• justmeok

    most artists could do what he did some could even charge more and sell more. but considering he didn't even spend money getting it mixed and mastered properly and it has a dj shouting on it i wouldn't even pay $10 for it. but with that said i still like his music and respect what his doing. lets see what happens with his next project.

  • Mike

    Great interview

  • http://istandariseascreation.webs.com Phillykillabee

    I feel like He should of signed with TDE, But ANYWAY....... As for the $100 mixtape..... I don't care If I Am even making money, Myself! I wouldn't spend $100 at all for any street mixtape.... Are you kidding me, Bruh!!!! I mean, Nipsey Hussle is a great artist reppin' for the West Coast, Ab-Soul-utely, But you couldn't get me to pay $100 for anything, Butr basically they didn't actually pay $100 for the mixtape, The fans actually paid $100 for a concert experience and got the mixtape on consignment courtesy of coming out in full support of the artist, Though, On the flip, I can alway's get any mixtape/album for free or $5 off of a street vendor! NO SIR!!!! S/O to Nipsey Hussle, Though for gettin' that RAP Money for REAL!!!!