Angel Haze – Shabba Freestyle

blame it on Illy October 18, 2013

Angel tackles A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord single in her latest “30 Gold” leak.

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  • Just Another Person

    Decent lyrics, she just needs a better sound engineer.

  • $$$

    I second that. This could’ve been decent with proper engineering

  • KTO

    are you guys serious, what is this shit? not even studio quality

  • y

    she doesnt want to pay a mastering bill for a throwaway freestyle

  • derelictmyballs

    Shake, please stop posting this shit when there are much better artists out there who are willing to put in the time and effort to make a recording sounds professional. Who benefits from this kind of music?

  • crackadon

    ^ exactly.

    this bum-ass bitch is going to release 30 shitty, sub-par freestyles and you morons are going to giver her free advertising by posting every single song?

    this chick has no passion or energy in her bars. she sounds like someone just reciting rhymes. who gives a shit. anyone can rap. stop giving this loser shine.

  • realtalk™

    lol I wonder how long they’re gonna keep posting these cause from what I’ve seen it’s been a bunch of nope’s and bad comments every day so far..

  • gg,,gg,

    no hate, she has to stop, she’s not an artist and she’s wack, 2dopeboys stop posting this shit, don’t accept everything for money cause you will lost it

  • nahshecoolbruh

    this shit is some real shit daaawg. who cares that its not mastered, its a mother fucking freestyle! Enjoy what you got.. bitch

  • T9FTW

    It goes deeper than it not being mastered, @nahshecoolbruh. She has Z E R O passion in her rhymes. It’s like she’s reading. She never was too lyrical anyway.

    I tolerated it until that No Bueno shit. I couldn’t her style anymore. She’s straight up annoying.

    There’s no way Shake even likes this. Is she paying 2dope or something?

  • azzer

    @T9FTW of course they (the people who manage her) pay to be promoted on these blogs, marketing use blogs and internet to create hype, wake up bro,, kendrick is a good exemple

  • Supaman

    I’m not particularly a fan of her, but all the hate puzzles me…forget the engineering, she did this track WAY more justice than Ferg did! But yall give him a pass tho right?? Smh

  • zfefefz

    ferg is WACK he’s here because of Rocky

  • meh