• TruthHurtsNigga

    He should be in prison.

  • #freestreetking

    ma dog curtis mad court skills yo

  • SforMusic

    This is how you know pussy is power ! this nigga was gonna face 5 years cos of this chick ....Mind over Dick !!!!

  • who cares

    Damn that's crazy. Kind have to agree with TruthHurtsNigga though. While I do think five years is a bit steep, he should've done some time because shit like that is just... stupid.
    Is that his baby mama in all those pics? If so she looks fine as hell in the pink bikini.

  • blue

    that's his ex-gf not baby momma.. cmon now

  • That’sReal

    This man would've lost it all for five years. Damn 50, cut her loose and move on.

    Losing millions in lost opportunities, who knows if fans will still care in 5 years with no new music (ask Shine),Prison for a woman? Hell no.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


    there's a child, it's just "secret"

  • champ

    My nigga 50!!! Southside Jamaica Queens all day... Come back to that gritty shit 50 we got you none of this pop songs come hard and allow this bitch she'll get served one time no lie

  • ianism

    don't try to hurt people who are physically weaker than you. especially women. 50 should just suck it up and go to jail. pun intended.

  • andezac

    was that worth the smash fif?, was it worth the smash?