Random Acts Of Fu*kery: Gospel Rap Edition

blame it on Meka October 21, 2013

John 11:35.

  • Big-O



    Nice save by the lady. She pulled that off with class.

  • PaperKut

    I was cringing the whole time

  • d72

    what did they try to do years ago????

  • Welsh

    Years ago they tried to WHAT? I want to know….


    Years ago, they tried to put you in WHAT?


    Who knows maybe something really bad happened to him years ago…

  • ChurchOfDrake

    He was bout to start rhyming nigga and caught himself. It fucked up his flow and he couldn’t recover this happens to me all the time when i’m around my black friends

  • MalMoe (is back)

    Damn. As an artist I felt bad for him. That pause was heart breaking. He realized “no swearing”. But what really got me after all that was when he was reading the words. He was so messed up he read as if he just learned how to read. He didnt even have the flow. Poor dude. Maybe God repaid him for getting ready to spit something he may not should have.

  • hnz

    You couldn’t be much more late on this meka.

  • fail


  • Travis

    Something rough must have happened to him years ago to stop him dead in his tracks.

  • colworld

    Is that trae tha Truth???