Random Acts Of F*ckery: You Got Caught Edition

blame it on JES7 October 27, 2013

One of the greatest cheating/justice porn vids I’ve seen. Zaida gets caught cheating by both parties. Classic Zaida. Disclaimer: Do not google image search “Justice Porn”. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. Then by all means, enjoy.

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  • Drake

    Poor girl, they really embarrassed her. They could have handled this better without putting her on the spot like that.

  • Billy


    Captain save a hoe lol. This bitch deserved what she got.


    *googles Justice Porn*….

  • A-a-a-alchemist

    LOL @ the first comment. I was about to take that seriously till I saw “who” posted it.

  • 1

    Classic Zaida lol

  • Westward Tink

    Aww…These bitches ain’t shit.

  • brad stevens

    you really thought this was blogworthy?

  • SMH

    These hoes be actin’ up.

  • yardman

    y is this on a hip-hop/rap blog site?

  • bulletwithyournameonit

    How is this music related or even news worthy? You could literally follow any bitch around for a week and this same exact situation would present itself. Dude holding the camera was extra salty because he ate that cunt out.


    “You got caught up”

  • hhahah

    HAHAHA the 1st comment is by far the funniest thing that has ever been on this site.

  • jus10

    Don’t sweat her, just let her go. Let her be someone else problem.

    Personally, if a girl wanna cheat on me, I’ll just play it like I don’t know what’s up. Keep hitting it until I find the next girl then just stop talking to the cheater.

  • Luke

    1) What the hell is this doing on the site
    2) This was posted at the start of last year, why now

  • jus10


    This site is pretty accurate with staying on topic with music. But what I like about this site is that it has an attitude. Posting RAOF videos is totally ok with me because it’s the only time you stray away from music (besides the pussy posts) and it’s a nice switch of pace… just keep the non-music blogs limited to this and everything is good :)

  • edon

    For the morons asking why is this on this site…slowly read the first 4 words of the title to yourself

  • Cruzxcontrol

    her face is classic lmao

  • krow132

    @edon. lol Reading comprehension is so essential and these dudes dont have it

  • w

    first comment was stolen from worldstar

  • 206FRE$H


  • k3

    first comment got me rollin

  • Zaida be acting up!!!

    GTFOH this what happens when dumb niggas allow the word to be toss around the N-word classic white boy move to call himself a nigga and the other “two niggas” hahaha and butter face 100

  • blarlyle jenkins

    Im surprised nobody gaped her before letting her go like that