Oddisee – Yeezus Was a Mortal Man

blame it on JES7 October 20, 2013

Another bonus cut from Oddisee’s Tangible Dream which is the official companion to his The Beauty In All album. Support and cop both discs here. Peace to HNHH.

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  • Jus10

    Finally. Somebody got the balls to stand up against this “throne” bs

  • FactsOnly

    This shit is hot tbh. First record i’ve heard from dude and i’m interested in peeping his other shit. Hopefully it catches me like this did.

  • 1

    The Meaning Behind “Yeezus Was a Mortal Man”

    “I’m Muslin, and in Islam, we do acknowledge Jesus Christ as a prophet, but we don’t acknowledge him as the son of God. So in Islam, we say Jesus Christ was just a mortal man. On this record, there’s a whole popular fad right now of religious iconography. You see it in the videos, and in the artwork, of artists like Kanye West and Jay Z. And Jay Z was calling himself Hov for quite some time, and Kanye’s calling himself Yeezus. And Ye looks at Jay as his older brother, so what is this, God and Jesus? Me, I’m not really for all of that. I’m Muslim. I don’t even agree with artists saying, ‘I am a God.’ I don’t believe that any man on earth is a God. No disrespect to the Five Percenters, that’s just my own belief.

    “So for Tangible Dream, the whole concept of the record is there are too many rappers selling you this idea that you can’t go to Paris unless you have a Lear or a G5 jet. You can’t go out and have a nice night unless you have a Black Card and you have no budget. Where in fact, I was in Paris a couple weeks ago shopping in Colette, and as I’m walking out of the store, Kanye walks in the store. The week before, I was in Czech Republic performing at a festival, and just as I was going on stage to do my set, Kendrick Lamar was coming off stage. So according to the hip-hop world, I can’t shop at the same places as Kanye, but I’m doing that already. And that’s what this record is all about. I know these people are mortal men, just like me. They’re in the same stores, and on the same stages as me. I’m not on MTV or BET, but I make a living from my music. And that’s what I’m trying to convey and get across to people. It’s a feasible reality.

    “My girl saw Kanye first, and was like, ‘Can I get a picture!?’ And he was like, ‘Cool.’ But she was so starstruck, that she took so long to realize that he said yes, so he was like, ‘I guess you don’t want one,’ and just went into the store. [Laughs.] It was a funny interaction, but he was actually a really nice, down to earth guy. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Kendrick, because he was coming off as I was getting ready to go on. But I watched his set on the side of the stage with Fashawn, and he killed it.” – Oddisee in the lab with nah right. Ill song

  • Stevie J

    Lol, this guy believes in religion and lives his life based on it.

  • Ridley

    “So according to the hip-hop world, I can’t shop at the same places as Kanye, but I’m doing that already. And that’s what this record is all about.”

    He straight makes that up. No one has every said that or anything similar to that. Do a google search. See if anything remotely like that has even been said once in the history of the internet. Just sounds like he’s insecure and trying to prove himself. Hip hop is based on talking about money and balling out foh with that weak shit.

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • realtalk™

    @Ridley if you think he meant that literally then the message definitely isn’t meant for you.. don’t even bother..

  • Jamal

    This shit is Fire

  • Chuck E

    Word. When this track came up while I was listening to Tangible Dream, I had to stop for a minute & say “whoa, dude’s going there”. It’s not even meant to be taken as a diss, he just spittin’ some real shit.

  • dtb

    Not many artists out there are on Oddisee’s level. Between his outstanding production and his TRUTHFUL bars, dude is on another level. Get hip.

  • DG

    Bought the album TWICE. Good shit Oddisee

  • One of the more solid efforts this year. Easily.

  • DahStoryTella