Vintage: Jay-Z & Nas Set Aside Differences [2005]

Today marks the monumental, eight year anniversary when Nas and Jay-Z set aside their differences and dapped each other up at the Continental Airlines Arena "I Declare War" concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Jay, who headlined the Power 105 show, embraced the God MC and the two proudly stood tall as Kings should. To think, it was only four years prior to this significant event that the two emcees were going at each other's throats gripping lyrical linoleum knives, stamping the event as one of the greatest battles in Hip-Hop history, amongst legendary dust-ups like BDP vs. Juice Crew. Today the two mount thrones comfortably in their 40's, experimenting with different measurements and pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop music to unreachable plateaus.

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  • No matter what anyone says. Takeover will always be the better diss.

  • few

    ^please lets not start the petty bullshit. dont be such a mark

  • blanket P

    son that was the most terribly worded lil paragraph jaunt I've read in a long minute

  • Cam

    Take over had the better beat... But Ether was just straight up ridiculous!! Top 3 diss track ever!!!

  • hnz

    @ Starks
    C'mon on son you can't be that delusional, Jay-Z was practically crying when Angie Martinez asked what he thought about Ether.
    The Takeover was a better song but Ether was a better diss track.

  • Blueprintfan

    Takeover all day.

  • Nicky g0iNEs.

    Takeover Production Wise ws better. Lyrics wise...Even Jay admitted he took the L..
    The last real great battle in Hip Hop from the 2 greatest to ever do it...

  • marty mcfly

    When did Jay say he lost lyrically to Nas? Anyway, Takeover lyrically was just alot more clever to me then Ether. Jay hit multiple targets at once, baited Nas into a battle, did more to brand his label by mentioning the State Prop artists and from a diss standpoint Jay attacked Nas's music and business savvy more then he did Nas himself. Takeover was the first shot and its always easier to respond to rhymes thats already out there but Ether to me is just Nas responding because other people hyped him to. Nas hit him with some comedic type lines and talked about a whole bunch of gun shit and all but it just never really sounded that serious to me. Im a fan of Nas too but I think back then people just wanted to see Jay lose at something so they went with Ether but really its just not that hard.

  • Greed

    @marty mcfly

    "I think back then people just wanted to see Jay lose at something so they went with Ether"

    You trippin buddy. Back then Jay had JUST claimed and undoubtedly clinched that top spot and people were loving Jay more than ever. This is Jay before the Roc split and before any type of big business negotiations came toward him. It wasn't until several years later when people started to get bored of Jay and wanted to see him lose. At that time Nas was declared done and over with. He couldn't make a dope album anymore and most people considered him washed up. That beef brought Nas back into the game with Stillmatic. I'm a Jay fan and I was a huge fan of Jay at that time but when Nas dropped Ether every Jay fan was like "whoaaa, that was hard as fuck." Then we all waited for Jay's response which was that garbage ass Super Ugly that people don't even remember anymore and everybody knew Nas didn't even have to respond, it was a wrap. It's pretty obvious Ether was a dope ass diss track. You can't hate it. That track made the word Ether a verb.

  • marty mcfly

    Naw even back then people had this hate toward Jayz because they felt that he wasn't lyrical. Nas makes Ether and what can a person say negative about it? Of course people will always cosign anything Nas does and especially if its aimed at Jayz. Even back then when I was saying the same shit and id ask fools ok whats the hardest lines from Ether and people would repeat the lyrics and id be like thats what you consider to be a vicious attack? Really? Takeover on the other hand did what it was supposed to do which was pull Nas into a battle and Jay did that. Its not too many people that will say anything negative about Ns cause its just not the cool thing to do if you trying to be "real hip hop". When Jay spoke on the Ochie Wally Wally shit Nas did, I know its alot of people back then thats was like that shit was complete trash but just didnt wanna say it because it came from Nas. I just dont think Ether is that devastating, if anything its just really funny with all the jokes about Jays looks but even if you think it did anything to hurt Jay, imo it only made Takeover serve its purpose and allowed Jay to reveal somethings about Nas thats not really based on jokes.

  • marty mcfly

    Jay knew that people would side with Nas no matter what even before he put out Takeover cause he's smart enough to know how people perceive his success vs Nas lyrical ability. He was just tired of playing games because Nas would send shots and then say he really wasn't trying to diss in the late 90s. So Jay just straight up dissed and let Nas walk right into the battle. Most of the things said on Ether from just a lyrical and reality based standpoint dont even sound like Nas believes his own rhymes and some of the lines even contradict themselves. Takeover is largely based on Jays opinion of Nas but Jay didnt really reach to make disses at Nas. Nas was really reaching with his disses with alot of the shit he was saying.

  • marty mcfly

    Takeover was strictly about business and building hype for the BluePrint album. Nas should have seen through this tactic but no matter what would have to respond and that in itself is why I view Takeover as the more clever attack even if you feel Ether was better.

  • marty stay delusional as fuck. Give it up dog its over. Jay lost plain and simple. We know your a Jay stan and yeah take over was a hot song and a good diss but he had no idea he was going to wake a sleeping giant. Face it Jay spent years looking up to big nas and pac he felt like if he went at nas while he was on a perceived downward spiral he could be with the greats up on mount rap rushmore. He still got there but going at Nas will always be the one L he has to carry that and the amount of big lyrics he has had to bite over the years.

  • Gawd

    This was one of the worst thing that happened in Hip Hop. NaS really sold out when he shook hands with that dude. I could never look at NaS the same after shaking Camels hands.


  • jackson

    not sure how they pushed raps musical boundaries

  • SforMusic

    Jay Z lose and in the end became the most successful and biggest guy in hip-hop whiles ppl are still asking for an Illmatic from Nas, Sometimes all it takes is a loss for someone to be in the best situation.... At this point, all this back-tracking and "what ifs" are irrelevant.

  • SforMusic


  • And1

    Getting money > beefing

  • marty mcfly

    @Itsbeenover, I dont know what Jayz "lost" cause when Nas did Ether, the Blueprint then goes platinum and gets perfect ratings in almost every media platform in hip hop and the album is now considered a hip hop classic. You talk about Jay looking up to Nas but I think you need to check the scoreboard again cause its probably the other way around. Jay planted the seeds for a confrontation with Nas the minute he said "Who's the best MCs, Biggie, Jayz and Nas"... in 1997 and by 98 he had crushed Nas in sales. Lyrically is one debate but I dont think Jay ever considered Nas to be more lyrical then him. Jay might respect Nas as a human being but as far as this rap shit goes anybody with sense knows that Ether didnt stop Jay or damage Jay, in fact it just made him even more successful.

  • c’mon son

    take over wasnt just a nas dis, it was an attack against others also, nas made a direct diss that was strong, jay then responds with an actual direct diss at nas that was weak. anybody who isnt a jay z dickrider will tell you nas won that battle, of course the diss isnt going to "stop" jay z cuz as long as you continue making good music you will be relevant. this isnt 50cent and ja rule when ja rule couldnt really stay relevant cuz he wasnt much of a lyricist in the first place, but just because jay z continued to be successful doesnt mean he didnt lose that battle, battle rap doesnt work like that. nelly sold millions after his battle with krs right? oh ok, i guess nelly one that battle

  • marty mcfly

    Nah TakeOver was a diss at Nas. It also spoke on Prodigy but its not like Jay was giving Nas props on takeover so of course it was a diss. When you say Nas won, what exactly did he win and what did Jayz lose? I think Jays overall tactic was to give the culture something to talk about and in the process diss Nas and I think he was more then ready to get dissed by Nas. I think Jay was wanting to get that diss in order for him to say what he did on Super Ugly and on BP2 so Ether was just what Jayz wanted. Yeah Nas dissed Jay and yeah it was ok, I never liked that beat but it was cool but the question is what did Jay lose? Nothing. Now Nas was able to become hot again and his next couple albums did well commercially but I think people think Ether some how did something to Jayz? What do you think Takeover was designed to do? It was supposed to get a reaction outta Nas and I think when Jay heard Ether he must of had a big smile on his face because now it was certain the Nas knew Jay was his competition and as far as Super Ugly goes? That diss hurts fam. Any man out there that thinks Super Ugly doesn't hurt a mans pride is lying. Your right Nas did not Ja Rule Jayz and neither did Jay to Nas but I dont think Jay wanted to destroy Nas, I think the whole time he wanted to pit himself against Nas artistically and in front of the public and then continue his career with Nas as his comparison and he did that.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean just look at that picture of them shaking hands and look at their faces. This was Jays plan all along. What Nas won with Ether was added hype for Stillmatic which was also a great album but he didnt really take anything from Jay.

  • c’mon son

    he doesnt have to take anything from jay z other then that w. it really aint that deep, jay z attacked nas, nas responded with a vicous diss, and jay responded with a weaker dis, thats a loss. so to answer your question nas won that battle and jay z lost that battle simple. and i definitely think jay wanted to destroy nas, thats why he broke down his career like that to claim its a new king and that nas is "garbage" now.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah thats fine but again I just dont know what Jay "lost". If its simply a battle? Than ok but in the end its Nas who left the battle field before Jay did. Jay continued his disses and Nas stopped. You could say well Ether means Nas automatically wins but some would say maybe Nas didnt wanna continue after what was said on Super Ugly, Got Myself a Gun and BP2. Jay- "I've been real all my life, they confuse it with conceit
    Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat
    But I will not lose, for even in defeat
    There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me
    When the grass is cut, the snakes will show
    I gotta thank the little homie Nas for that though
    Saving me the hassle of speaking to half of these assholes"... You could look at multiple ways but imo Ether was good for Jays career.

  • stefan 136

    You all seem to be forgetting "Last Real Nigga Alive"... That was the nail in the coffin in that battle, it wasn't really framed as a diss but at the time but that song broke down exactly what had driven Jay to diss Nas and why it had been a sucker move on a superior breed. It enforced in a calmer more precise way what "Ether" had already stated so emphatically a year earlier in response to "Takeover"... Then there was the HOT97 poll where Jay was live on the air being obviously shook to have lost, and even in the "Blueprint 2" song admitting to the defeat.

    In the end though, like mcfly says of the overall arc -- they both won.

  • c’mon son

    yea it was simply the battle jay lost. but nas didnt stop dissing jay actually, if you listen to god son nas continued throwing shots like when he said that tony montana metaphor about taking on the whole roc by himself and then. i definitely dont think ether was good for jay z's caree, he continued being successful, but thats just because he's jay z, he would have done the same without ether. but ether didnt do anything but make most of new york side with nas on the king of ny thing. they even did a pole for that. it helped nas more than jayz because that represented him being rebirthed as the king. he referred to that when he said he was the old king of new york and then reinvented himself as the new king of new york on carry the cross.

  • marty mcfly

    @stefan136, my point is people just wanted Jay to lose at something period so of course they just claim Ether somehow just smashed on Jayz but really its like GTFOH. Jay was far from the loser in that situation fam. Its no way in hell that Nas disses were more fucked up then what Jay said to Nas. @c'mon, yeah your talking about most of NY siding with Nas but that includes Nas too as clearly this video shows and with him signing to Def Jam while Jay was president. People just want Jay to lose but the notion that one song can somehow just shut Jay down or that he would "lose" something? I dont think so. If Ether was directed at somebody else people would've probably said why Nas aint make a better song cause its way better diss records out there (Think Back Down from 50 Cent toward Ja) but Ether just made Jay go ham on Nas. Ya'll are talking about that radio interview but Jay was up there clowning like he was ready to keep battling. Even on Ether Nas talks about being proud of Jayz and on other songs where he disses Jay he compliments him at the same time. On top of making up fake shit about Jay that everybody knows is false or makes no sense at all. Smh Nas starts off the 2nd verse of Ether talking about his own self being dead as an artist. So he basically is cosigning what Jay said on Takeover to a degree. Come on now, I'm a big fan of Nas and I like Nas's first two records better then Jays first two records and at the time I was also more so on Nas's side but even back then I thought to myself that Nas really dont want no problems with Jay cause you could just hear it in his songs. Jay was laughing in his disses toward Nas like Nas was some sorta punching bag and when I heard Ether I just didnt believe Nas but I knew people would act like he destroyed Jay smh. Meanwhile Jay has even more success and continues to attack until Nas just stops. Listen in on Nas's attacks and he describes his self as a reluctant warrior that really did not wanna fight at all. My point remains the same is regardless of how you feel about the battle you know people just want Jay to lose and thats especially if Nas is involved. Nobody wants to see the same person win all the time and shit was the same even back then. People say Nas won because 1 that cant take the thought of Jay winning and two they dont wanna see Nas get fucked up (lyrically) so people scrambled to say ok the battles over right after Ether because they knew Jay would keep going and they felt bad for Nas. Keep it real.

  • marty mcfly

    Even with Last Real Nigga Alive which btw is a great song. If you really being honest you cant blame Jay for attacking Nas because thats what the streets wanted. The tension was always there and Nas sent shots at Jay for years on It Was Written and I Am and on Nastradamus. At some point Jay was gonna get tired of that shit.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean...Nas sent shots at Jay for years on The Firm album and I Am and on Nastradamus.... Jay sent shots also on Hark Knock Life vol 2 and Life And Times vol 3 but just saying. The tension had brewed for years so Nas knew what was up but he played the reluctant warrior role because ultimate people would side with him cause they just view him as the good guy. Meanwhile Jay is viewed as the bad guy even up to today with all the Illuminati bullshit? They both got more fame and fortune from the beef but Nas aint win that battle. Sorry

  • c’mon son

    I do believe a lot of people just want to see jay z lose. But MY non bias opinion from someone who is both a jay and nas fan is telling you nas won that battle. Plus a lot of jay z fans were admitting nas won around the time and justified it by saying jay was still successful after so he lost the war lol Kind of like you're doing by continuing to bring up success. But who confirmed what nas was talking about was false? he said jay was a dickrider hoppin on the big daddy cane wave, the biggie wave, that's fact, he said jay z bites big a lot, that's fact. He said Eminem murdered him on his own shot which most people say even today. Why would you write the notion that 1 song would make jay z lose something after I just said he wont lose anything because he's still talented and that its nota ja rule conversation. Did we not go over that point already? lol You keep saying jay z kept going until nas stopped but I believe it was nas that had the final word on god son. Plus jay z said "maybe my nigga nas , but I got STRONGER AFTER ETHER" lol on that jim jones diss, sounds like he knows he lost to me. But of course you wouldn't admit that even if jay did himself.

  • c’mon son

    If you watch the dvd of that situation people were saying a lot of jay fans admitted he lost, but how many nas fans say jay won? it really was that clear of a win. To the point when someone gets bodied on some rap shit these days people say that nigga got ETHERED lol not super uglied or take overed, but ethered.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah all that is great but my point is the first sentence you wrote which is "I do believe a lot of people just want to see jay z lose". STOP right there. THATS WHAT IM SAYING. Your talking about Nas fans vs Jayz fans but those are most likely the same people. The reason people side with Nas is because they want to see him lose. Not everybody but a very large percentage. People dont speak on Super Ugly because its so fucked up that people just dont speak on it because they view it as Jay using some real life shit against Nas and it was too personal. ANYTIME Nas is involved people view him as "real hip hop", when Jay is involved they see money and success. As soon as you pit these two elements together in most hip hop circles, "real hip hop" will most likely be view as the better. Its not about Jays continued success to me but in this particular case, NO I dont not believe Nas wanted to keep going.

  • marty mcfly

    But again, you can go on and on about the other about the other points and ill continue to say ok thats fine but the fact that you know people wanted to see Jay lose is the point im making. Nobody wanted to see Nas lose because he's view as hip hop's golden child but millions of hip hop heads hated Jayz back then. Even before Nas made Ether.

  • marty mcfly

    Even on Last Real Nigga Alive where Nas responded to BP2 a month before does it sound like Nas wants to keep fighting or just stop there? There's not much to fight against Nas with Last Real Nigga Alive because Nas just described the battle. He didnt really talk like he did on Ether. Jay however broke down Nas as an artist more on BP2. Nas talks about Jay running from thugs and calling him for help way back in 88 but I highly doubt such situations ever took place. Jay however made battle raps that sounded like he was taking a more serious approach.

  • c’mon som

    Yea I know people probably want to see jay lose, but I was giving you my non bias opinion, wouldn't you want that instead?. And I believe you're wrong about jay z and nas fans being the same not in THIS case, as you can see on this very post people are ether with nas and against jay or with jay and against nas. People who claim nas is real hip hop like you said most likely aren't jay z fans, in fact they probably view him as a sell out. ME personally im a fan of both and would never say nas won because he's "Real hip hop", I say nas won because he clearly won. And it doesn't matter if you think nas didn't want to keep going because it was nas that had the last words, in which he spoke of himself as the victor, and jay z's last response spoke in the perspective of someone with their back againt the wall lol and someone who lost 4 years later(jim jones diss) nas didn't even have to keep going because jay couldn't top ether, super ugly just sounded like a desperate attempt to win because he was speaking on shit that didn't even have to do with rap. He said he fucked nas's girl, ok, wasn't this the same guy you said kept it about rap on take over? then when nas goes hard at him he throws low blows like that? lol sounds desperate to me. People don't speak on super ugly because it was mediocre and sounded like a cheap attempt to combat ether but it came up short period. Just because it was personal doesn't make it good.

  • c’mon

    It isn't about what you "highly doubt", jay z didn't even deny it so you don't know what happened. And exactly, jay still felt like he had to keep going cuz he had yet to top ether. On the other hand nas was describing the battle he clearly won while clsaiming to be the last real nigga alive lol he didn't have to keep going.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah well all that is great but from where Jay stands he dont look like he lost anything at all and like you said, people wanted to see Jay lose so thats what I said. You keep talking about the claims of Nas but what about the reality of Jayz? Jay makes claims to but his actual life shows evidence of his claims. Your saying Nas "clearly" won, well I still cant think of anything Jay lost. Of corse Nas says he won, I mean he his a fan of himself but Jay beasted on Nas something vicious on all levels as I see it.

  • c’mon son

    What else in a battle do you have to lose besides the battle? lol and ok I see it the other way, to each his own

  • marty mcfly

    And the reason I 'highly doubt" Nas claims of street shit is because just based on my "perception" of Nas I dont think he ever wanted no gunplay with Jayz. Most rappers talk like they do so thats no surprise but Nas got so many gun bars in Ether its like come on Nas, you know you aint gonna shoot Jayz say yeah all that gangsta shit he talking? Idk about all that. Jay has a few of those bars himself but its things about Jays music and events in his real life that would lead one to believe that Jay would probably become violent if Nas wanted that. I mean you listen to Jay on Got Myself A Gun and its almost like Jay is loving every second of that battle. Nas just dont sound like that to me and his rhymes about taking an AIDS test and calling Jay Gay z and people asking him for money (as if Jay asks him for money) and Jays looks and all that... I mean all that is cool but Jay just had better shit to say then all that.

  • MusicHead

    As long as Jay-Z livin.. Marty McFly will forever .. FOREVER take his side & DICKRIDE his Lover & God.

  • marty mcfly

    @c'mon son you said "What else in a battle do you have to lose besides the battle?" Now imo when a real life event is brought to the table thats for real. Like the shit really happened then its starts to show a winner and loser. Now of course there are other things involved but just how Jay played this whole situation regardless of how you view Ether. Jay definitely benefitted from the battle. Jay said alot of things about Nas that are most likely passed just battle bars and are actually truthful. Aside from, Jay- "Because you-know-who did you-know-what with you-know-who
    But let's keep that between me and you (for now)". That 3rd verse on Takeover and the extended verse on BP2 is just so technical and the perspective on it comes from alot of things that have a bases in truth. Nas had some clever shit in there but its like he came from anger and reaction to what was said and thats fine but Jay just had some more scathing shit to say imo. Its all old shit now but yeah as far as your original question "what else do you have to lose in a battle..." Id say when people can look into something that sounds like its based on actual events that make you look some kinda way then its not a good thing. You can talk about Jays looks and him using some of Bigs lines but you also gotta take into account what was said about Nas...

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, you said Kedrick Lamar was the greatest rapper that ever lived before Section 80 came out. You are the king of all dickriding LOL

  • c’mon son

    ^^ lol this will go on long after jay z passes away, @marty, yea ok, you're "perception" is your perception and don't mean anything in real life.

  • c’mon son

    @marty, jay biting big lines, and dickriding every rapper from cane to big is not real life? jazzo even said jay z was never a big drug dealer in marcy and that he got the money to do those expensive videos from touring with cane and big, that's not real life? but nothing in a rap battle is going to clearly show a winner and loser other then the raps that are said. You asking that is getting beside the point and trying to make it seem like nas didn't win because there is nothing to show factually that he won, but that can be said about any battle so you really aren't saying anything

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah "real life" and it was alot of that going on in Jays disses toward Nas. My perception of the lyrics on Ether comes from lyrical standpoint. Nas made alot of jokes about Jays looks and gun bars and assumed alot of things about Jay which is cool cause all those things are also perceived but Jay said things that just sounded like it was passed perception and just was what it was based on just real life period.

  • marty mcfly

    Jay biting Bigs rhymes? You could say thats a diss but people gotta be honest with themselves to a degree. Is Jay biting or his Jay paying homage to someone that was his friend for real. So again that could be view as a diss or it could be viewed as Jay showing love to Big. Jaz O said he wasn't a big drug dealer in marcy? Ok but when did Jay say he was a big drug dealer in Marcy? didnt Jay go outta town like he has always said in his music? Ok then and his Nas the guy that should be checking Jay on his drug dealing ability? Probably not. If you believe that Big Daddy Kane was paying Jay big money then hey thats your belief but according to Jay he was only getting small money opening up for Kane. And again, is Nas the guy to speak on how much money Kane pays opening acts on tour? Probably Not. You still talking like I really care about if Nas won but I said a long time ago that if you believe that then fine. I explained what my point was already and you agreed with that so the shit about you believe Nas won? Ok whatever.

  • marty mcfly

    According to Jay he did alot of shows for free back then cause people didnt really know who he was and he just wanted to show his skills so he agreed to do the shows.


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