Paul Wall – My Lac On Vogues (Video)

blame it on Shake October 23, 2013

Whips and chicks help make up the latest visual release from Paul Wall’s upcoming Check Season project.

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  • FOH

    How do you know when your 15 minutes are up? When you are still rapping about shit in 2013 that made you hot in 2004. Candy Paint,? Wood Grain?? Boppers???

  • FOH

    Kendrick Lamar said you need to call him, ASAP!!!

  • It’s not about a 15-minutes of fame. All these topics are simply staples of Houston Hip-Hop, and have been for over two decades. Why wouldn’t he still be talking about Candy Paint and wood grain? 2004 and all of that was just when H-Town rap all of a sudden became very popular, on a mainstream level, and that’s why it was “hot”. But the culture never changed. This is what they do. I would be worried if I heard a Houston rap song that DIDN’T reference at least one of these three: double-cups, candy paint or DJ Screw…

  • FOH

    It’s about EVOLVING. Making the game better. Raising the bar. Dre started the G-funk era. Should he still be making G-funk music? Would people still buy G-funk?
    Actually, it’s one of reasons west coast music suffered. Because they held on to G-funk with a death grip and failed to evolve.
    Chamillionaire is from that era too and he no longer raps about candy paint, wood grain, boppers, because he evolved.