Kanye West Explains Bringing Out Jesus, Talks Illuminati & “White” Voice

blame it on Illy October 22, 2013

While out in San Francisco yesterday, Kanye sat down with Wild 94.9’s The JV Show to talk about bringing out Jesus at the opening show of his Yeezus Tour, illuminati rumors, and changing the tone of his voice during interviews for corporate america. In case you don’t already know, Kanye is officially engaged to Kim Kardashian proposing to his baby mother last night renting out the AT&T Park in San Francisco with an extravagant proposal.

  • tewrt

    would it kill these people to upload the interview, in it’s entirety, in order, and in one piece? holy shit

  • Big-O

    So damn hype for tomorrow night. Oakland show finna be live as fuck!

  • PufferFish

    So hype for Kanye to finally come out of the closet !

  • jesus piece


  • eZ

    Brings out his “white voice”. Lol Ye has lost his damn marbles… The sad thing is that he still has an audience. Crazy.. dah well..

  • T9FTW

    How does this even have 12 nopes? It’s literally just him answering questions. This site is just full of bias…

  • Welsh

    ^It’s called having an opinion. Some people disagree with the things he says. Not everyone is a mindless robot to just hit “dope” on everything. If disagreeing with Kanye bothers you so much then it sounds like you’re the one having trouble with a bias point of view

  • T9FTW

    The man explained something, there’s nothing to disagree with.

    Also, if what you were doing was expressing an opinion, what logic would make you believe that I’d be biased if I were saying the same thing.

    You can’t pretend like there isn’t true bias on here. Look at the comments on that DJ Khaled album stream post.

  • Nicky g0iNEs.

    @tewrt Agreed. @ez Yes just more in tune with himself more than ever so to a sheep that will seem krazy…

  • ThatDude

    @Nicky you must be high on the same shit he smokes. A new slave with a white jesus, a white voice, and about to marry the sports industry hoe. This one here is about as gay as a pink mini skirt.