• baltazar

    Ho Shiiiiiii this could potentially be immense

  • NSD

    this is the best thing to happen to linkin park since hybrid theory

  • biff tannen

    These guys went from having one of the most original sounds in music to sounding generic as fuck.


    Sad times

  • who cares

    SMH the most washed up band in history. Used to be a huge fan, but they fell the fuck off.

  • http://lubeen.com Lubeen

    I'll check out off the strength of that Reanimation album. Had Pharoe Monch and Black Thought spitting like beasts back in the day! Mike Shinoda held his own too

  • Meh

    Maaan, I never thought I'd see the day that Mike Shinoda would use that same 2013 over-used-as-fuck flow.
    Reanimation was great and had great guests, but what are they really gonna do to remix their new shit when it's already corny and electronic?

  • cajgo

    WTF? they never made reanimation 2 ....this sucks...i love LP and Shinoda is multitalented vocalist,producer and art artist...but this sounds like cheap remix music....