• Just My Opinion

    LMMMAAAAAOOOOOOO!!!!! Glad that guy got the part instead of him. He was great!!! Would've been even more funny seeing 50's head get smashed into a windshield by Denzel ANYWAY!

  • Tani

    I think, the reason He didn't get the part, was because He was going to steal the Spotlight on Denzel. He is too much,OVERQUALIFIED For that role, but One day, he'll find the perfect role And get himself an Oscar.

  • fg

    ^ said no one ever

  • xxl`

    He'd definitely be a distraction on screen with Denzel but he can't act for shit. glad the other guy got it

  • iAmRafy

    ^ said no one ever


  • http://www.queencityeventswny.com Ace Boogie

    haha most "dopes" this guy has gotten since the massacre


    I wonder if that's his grandmomma reciting Frank's lines. I like her voice.

  • tyet

    American Wanksta

  • STC

    And the oscar goes to....

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Niketalk is about to have a field day with this lol.

  • Smh

    Scene 3 was Oscar worthy! Only rivaled by Lil Mama's payphone scene in the VH1 TLC special.