Jay Rock – Numbers On The Board Freestyle

blame it on Illy October 23, 2013

Following TDE’s BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher take over, Jay Rock goes over Pusha Ton’s “Numbers On The Board.”

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  • “Fuck your Pyrex”?

    really? taking shots to pusha t or nah?

    • Yooo

      The clothing line fam, Stio reaching

  • Doubt he’s dissing Pusha, or even throwing shots. I think he’s just going against the fashion idea, like K. Dot’s “Control” verse with: “And I ain’t rocking no more designer shit White T’s and Nike Cortez/this red Corvettes anonymous..” People need to think before they start jumping.

    • Ray Trisha Sweets

      I love J Rock and the whole TDE family..These brothers have took over the west coast I was pretty much burned out on the gangbanging movement on the west coast and how much they we’re making hiphop a liability.But the black hippie movement is a new movement that everybody can roll with and that’s why The TDE family is so successful im from the East Coast and I love all the members of the squad..I’ve been hearing about Jay rock and Kendrick Lamar aka K Dot For years a guy buy the name of Jazzy from Jazzy Management use to send music to my brother back in the day so we’ve been playing Glasses Malone, Crooked I, Bishop Lamont, Young May Lay, Problem, Bang Loose, K Boy And the list goes on and on.. We were really into that new West movement excluding the gangbanging.. I truly thought Jazzy would be the jay-z or the P Diddy of the West Coast by now he really looked out for the younger hip hop artist on on the west at one time.And I see a lot of the artist that he was pushing or successful and they don’t even mention his name. why is there no loyalty on the west coast. I guess you can say the same about the East Coast a lot of East Coast artist are not shining like they should. for the same reasons some orders make it and forget who really help them we are having the same problem on the East Coast. And thats why the south is winning. More unity. For the life of me I can’t understand why the East Coast is in dead last when we started this Shit.

  • Jungz

    Except Pyrex is OWNED by Kanye’s man..

  • Killaaa

    pyrex is some herb ass shit anyway

  • Watch Me No Hands Your Girl

    @Rodney Esquire you right he got a pass

    @Jungz yessir but kanye said : pyrex vision! that’s pusha T!!

    i don’t give a fuck at the end of the day. i love pusha kanye and tde

  • roCK


    fuck yo couch! fuck yo pyrex! fuck yo cracK nigga!

  • malcyvelli

    When he started that “miracle/lyrical/spiritual” rhyme scheme all I could think of was Em trolling at the BET cypher last year or whatever lol, couldn’t take none of them bars seriously

  • jesus piece of shite

    #1. He’s dissing Pusha T by saying the Pyrex line.

    #2. JAY ROCK JUST KILLED EVERYTHING KENDRICK DID THIS YEAR WITH THIS FREESTYLE (this one is dedicated to the Lamar dickriders…)

  • jesus piece of shite

    you my new religion.
    change your nick to Jesus Piece of Steel and become the 2dopeboyz messia

  • Kendrick and Black Hippy < Black Hippy

    Dope and damn what his last mixtape was 2-3 years on Black Friday smh these niggas needa stop being scared of Kendrick fuck if its been a whole year since his album dropped y’all niggas elite drop em tapes even if its a EP think about it y’all next up is who Q in what January and what we gotta wait till 2015 till something new smh I think not when it comes to Kendrick soon enough bet, TDE better stop dickriding their own and have all get the shine (g-unit like before all that extra shit!) just saying cause Rock nice he 187 the whole money trees they needa all stop hiding and drop shit soulo I’m talking to you too glad you got your tour poppin now solo but y’all needa quit riding KLs passenger seat.

  • anon

    ^^ i like how you used a comma in the worlds longest sentence.

  • King Tyrone

    dude’s a beast

  • J_Sleazy

    Let’s be honest here..

    Jay Rock is just a cheap version of The Game.
    Kendrick Lamar is overated.
    Ab-Soul is good, but needs to put out new music.
    Schoolboy Q has his moments and needs to work on his hooks.

    Stop glorifying Black Hippy, they are not the best thing to happen to hip-hop. Like people act like they are.

  • Frost

    ^^^ LMAO

    Kendrick is far from overrated……you’re probably just mad that he’s shitting on your favorite RnB rapper…

    and Jay Rock’s been better than Game for a while now…..Game fell the fuck off long ago…

  • Ju la week I had uh bawl on em

    Ab-Soul is not good. he needs to stop putting out music and keep his music shop afloat for his parents. Stole Weezy’s/Em’s awkward punchline game and put his own “regular guy” gimmick to it. weak

  • Ch3e3st

    ^^ ain’t forget the dash soul made it hoe!!!!

  • just a person

    Jay Rock is so dope because he starts off slow….and then wrecks it even time.

  • jeremiah

    kk, all ima say is fuck off. this is a jay rock song, take your kendrick lamar ab soul and groovy q comments to their own shit. this is jay rocks work, stop comparing him to the rest of his camp, hes his own artist. conversation done.

  • egyle

    Ill add my 5 cents by saying that jay rocks verse on gkmc was the best on the album.

  • heleengishpig

    A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. agiteLafamate

  • MousePad

    trash and offbeat my nigga can do better

    Pusha T >>>

  • bigjapes

    jay rock is a fucking beast dawg. always comes hard. he murdered everyone on that uoeno remix. its hard to top the original still but jay rack went in