Ab-Soul – Dub Sac (prod. Tae Beast & Dave Free)

blame it on Shake October 24, 2013
ab-soul live

With a new album done and in the mixing stages, Soulo returns with some new music. MixedByAli of course.

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  • wat

    Sigh, this was really weak. C’mon Soul, you’re better than this. This sounded like a throwaway that was dug out from the very bottom of the trash can lol

  • AndOneill

    ^^^ agree man!! Ab-soul one my favourites out but this one his weakest tracks., not feelin it at all!!

  • wordka

    TDE makes such cohesive albums or well mixtapes that it’s hard for cats to release songs outside of that and make it sound tight or on it’s own. We been knew he was coming with an album but what’s the direction. I’m not feeling the song like Q’s songs he released for Oxymoron and I dig their previous work.

  • Turtle

    Shit is so weak. Just sounds like very little effort was put in. I am sure he put in quite a bit, but gosh, it sounds terrible.

  • 1


  • okdaze

    SOUL is super nice but this shit is a let down. I realize it probably will fit better in the grand scheme of things but as a loosie its hard to not be let down by this. Soul is going to come with some epic verses and concepts but untilthen the wait continues..

  • wat

    This isn’t a single, @wordka and @okdaze. This is thankfully just a freebie lol

  • Kendrick and black hippy < black hippy

    “With a new album done and in the mixing stages, Soulo returns with some new music. MixedByAli of course.” Sure….same thing going on with Qs shit and word where that long term 2 ab soul TDE fuck a crate throwaway and drop a new Rock tape at it!!!!!

  • PaperKut

    Jay Rock and Soul disappointed me this week. I hope whatever Q’s dropping this weekend will be better.
    Also, come on 2DBZ, it’s time to change to disqus or something. The comments section is fucking shitty.

  • three2one

    As always you so called fans hate when an artist has some fun. Like Pusha T said ya’ll need to get out more. This ain’t for sitting on your couch with headphones in this is for playing in the car or at a party AND Soul was still spitting some ill shit!!! So stop complaining! If you want something better do it yourself….oh wait!

  • koodabang

    i Thought If Was Pretty Good, Def Not His Best, But Its Def Not A ThroW Away. His AlbumSound Is Probably Goin In A Dif Direction Than This Track.

  • wat

    Shut the fuck up @three2one. We’re not fans because we have the ability to be disappointed by the artist we’re a fan of? A real fan wouldn’t gladly accept anything an garbage the artist puts out. Also, WHAT?! This is the farthest thing from a car or party banger and his lyrics were unusually weak (best thing he said were the Martial Law lines which I believe he sorta bit from the battle rapper Sno in his battle against Ty Law). Get off Soul’s dick.

  • T9FTW

    This was not Soulo. Who was this? I’m going to go listen to “The Book of Soul” now. Don’t mind me.

    TDE going downhill. :(

  • @PaperKut funny you should say that… next week.

  • DatGuy

    Soul hook game just ain’t cutting it..

  • Ch3e3st

    They giving y’all snacks….I won’t defend this track it is what it is but we all know whats coming!!!! drop that project soul!!!’

  • bobbywhite

    this is dope as fuck you guys are some faggots hahaha

  • poo

    yall are fuckin retarded, niggas cant just ride a dope beat for the smokers? he came up doing that….fake fickle ass fans bruh yall dont know shit hoppin on the bandwagon fuck outtta here b this is a dope track

  • wat

    @poo: We’re fickle because we don’t like a song he did? How about you hop off his dick. You’re lying if you say this song is dope and if you think every song he’s ever done is dope.

  • flo

    gtfo you hating ass nigga. so if someone likes it they on his dick? stupid fucking idiot

  • flo

    its one god damn song, you judging piece of shit. how about you get off ab’s dick too you bitch

  • bobbywhite

    @wat’s a little fag boi lol

  • Tino

    yall are trippin this shit is dope, soulo hoe!

  • T9FTW

    @flo, How is it that the one who disagrees with Soulo is on his dick? Please make sense when you attempt to insult.

    @poo, Fans are going to naturally be fickle. I’m not going to force myself to enjoy Soulo’s new shit just because I liked his old shit. FOH.

    P.S. – You guys are a bunch of hypocrites. I’m pretty positive you hit ‘dope’ automatically, but then you want to call other people dickriders. You are a sorry few.

  • chiponshoulder

    Are people really surprised though? He’s part of a group that prides on lyricism and he’s been the weakest of black hippy for a minute now. The guy is talented for sure. but he’s like the mario chalmers on the Heat. Other teams would be happy to have him, he can do some things for your squad but he’ll never be THAT DUDE. I enjoy all their shit and I breakdown lyrics before i trip about a beat… but his are never up to the rest of them. He got a lot of shit talking about how he’s great and i like some of it, but can you really name one line from him that blows you away? when you really stack him up against others what are we praising him for? Kendrick always gets him, Q got him a few times. Budden got him. lately I agree if you say he got mac miller on the end is near but If you focus solely (no pun intended) on wordplay, rhyme schemes, and flow he consistently is outplayed by the rest of TDE.

    “so you can take your top five list, dead or alive, and put me after Em. I’m a fucking genius” … eh you’re good. we should leave it at that.

  • wat

    @flo: I know it’s one song. I said the song isn’t dope you fucking idiot. I’m a huge Ab-Soul fan and I don’t like this one particular song so I’m a judging piece of shit? Good logic bro.


    The fuck yall niggas saying? This shit slaps hard as fuck.

  • III


    How in the literal fuck can you sit there and say with a serious face that Q and Jay Rock are better lyricists than Ab-Soul? Q is without a doubt the weakest link in TDE when it comes to straight lyricism. not saying he isn’t good…he typically makes up for it with his delivery and production, but seriously, how many crazy lyrical Schoolboy Q songs are out there?

  • Jay

    This is the ONE thing I knew (and hated) was gonna happen after Kendrick went ham on the industry. That there would be an out coming of casuals who all of a sudden are “lyric evaluating experts” and shit. Damn! After reading these comments (and others since “Control”), I see a bunch of idiots who have literally no idea what they’re talking about. Soon one day, these same people will get back to judging songs instead of trying to judge lyrics. Especially when that’s not your cup of tea. With that said, the song was pretty dope. Something you can just light up to. This was a chill track, for smokers, not you new lyric nerds.