angel haze – Same Love Freestyle

blame it on Meka October 21, 2013

angel continues her “30 Gold” series with this freestyle over Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit single.

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  • LA

    Really getting tired of these artists using this gay agenda to get hot

  • who cares

    Some beats should really be left alone. She had similar content to the original, but it just sounded so… fabricated.

  • ew

    @LA wtf is this “gay agenda” you blacks keep bitching about? thats the same shit racists whites used to say about black people that were just fighting for equality.

    its amazing gay really is the new black in every way. its such a shame blacks are doing the exact same thing to gays that was did to them

  • EZ

    ^ you blacks.. smh lol

  • BlackHypocritez4Life

    i agree with ew – seriously, lol @ black people doing the same shit to gay people that white people did to them.

    just goes to show, all humans regardless of race or sexuality, are equally terrible

  • Honest

    This one is actually really good. She speaks the truth.

  • This Sucks Ass

    turns down Angel Haze turns up Raven Sorvino

  • hyghbeats

    stop posting this bitch….fuck.

  • SforMusic

    @ew first and foremost gay was never and will never be the new black, a gay man can hide his orientation and have a family for years, gay man can hide his sexuality and the only way he gets find out is if he expresses it. A black man can get persecuted regardless of what he does or says because of his skin colour. that being said @LA is talking out of his ass about “gay agenda”

  • funnybone

    at least she got yall talking? lol but yeah her music sucks i really dont see why they keep posting it here

  • Daniel

    Maybe they like her?
    She’s great in my opinion. Dont understand all the hate even if you’re not really in to her.

  • azer

    so if i dont like this shit im a hater?? stupid fags… straight gay propaganda in the media and you know why? cause revolution will not be gay, now think about that

  • sssshhhhh

    yo 2dopeboyz how much they pay you to post this shit?? this is awful

  • rewq

    why do yall keep pressing play if you think she’s awful. there are plenty of unknown good rappers posted on here that yall dont give the time of day too, but the one rapper yall dont like you post 13 comments talking about how much you dont like her. that’s why your favorite rappers flopped.