Contest: Win Black Milk’s ‘No Poison No Paradise’ on Vinyl

blame it on Shake October 21, 2013

Last week, Black Milk dropped off his new album No Poison No Paradise. And while you can cop on iTunes or CD/vinyl through Fatbeats, we’ve got two double LP vinyls (more images available below) to give away. Want a copy? Jump down to the comment section and let us know your favorite Black Milk beat or verse and we’ll pick a winner at random. Be sure to enter your correct email address and good luck!


  • “Goatit” by Black Milk and Bishop Lamont featuring Phat Kat and Elzhi.

  • Jesus Rivera

    Codes and Cab Fare featuring black thought. Favorite joint off the album.

  • maxx

    Entire gangrene album

  • Bware

    BM’s verse on “Losing Out” ft Royce was crazy

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Deadly Medley feat. Royce Da 5’9″ & eLZhi

  • Bryan

    “Long Story Short” for sure. What a banger to break in Tronic

  • Pat O

    Fav Beat: One Song… Amazing chop

  • vick

    sound the alarm

  • Frank

    Try from the Tronic album is my favorite Black Milk beat.

  • Travis

    Favorite Beat*

    Ketchphraze featuring Trick Trick & Elzhi – My Detroit

  • Speakeasy

    Dismal is my fucking jam

  • Raymond

    One of my favorite beats produced by Black Milk is “The Hex” Random Axe

  • Kaminsky

    you can’t touch the beat for “Action” off Popular Demand


    Sound the Alarm for sure!

  • miker191

    DaDa from Black & Brown

  • 1

    Phat Kat – F.A.N.S

  • “Reunion” off of Detroit Deli. Great track, great story.

  • Verse and beat from the matrix. “Niggas a take ya life for the jewels or a pair of shoes”
    “You’s a let down like convertible rooftops”

  • Raymond

    One of my favorite beats off the new album is “Perfected on Puritan Ave”!

  • bushytop

    that black and brown joint with danny brown. caught the sample listening to a random npr podcast. no clue how he stumbled on it. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE


    Black Milk – Tronic Summer

  • gra22tb

    Favorite beat: Black & Brown from Black & Brown.

  • Lok

    “Losing Out” form Tronic with Royce- Classic shit.
    And all off beats from : Synth Or Soul
    KRS-One & Buckshot- Runnin Away – I love this beat!

  • 2dbzus

    Slum Village – Reunion (Featuring J Dilla)

  • Cody

    “Deadly Medley”

  • Sailin’

    Don Cornelius is my favorite Black verse by far, but that Closed Chapter beat was an instant classic.

  • Dhollz

    First verse on Sunday’s Best

  • lowkwality

    My Fav Sunday’s Best!! But codes and cab fares is hot too!

  • Isaiah

    favorite beat has gotta be long story short, although, the outro on losing out is ridiculous. favorite verse is either the matrix or deadly medley

  • s[Z].

    One of my fav beats: “Outro” off Popular Demand

  • Mr TiBBs

    favourite beat – luvin it or dada

  • Bongwater

    gotta give it to Slum Village – The Reunion

    such an ill beat

  • cj7744

    Poison (Bonus Track)

  • QZA

    Random Call – Random Axe

  • Paul

    Sound The Alarm :)

  • Random Axe – The Karate Kid

  • Ra

    Deadly Medley

  • Clubtheodore

    I have to say I have a thing for Zap that was on the Black & Brown album.

  • Angelo Loria

    ‘Losing Out’ is so hype.

  • Dane

    I love Random Call, I think that might just be my favorite beat but this new album is amazing too.

  • joel white

    “plus my favorite group is not even coming with it, feeling like tree stacks on a rosa park’s song, favorite artis came wack, what went wrong, try to give them chance but its like man, not getting inspired by nobody damm!”

  • Tom P

    The beat from swing dat far.

  • Tim

    Deadly Medly

  • Dom

    why worry.

  • Askem

    Long Story Short from Tronic

  • Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst.

  • Tidds

    At the moment my fav Black Milk beat is definitely the one for the song Black and Brown from the EP of the same name with Danny Brown.
    Nobody’s doing beats like that as effortlessly and skillfully as that anymore. Plus the way he takes away sounds and drops ’em back in to accentuate the lyrics is just plain perfect. The extra hi-hat is crazy, the drums knock, the strings are beautiful and why isn’t this beat on every rapper’s mixtape?

  • Wuddupdoe

    Favourite beats: Slum Village – Reunion, Phat Kat – F.A.N.S. & Black Milk – Play The Keys.

  • Andrin Kuemin

    Beat : Insomniac Dreaming (A.Dd+)

  • Paul

    Hmmm..Favourite Black Milk beat or verse, it has to be, beat wise, ‘Bounce’ of the ‘Tronic’ album.

  • Ruwan

    The Hex off the Random Axe project is just one sick beat! Black Milk baby!!

  • George

    Reunion is probably my favorite beat by any artist.

  • Nicholas Bettcher

    Bounce is my all time favorite black milk beat.

  • JNS1

    “Losing out” Beat
    “Monday’s worst” Verse

  • Niall

    On some deadbeat dad shit, I hate you in the worst way
    Spend money on rozay, instead of your son’s birthday

  • Thomas

    “Closed Chapter” feat. Mr. Porter from ‘Album Of The Year.’

  • Justin

    Black & Brown

  • AndOneill

    Favourite blackmilk has to be three+sum off popular demand!! Great story too,, man milk so under rated! Safe to say he has 4 classic albums and gets no love,, another great beat is over again off album of the yearr!

  • fantastic

    Black Milk – Losing Out love this beat!!!

  • Conor

    Gotta be “Losing Out” off of Tronic

  • akabaloo

    Gospel Psychedelic Rock is probably my favorite song, but when you hear it live with his band Nat Turner, it’s so sick. He slows it down and it’s almost unrecognizable at first, but it’s so good.

    Favorite beat is definitely Black & Brown.

  • Deadly Medley

  • Mike

    “Wake Up” Instrumental
    “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst” Verse

  • Paul

    slum village -REUNION, forget the best black milk beat that’s gotta one of my favorite flips full stop. the fact that the sample was grabbed from halfway through a 10 minute track makes it even more incredible. shout out john abercrombie too!

  • sparks

    Fav beat : Broken Wax
    Fav verse : Closed Chapter

  • Damon Jacobs

    Gotta love Black Milk on Jake One’s I’m Coming

  • srg

    black milk- Say Something

  • Kandacut


  • Popular Demand

    Losing Out, Hands Down.

  • Jerz

    Closed Chapter & Popular Demand beat

  • cuc9

    Sunday’s best/monday’s worst

  • Nagil Johnson

    Hands down my Fav Black Milk verse is the first verse on “Monday’s Worse” & That beat as well, I first heard it last monday after i copped the album and it was a terrible day..But that song really helped put things into perspective, I’m a boke college kid and I’m in a bind so to win this win and add it to my collection would be dope as hell

  • Ben

    Beat and (1st) verse
    From “Long story short” !!

  • lasse corfitzen

    Guessing game of elzhis the preface

  • Samantha

    Welcome (Gotta Go)

  • Favorite beat, verse and overall track from Black Milk has gotta be Deadley Medley. Holding his own with two of Detroit’s Finest MC’s Royce da 5’9 and eLZhi. And that sample is DOPE. With the druns he was using for that one just set EVERYTHING off.

  • DJ

    Purple Track 6 from The Purple Tape & Jordan VIII from Black & Brown. I love those beats equally.

  • steve noble

    Reunion- slum village is an epic beat.

  • JonButler

    Favorite Black Milk song is Say Something from Popular Demand. First song I ever heard from Black Milk back in 07. Also that is my favorite Black Milk album.

  • Chris

    Favorite milk verse, just for its insanity live in Detroit. Sound the alarm “from the floor to the ceiling”

  • DaG

    Over Again feat. Monica Blaire

  • Des

    Don Cornelius has got to be my favorite Black joint. It was just just small but set up the release for AOTY perfectly.

  • Audun

    welcome (gotta go)

  • viln

    Losing out ft royce is one of my favourite verses.
    Sonny jr, ghetto dmf, dismal and the first track are beats of the year.

  • Mr. Aspen


  • MarkSteez

    Deion’s house is absolutely insane with the production, the drums and instrumentation blend perfect in just blaze like fashion. Inspired me to make more music this week, and it turned out amazing, and I feel that’s what great music should do. Inspire!

  • Zach Johnson

    My favorite verse and beat is Sundays Best

  • Cortez

    I feel bad cause I straight stole this album online.. I even opened up for him at the passed ATX show he just had! AMAZING show. My favorite beat would obviously have to be Sunday’s Worst / Monday’s Best.. Best song(s) of 2013 no DOUBT.

  • anastasia

    Brain, mos def yo!

  • David Melendez

    “My Detroit” is my favorite Black Milk beat.

  • Javon

    “Deadly Medley” ft. Royce Da 5″9′ & Elzhi

  • CM

    “Try” off of Tronic or anything he did with DB as Black and Brown.

  • Anton G

    Sunday’s Best of the latest album!

  • Collier Scott

    If I had to choose I’d say I like Chewbacca’s beat.. The drums and bass in the beat get me hyped when I’m working out (reunion is a close second)

    Lyrically Sunday’s Best’s flow is the best I’ve heard from Milk in awhile

  • Amer B.

    Closed Chapter, Shut it Down, Elec (outro), Money Bags.

  • belsaas

    keep going

  • Corey

    Black & Brown is a sick instrumental, plus Black Milk delivers a great verse to match Danny Brown’s. Hell, it was such a jam that Black decided to put it on Album of the Year and the Black & Brown EP. That’s a strong case for its well-rounded dopeness.

  • hd

    The Beat of “Reunion” off the Slum Village album

  • 4BLOCK


  • noah s

    Sunday’s Best!

  • ianism

    the drums on 365 are fucking yummmm

  • “Still can’t believe, this is only beginning.” The very last verse of “Long Story Short” (Tronic).
    A line like a hammer on a construction site after tearing down the first Wall.

  • Hold It Down from Tronic is the slap!

  • poRATCHETteacha

    home of the greats

  • Kyle Olson

    “Popular Demand” by far the best beat…well actually “reunion” but that wasn’t his solo work.

  • emilio

    Motown 25 (Beat)

  • rob

    Reunion by Slum Village. Classic.

  • MistieRose

    I’m pretty much in love with the entire album…but Dismal is my shit…I cannot get enough of that song…the entire album has been on repeat for over a week now. Dismal gets played over and over.

  • Paul

    “Dismal” off of the new album. Flow is spot on. Production is different from anything I’ve heard from Black Milk, though it still sounds like a Black Milk track. Great album all together!

  • Marcin

    Favorite beat – Losing Out

  • Robert Vasaturo

    Black Milk – Losing Out ft. Royce

  • kabelo Mutubi

    Being from south africa it was insipirational to hear popupal demand. It still stands as black milks powerful opener. His music reaches even the township of SOWETO

  • Justin

    Round of Applause (Beat)

    Long Story Short was his best verse. Told the entire story of his come up

  • Slum Village – Reunion (Featuring J Dilla)

  • Scotty

    BishopLamont-Caltroit. Favorite Black Milk beat.

  • AndOneill

    An example of his fuckin amazing talent is “Sonny jr (dreams)” instrumental on the new album, have it blastin the headphones now.. beautiful music…. His whole catalog is 2dope

  • Temo

    MOTOWN 25 Elzhi feat. Royce da 5′ 9″
    off the Preface… Bangers for dayz

  • Anwar S

    Slum Village – Bootleggers. how this didn’t end up on their album is completely beyond me

  • Basquiat1

    Black Milk – Overdose

  • black milk – shut it down- Going to the top like a balloon that’s floating outside And your hand can’t grab the string tied to it


    Black Milk – So Gone, classic

  • freeman

    black milk black sabbath feat tone trezure

  • Elec_Tronic


  • Correction… I slept with Katie Too…

    Fav Black Milk Beats:

    1. Popular Demand
    2. Action ft. Slum Village
    3. 4 in the Box
    4. Billie Jean flip on one of his Beat Cd’s
    5. Outro from Broken Wax
    6. Gospel Psychedelic Rock
    7. Home of the Greats
    8. Hold it Down
    9. Bounce
    10. Track 10 from The Purple Tape
    11. Sound The Alarm
    12. Dreams

    I know you just asked for one, but eff it! Too many to have just one.

  • Jay

    ..Neva had an out of breath flow!

  • BEATS: When the Sky Falls (Synth or Soul) vs. Zap (Black & Brown).
    VERSE: Long Story Short is definitely hype. Digging the newer shit too tho.

  • Jeff Gore

    My favorite beat would have to be “Long Story Short” from Tronic, and my favorite verse would have to be the second verse from “Overdose” also from Tronic.

  • Armando

    In the A.M. goes harder than that thang


    fav beat is “Long Story Short” from tronic, verse is from the black & brown song

  • EyeJay

    FAV BEAT: “Oh Girl”…FAV VERSE: “Deadly Medley” …both from ALBUM OF THE YEAR

  • P Mart

    On both level, I think “Welcome (Gotta Go)” is really something.
    But I gotta mention I bump the song “Black & Brown” pretty often lol.

  • Mike L

    Deadly medley. easy. Verse and beat.

  • Jordan Garfinkel

    “Black and Brown” By Danny Brown & Black Milk

  • Peter

    Slim Village’s Reunion beat from 2004 album Detroit Deli. This beat is on some different level.

  • William Young

    Swing Dat Far is my favorite beat The song is off of the Sound of the City album.

  • Off the new album – xchords <3

  • don Wall


  • Andre

    Dude has beats for days, but since the album dropped, I’ve been loving that Black Sabbath beat.

  • GODr

    I really like what I’ve heard from this album.

  • Teekkz

    The Matrix

  • Jesse

    All of Tronic, really. But if i have to choose, I’ll go with Give the Drummer Sum

  • CTNaught

    Losing Out… First Verse

    Like Barry Gordy Came Back

  • A. Jacob Schwartz

    I absolutely love the renuinion beat SV! Detroit stand up much love to black milk peace

  • B Jav

    Tronic Outro, first beat

    Favorite verse – Real Hip Hop feat. Elzhi & Royce. Black killed em’ both with the flow

  • benji

    first verse on Perfected On Puritan Ave

  • Ben

    My favorite Black Milk track is definitely Welcome (Gotta Go) from Album of the year. shit is nasty.

  • John

    His verse on Long Story Short.

  • Rick O Shea

    zap! So stellar & eerie

  • Micle-B

    Krs-One & Buckshot – The Way I Live Ft. Mary J. Blige from Survival Skills!

  • Quincy

    His verse on 365 was dope

  • kelly


  • Naum

    Favorite Black Milk beat- Black Hero Music (“superman”)

  • Suge1


  • Sharkzulito

    U – Popular Demand

  • Jacari

    Penmanship from Skyzoo’s The Salvation

  • matt

    Reunion… classic slum village.

  • Tyler

    Sonny Jr. (Dreams)

  • alexander

    365 off Album of the Year

  • Gotta be his beat for Elzhi’s album The Preface(and there is a lot of heat on that album) but Fire(remix) is an absolutely unstoppable beat(and features some awesome early Danny Brown too!)

  • DTB

    Deion’s House is too dope. No Poison No Paradise is a great piece of art

  • Broken Wax by Black Milk was one of the best intros on a debut EP. The way he chopped the sample and layered it with those drums is raw as hell. Black has a distinct production style that can’t be duplicated, and it’s only getting better.

  • Boonie

    My favorite Black Milk beat is Slum Village – Reunion. That beat was awesome

  • martha granados

    Black Milk f. Slum Village-Action

  • Lorenzo

    Beat on ‘Heaven’s Cry’ from Synth or Soul!

  • Team Rocket

    Warning (Keep Bouncing)

  • BR Gunna

    Illest beats: Beat 14 off The Practice, “Get Up” or “Outro” (Original Mix) off The Set Up (Fat Ray/Black Milk).

  • Giz

    Play the Keys

  • The Real TC

    My favorite beat from Black used to be “Long Story Short”, but it might have to be updated to “Interpret Sabotage” now.
    Killin’ em with those dope first tracks!

  • RalCal

    “Duck” – off Sound of the City.

  • Some Guy

    “Get Into Some Gangsta Shit”

  • Sunday morning waking, faking like my stomach’s aching
    Moms pull out clothes just for Sunday’s best occasion
    Bowtie, no lie, church shoes was aching
    80-degree weather in a blazer, body blazing

    ([email protected])

  • Ber

    favorite beat: Black and Brown
    favorite verse: Deadly Medley



  • Patrick Martino

    Gospel Psychedelic Rock, best beat!

  • Stefan Winterholler

    monday’s worst!

  • ZB

    Fav Beat: Money off No Poison No Paradise Album

  • qwertz

    Reppin 4 U off Tronic Album (fav Verse)

  • Josh Morlan

    for some reason i really like Zoo Drugs

  • Korey Parker

    My favorite beat is the Slum Village “Reunion” off of Detroit Deli and my favorite verse has to be the “Long Short Story”

  • Junbug

    Deadly Medley verse for sure, and Dada from Black and Brown for the beat.

  • Michael

    Give the drummer sum

  • DZ

    first verse from brain

  • Favorite beat- the reunion by slum village
    favorite verse- sunday’s best/monday’s worst.

  • Daniel

    Just got turned onto Black Milk. Really enjoying Sunday’s best/Monday’s worst.

  • Patrick G

    Favorite Black Milk verse is “Overdose” on the “Tronic” album!

  • Kurt Willems

    Favorite verse: Swing Dat Far
    Favorite beat: Pressure

  • Paulo Fernandes

    for me the dope beat is the beat at “Action” feat. Slum Village & Baatin, form the album Popular Demand.

  • Tommy

    ‘Deadly Medley’ of course

  • RenegadeNinjaNL

    Best beat by Black Milk for me has to be Motown 25 (eLZhi Feat. Royce Da 5’9″)

  • jeremiah

    favorite beat is “zap” off of black milk and danny brown’s album, favorite song is “poison”

  • Frederic Berner

    Keep It Live ft Mr Porter!!! on broken wax

  • ‘Black & Brown’ off the Danny Brown/Black Milk Black & Brown LP

  • Jocke Hällgren

    “Know this, I gotta show kids, my flows ferocious
    Make sure you know this shit
    Go together like afros and picks
    New song, sing along with it.”

    ‘So Gone’ from Popular Demand.

  • The opening track to Tronic… “Long Story Short” …. Beat and Bars.

  • BlackMilkererer

    Black and Brown (ft Danny Brown)

  • Oliver B

    ‘Deion’s house’ and ‘parallel’s feat ab’. loving the new album, shout out from Brisbane, Australia!

  • oscar g

    My favorite Black Milk beat is on a 45 Fatbeats pressed up in 2007. Black Milk had 3 beats on one side titled “Stern”. The 2nd beat on there is an absolute monster!!!

  • Favorite beat: Tronie Summer

  • Boom

    Gospel Psychedelic Rock

  • Lu

    The soulfulness in the dyptic Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst got my earholes full, although they’re not really representative of the album, which is great also.

  • kesty

    Losing Out by Milk & Royce

  • jr

    wake up for the beat and the matrix for the verse!!

  • Muk

    Slum Village – Reunion (Ft. J Dilla)

  • Nick


  • “Reunion” by Black Milk and J Dilla, such a soulful and replay worthy record.

  • tommy

    “Black Ops” by Random Axe

  • Bullets flying is the norm, so most kids walk without a fear
    Friends dying is the norm, so they walk without a tear.

  • three + sum

  • tachiini

    Beat: Try (awesome sample of Symphonic Four)
    Verse: Try —
    I’ve been trying to get on top past couple years
    Hip hop’s done flopped for the past couple years
    But that’s my opinion, that’s just how I’m feelin’
    Don’t like what I’m hearin’ but that’s my opinion
    Stay light years ahead of these lightweight niggas
    Plus my favorite group’s not even coming with it
    Feelin’ like Three Stacks on a Rosa Parks song
    Favorite artists came wack, what went wrong?
    Tried to give him a chance, but it’s like man
    Not getting inspired by nobody damn

  • Favorite Black Milk verse: his verse on “Deadly Medley” or his verse in this album, on “Money Bags”

  • “Distortion”

  • Jeremy

    Best beat and verse easily is “Popular Demand”

  • Baatin – Marvelous ( prod Black Milk ). Dope a$$ sample with Flanger, Rvrb & Delay as FX through the beat. That makes a beat simple and catchy ! Marvelous beat by BM.

    Cheers from Dutch Country

  • jd

    Computer UGLY UGLY

  • Justice714

    BM’s verse on Phat Kat’s “Door” ft Dilla too!!!!!

  • Kaifr8

    black’s verse on deadly medley

  • Daniel pedraza

    Favorite verse is- Cuz the sound’s so amazing, amazing
    Like the sound of the voice of Marvin Gaye
    Singing a song of choice I’m saying
    Niggas still find a way to hate the plate you was making
    Cuz the beats is dangerous, and the rhymes is crazy
    And my flow is on that new age shit
    So I’m like, damn how can they hate this
    But niggas still can’t relate like two kids that ain’t kin

  • andre prozorov

    ‘The Real Me’ with Guilty Simpson!!

  • SonAmbulance

    The Black and Brown! EP is one of my favorite collabs in recent memory, but if I had to pick a single track, I’d probably have to go with Zap.

  • steve bei

    Black milk feat. AKUA “puddles” check it on soundcloud

  • tim

    “sound the alarm”

  • JacobBurke

    Holla like u know me, so fucking dope man

  • Sarah K

    My favorite beat from Black Milk is: Losing out with Royce Da 59′
    As for the verse: 2nd verse of Give the drummer sum

  • hayzeusofcool

    Black and Brown is a modern classic; every verse kills on that jam.

  • Mat T

    Illy Hutch & The Macks – Superman

  • Derek

    Loosing out-verse 3

  • Jason P

    I’d Have To Go With ‘Money Bags(Paradise)’ Off This Album.

  • just copped off itunes. im really impressed by the gospel-funk vibes of “Monday’s Best.” But before today I woulda said “Reunion” by Slum Vil when he made beats with Young RJ. Having that LP-sized cover would be slick – display it next to a Pedro Bell funkadelic sleeve, ya feel me?!

  • Jeff

    Eventhough it’s new and Black Milk has a catalog of great music, Sonny Jr. (Dreams) is my favorite right now.

  • David Hand

    “Computer Ugly Ugly” from the Synth or Soul EP

  • B Jenks

    His verse on “Black and Brown” ft Danny Brown

  • James

    Black Milk – Don Cornelius. the song is my shit

  • booombap

    Random Axe – The Hex is THE BEAT Period.

  • Kristo Laarmann

    Black Milk – Losing Out (feat. Royce Da 5’9″)

  • Darko

    The Matrix ft. Pharoahe Monch & Sean Price & Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst.

  • RSTMusic

    Black Milk – Overdose. Crazy beat and dope lyrics.

  • JpKoff

    Favorite beat is BOUNCE off Tronic
    Favorite verse is the first one off HOLD IT DOWN, Tronic still

  • Phat Kat ,F.A.N.S , dope dope

  • Shahriar Shiva

    My favorite Black Milk song is sunday’s best because i love how simple and relatable the lyrics are and i love the gospel inspired beat that has a feel good factor to it but its juxtaposed by the lyrics being about being tired of the same pointless practice

  • Greg LaBrecque

    I really love the beat on Dismal, it really matches the lyrical description Black Milk is using to describe a situation of falling from prominence!