• Honest

    There is absolutely nothing special about this.

  • http://Twitter.com/nezniezken nezniezken

    For surely this song is dope!

  • JoshGosh

    Who is Agnez Mo? But that sounds sexy with Timbo & T.I.

  • http://tumblr.com/aoegoesto Nick

    @JoshGosh you can google or find her on youtube, Agnez Mo / Agnez Monica ! She is the MEGASTAR from Indonesia and now to be ready to become famous around the world!

  • Ayan

    "The Jakarta, Indonesian artist"

    Lmao, this made me laugh. That's like saying the "New York City, American" artist... Indonesian is her nationality. Jakarta is a city.

  • Salt

    Love this song!!!!

  • wira

    You know she has an amazing voice just search on google or streaming on youtube "Agnes monica on Indonesian Idol" she was a judge of Indonesian Idol and now she is a judge of nez academy that is her own got talent program ! She is the queen of Asian

  • Andy

    I heard this song 2 weeks ago in the Netherlands' radio. Love it!

  • lee

    She's super rich, she came to the US with million dollars though. It's good for her to develop her talent in the music industrial there to spread over the world.

  • Ibel Nezmoo

    nice song go a head agnezmo

  • RIO

    agnez mo is
    an amazing dancer, an awesome actress and a flawless singer. She's such
    a good person and she's so talented, I admire her a lot.