• SayWord

    *prepares the royal lotion*

  • malcyvelli


    I'd hit of course but it ain't nothing to sweat

  • DatGuy

    It's two girls?

  • T9FTW

    She look like a tranny in those first pictures. I'm just saying...

  • DC

    Dude has a nice ass.

  • YoungYetOld

    the fuck is wrong with her face?

  • KING

    I'd have a field day with that ass.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Second set of pics look a lot better, folk.

  • http://bit.ly/AqbUd 2GBZ

    wack shit tho

  • Sosa

    So fake looks like two different bitches depending on how much they want to airbrush. Not a good look at all. Spider tattoo tho, is that supposed to be cute? I hate spiders.

  • Malte

    she fuck ugly

  • Billy

    She's kinda ugly but that ass is nice

  • stack.

    yall niggas full of shit.

  • BounceB

    thats crazy that sidney lauren from round the way is a saturday night sexy neva thought he was that type of sex symbol 2 the masses..been seeing her at clubs for years..if your from the DMV you prolly know what im talking bout...

  • cam

    shes average

  • real stuff though

    this bitch has the body of a man. she could snap a niggas neck with those biceps. only curves she has are her muscles. no baby phat. I'm gettin confused looking at this nigga because I thought we were posting up girls in this shit. Ghost shake don't know what a female looks like

  • Mathis

    This girl use to stay on Howard U, she was always on campus. Not sure if she actually attended but I use to see her for years on campus. She was cute but don't know if she was Saturday Night Sexy worthy tho.

  • Freddy

    Best in a min

  • Walnuts

    She went to Howard, although I don't think she graduated. Used to stay in the Meridian dorm with her. Check that G-Unit video shes in where they basically manhandle the shit out of her lol. Shes aight.

  • Your Father

    She look like a young Chaka Khan. I ain't mad!

  • YeeeeaNugga

    I'd do her mouth

  • I run Zamunda!

    She looks like a girl who will tell you, I don't know how to cook, clean or suck dick.

    • the_thick_twtr