• crackadon

    "Cause at the end of the day, we’re really here because its a business."

    fuck this basic broad and anyone else who thinks like her. no-one wants to be an artist for the sole purpose of creating art nowadays. it's all about money, fame, status, etc.

  • rew

    ^ are you surpised? all this chick raps about is money and being a bad bitch. i wouldnt hold her to a high artistic standard if i were you.

  • krow132

    @crackadon are you an idiot. what she said was absolutely correct. At the end of the day, this is what feeds her and her kid and pays her bills. The same goes for Wiz. The same goes for Nas. The same goes for Joe schmoe. No one is out here wanting to put their worth in effort into something and not get the compensation they deserve. If thats the case then niggas would be performing for free. Go ask your favorite "artistic" rapper to perform for the love of the art and without providing him a check and see how quickly they tell you to get the fuck out of there face. lol

    I dont even fuck with Lola Monroe or her music, but good for her for not signing some bullshit contract that she did not feel made sense. Know your worth

  • Lt

    Ft Wiz? What exactly did wiz do