Rihanna Covers British GQ

blame it on Shake October 25, 2013
rihanna gq british

RiRi gets her Medusa on as she graces the cover of British GQ’s 25th Anniversary issue. Take a look below.


  • who cares

    LMAO! Wow.

  • WAKE UP people!

    oh yeah these celebrities don’t worship the devil at all


  • jundamane24

    ^^ Illuminati-believing fucker lol Why are people so obsessed with that bullshit, they ain’t doing anything for you so why do people waste their short lives believing in such crap…get a hobby you superstitious lames…

  • SforMusic

    errrm its called art-direction you dumbass, the company plans a theme and strategy and decides it. And last I checked isnt Medusa Greek….. If you are gonna hate, hate with some sense

  • nahmean

    lets titsjob

  • rahrahrah

    People make choices every day. Portraying good or evil. Nothing is just art. When someone makes the choice to portray evil it has consequences in the world and in their own lives. If you don’t think that “art” choices make a difference then you are indeed a fool.

    Is it the most significant thing in the world? Of course not.

  • SforMusic

    This was a strategy for a magazine, this was used to persuade men especially to buy the magazine, this is not real lool, you ppl who are superstitious enough to take this further don’t even buy it anyways so why do you care, this is not doing anything to you. the real fools are the ppl who are complaining about stuff which doesn’t even concern them, you are scared of the cover be scared of the cover, at the end of the day it’s here today, gone tomorrow lool

  • meh

    Ugly bitch

  • dun

    dude are trying to turn this into something evil, when it’s really just something stupid we should all be laughing at. i mean, for real, look at that cover. if your first instinct is to be scared and start talking shit about the devil instead of laughing at it, YOUR life is fucked up.

  • lord paus

    made a dick soft