Eminem to Release Rihanna-Assisted Single Next Week

blame it on Shake October 24, 2013
eminem rihanna

Anyone with half a brain could take one look at the tracklist to Eminem’s upcoming album and pick out the Rihanna-assisted track “The Monster” as a future single. It was just a matter of when it was going to be released. Questions are answered as Detroit’s 98.7 AMP confirmed the news and reveals the song will be impacting radio in just four days on Monday, October 28th. UPDATE: “The Monster” is now available for listening.

The two previously linked up on 2010’s massive hit “Love the Way You Lie.”

  • mad

    he might as well just called the album recovery 2

  • JAyP

    look like she just got through toping this dude off LOL!

  • Beard Gawd

    If the rumours are true, this is going to be fire but… we know people will fake hate it ’cause it has Rihanna.

  • J

    Recovery 2!? R u fuckin retarded!? Just cuz Em has Rihanna featured in yet another track, released as a single, means nada. Lyrically Em is @ the peak of his game…have u heard “Rap God”…track is fire…a lil shakey @ 1st, but he kills that track in every sense. Just cuz Em is reflecting on life within his newer albums means nothing, unless you’re lookin for tracks that have corny beats, zero lyrical content, and is overall junk, feel free 2 hate n listen 2 that bullshit all day. MMLP2 is and will b an incredible album…if Dr. Dre was “inspired” by Em’s art within this album, then enough said. Whether your talkin shit now or not, every1 will listen to this album n if not go fuck urself!

  • mad

    @J I actually liked recovery I dont know why you took it as an insult im just sayin songs like survival and rap god sound like recovery era em nd there is another single featuring rihanna which is probably going to be pop rap just like love the way you lie I just dont understand why he would call it MMLP2 if the music hasnt changed much since the last album other than bezerk nd yea im still goin to listen to it when it comes out nd excited to hear it so why are you upset?

  • chiponshoulder

    survival sounds pretty similar to the track with pink on recovery and I would understand if someone tried to bend an argument into saying that Above the Law on Bad Meets Evil does too.

    But name one song that eminem has ever done that sounds like berzerk OR rap god?

  • chiponshoulder

    that being said “J” needs to take a deep breath or seven

  • who cares

    @J “unless you’re lookin for tracks that have corny beats” Have you even heard “Rap God”? That’s the one of the corniest beats Em has EVER spit over.

  • Meh

    Skanky, fugly trash meets wigger trash again and the sheep lap up the bullshit yet again.

  • bladaoh

    the songs about aids