Kanye West Goes On Racist Fashion Rant in Las Vegas (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 27, 2013

They wasn’t satisfied until I picked the cotton myself.” – Ye

Kanye West went on a gospel like rant telling his loyal fans that he is uncomfortable with being told how to speak during interviews and people tried hard to bring him down in his earliest stages before he even had his foot in the door. He also talks about racism in the fashion industry and in designer stores as well.

  • brad stevens

    we gave him this platform to speak on his outrageous views that nobody cares about. now we need to figure out a way to take it away

  • alex jones


    things illuminati says for $500

  • super yams

    so brad you’d rather have macklemore talk about fag shit and not acknowledge REAL issues in the world Ye’ is addressing??? eat a dick up till you hiccup.

  • yardman

    this nigga just compared the civil rights sit-ins to sitting outside of a fashion show?

  • Sweet Baby Yeezus

    @Miss Peas — I hope that you realize that quote is from his song “New Slaves” & that he was speaking on some real shit a la the recent “Barneys racial profiling incident”.

  • KanyeFansAreSheeps

    But Kanye is a fake Activist how can you believe anything this Hypocrite is saying?

  • the realest

    Actually kanye can compare to the civil rights. Racism ain’t went no where fool and he’s reminding us. And this ain’t have shit to do wit that dumbass Barney’s incident. And if jay z name wasn’t attached, we would have never known. The lil nigga was dumb for stopping for the police. If you know yo shit is legit them tell em to kiss yo ass and keep it pushing. Street nigga logic. No issue after that unless a serious one. But the lil nigga had no business buying that damn belt in the first place. Place the blame where it should be.

  • therealist

    if kanye gets “sick” or dies soon , its cuz he’s saying way too much negative stuff about the people that pay him to just “entertain”

  • randy


    who, kanyes or the dude @super yamz above you?

  • randy


    change the damn video title “goes on RACISM rant”…the way you worded ia so misleading. ffs have some sense

  • ConsTV

    every other rapper has a clothing line. maybe it’s just you.

  • To Miss_Peas.. he doesn’t talking about “racism in designer stores” he is specifically referencing the two recent Barney incidents. You have to know the backdrop because you write a post.

  • isnt*

  • poopoohead


    Ignorant Mackelmore comment aside, “REAL issues in the world”…”racism” in the fashion industry a real issue in the world…GTFOH

  • Dre

    Yea im trying to figure out why you put racist rant as the title when clearly he was saying something real, he was just really passionate/emotional about it. I give yall more credit.

  • thesedays

    niggas acting like its not hyperlinked to the barneys incident. Yall wanna make changes to the post like its your fuckin site…
    just sit the fuck back and enjoy the post, alright? cool.

  • meh

    LOL this douche is just fucking embarrassing, I thought Fatherhood supposed to chill a Man out?…then again he is engaged to a useless, nasty, plastic, horse faced, hairy Armenian whore.



  • KanyeSpeaksTruthNigga

    No Bruce your daughter are idiots and half white whores, except the lovely pure Armenian one known as Kim.

  • Will

    Brad Stevens

    You did not give him shit, sit your tired racist ass down. This man is speaking on some real shit. There is prejudice and racism in the mainstream world that he is apart of. He has a right to speak on it, just as any White person has the right to speak on AA discrimination towards them.