Hopsin – Hop is Back (Video)

blame it on Illy October 22, 2013

With Hop Madness arriving November 26, the L.A. MC releases an accompanying visual for the project’s first single, “Hop is Back” which is available on iTunes today.

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  • Jive Baptiste

    Man this guy is something else. The track is OK, like the creativity of the video… Nice Kanye imitation

  • This throwback to his humor is pretty welcome after two singles laying the didactic themes on a little thick. The production is more on point than I expect from him as well. I’m legitimately excited for Knock Madness now.

  • If we ignore him he might go away

  • rakimi

    one of the worst rap artists of all time

  • Speakeasy

    Y’all scurred of Hopsin lol


    this nigga so corny.

  • caliOwnsIt



    thank you for the kanye diss, its about time

  • Mt

    you got the album title wrong dumbass

  • fakeasseminem

    Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up.

  • who cares

    That’s what I want to hear! My excitement for this album just went through the roof. The beat is dope, the verses are raw, and the Kanye diss was perfect.
    Can’t stop laughing at these hate comments though.

  • lbc

    Judging by the dislikes on this, a lot of tde/kendrick dickriders are really mad lmao,.. the Kanye impersonation was fuckin flawless, he looked exactly like him…

  • 1dopeboy

    Knock Madness is the name of the album. Hop Madness is the song that came out last year

  • lol

    this dude makes music for 15 year old white suburban kids who listen to Eminem all day and claim “real hip hop”

  • jdz

    ^ Fucking idiot spotted. There is no such thing as ‘real hip-hop’ and skin colour doesn’t come into it at all.
    Go listen to your ignorant bullshit and let us intellects listen to what we’d like, you fucking potatoesque moron