• joe

    solo is so wise aint even funny

  • zdo

    I swear the media just does that "Kendrick and Black Hippy" stuff just to start shit. Its too damn cliche.

  • the realest

    Dude sounded over insecure in explaining why Kendrick is not your boss. Didn't see the need to clarify that. And you can't be a conspiracy theorist and have jayz cock in your mouth at the same damn time. Nigga lay off the drugs.

  • jwiii

    "Just start to shit!" Really?

    Ab-Soul catching feelings and denying it all in the same two paragraphs and the rest of your plebians don't understand basic marketing. The realist is the layman walking by will recognize Kendrick Lamar's name and not Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, or Schoolboy Q.

    Sorry, your careers and yes, that does mean your name, aren't popping like Kendrick's.

  • Susan M. Stanton

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  • JD

    These chicks don't even know the name of my band lol