I loathe Khaled, but why do people “NOPE” the song without giving it a spin. This song is good.

  • YOYO

    agreed, scarface was dope

  • who cares

    @dtb Because Khaled is a clown and I can’t endorse “artists” who make money off of people who actually do all the work.

  • I agree with the first guy how commented I never liked Khaled , I am one of those thousands of people who type into google ” What Does Dj Khaled Actually Do ” He doesn’t rap he doesn’t produce beats , but you have to admit he does bring the some of the best artist’s and beat makers together and they make great music together.

    I am not just saying that just because of this song has got a lot of heat and I am fan of John Legend. DJ Khaled has a serious ability to network and thats something that us as musicians tend to forget. We work so hard on our ability to make music , we forget that most musicians get to where they are from networking

  • mazoomy

    What DJ Khaled does is he has a vision of what he wants a track to sound like, then he finds the people to who can do it for him. He is basically a director.




  • I understand that people might hate Khaled (I do too) but Jada and Scarface bodied this track.

    Don’t let politics shadow yall opinion… this shit is fire regardless who put it together

  • T9FTW

    I was very surprised by this track. This was the one I was most anticipating and I was not at all disappointed.

    I wish people would try it and not just vote it down because it has Khaled’s name on it. “I’m Still” is a dope track, once again.

  • rere

    “He is basically a director.”

    that is an insult to movie directors that actually have a hard job which requires skill vision and ACTUAL DIRECTING

  • randy

    if dj khaled actually did something, he wouldnt have to straight lie about co producing tracks and save face. he got exposed on worldstar by the producer of i wanna be with you…. he showed how he produced the beat and everything. khaled did nothing, all he is is a middle man who buys beats and stipulates that he gets credit.

  • b

    khaled maybe a lil annoying but this album of his is surprising me. good shit

  • KP

    At the end of the day this man has a vision of who he wants on a track, how he wants it to sound, and makes it happen. Regardless of how you feel, at least respect that because I am almost certain many of us are bumping this track.

  • rwq

    it doesnt take vision to get a bunch of singers and a bunch of rappers who have collaborated before and put them together to make them create something. the vision is from the people who create the track, not the guy who contrived a bunch of typical collaborations

  • Da Gawd

    DJ Khaled is one of the greatest artists of our generation /s

  • KP

    @rwq Did you watch the video for the making of this track? Might change your perspective my dude..

  • Maddox

    Facemob! Scarface bodied the track.Htown Ghetto boys still in it. Jada Killed the shit too. 2 legends on the track. Meek was cool but these OG’s was too heavy for him on this.

  • bloop

    check out this video of the making of never surrender

  • sonic

    This track is fire , and i hate khaled . Jada went off on this