• jundamane24

    I don't think JT really belongs in that group, he's mad talented imo but R.A. is definitely on point with this though

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


    I feel the exact same way. JT has plenty of talent.

  • hnz

    Did you even listen to it?
    He said "take a kid like a Justin Timberlake you know he can sing, he can dance, he makes good music, he's a talented kid there's no taking it away from him."

  • who cares

    Yea... that quote is all fucked up. R.A. specifically said that JT was talented, but he also went on to say that he is not the most talented person in his genre even if he may be one of the most well-known.
    OT: Great interview. It's hard to say the song is "controversial" though because R.A. isn't on a lot of people's radars.