Casual (of Hieroglyphics) – He Still Think He #RapGod

blame it on Shake October 28, 2013
casual rap god

Back in 2011, Casual dropped his He Think He #RapGod LP. So when Eminem came with “Rap God” earlier this month, it obviously struck a cord with the Hieroglyphics spitter. Armed with the same instrumental, Casual releases a six-minute response. And while he states it’s nothing personal, there still are a few shots sprinkled throughout. Take a listen below (lyrics provided) and let us know what you think!

I had a Gold Mic, fa my whole life.
and felt a rapper really need to be the Bold Type/
I gotta cold right, but I’m a south paw,
with a mouth of raw that gotta overbite!-
Crush any rhymer. See me mama? Got the flow of 20 rhymers, and kinds problem? Beef?;
20 piranhas, Henny, Remy and plenty of lammas/
He with the goddess, but this ain’t about his Ciabattas-
Kemetic Magician done got in his head/
cause Greek Gods Come from Egypt Like Herodotus Said-
heavy as fuck,
smebin an ebony truck
Not Rich, But I Never need bucks/
whenever he ready he better repent or regret that he said ready to bust!!-
Ya whole career you on some
Devilish shit/
So if I let you claim RAPGOD; Heaven will split-
Malevolent Intelligent Witty;
Big city committee president. Bailing with that elegant clique.
Sadiddy Spittery!!-
In-^hal-ing-a splif
en-tail-ing-a myth
and selling’em what I’m compelling’em with/
Benevolent heaven sent reverend ever since I was rebelling with Del and A Plus!!-
I’m Rapgod, I hover over your Tabernacle/
Them Battle raps should have sat’em back on yo adams apple-
or had’em scrapped, he wayyy out of his habitat too,
White Canvas, Black Ink’em. Let’em have a tattoo!-
Ya Sinking Slowly, 10 Fathoms from the bottom champ/
blood rising in the water
like da bubbles in the lava lamp!!-

In the beginning they called me Rapgod. Everything I drop you know it slap hard. The Studio in the chapel got a trap door. “You slide in that, ain’t know coming back dogg!”-

I Lithographed my life on two Basalt Slabs.
You smoking Asphalt Grass off a Bath Salt Blast!!!
This emotional pussy-whipped poet know I’m not a liar cause/
you ain’t spit fire since Nic took Mariah-1
“giver back boy”! she with a Black Boy.
Hat to the back with a gat, boyyyyyy-
them Sissy Bars; like the back rest on a Fatboy(Harley)-
I carry(Carey) a cannon like Askenanzi Paparaz/
stop and watch him, they Lion on him, Not Versace,-
I’m firing on him..
and it calls for panic y’all!
not the one you wanta hand the ball-Neanderthal- !!!
Kicking back, I got the sandals off in panama/
Lookin hard as hellish; with Benard Cazelles on-4

I Don’t play it modest I just stay the hardest!!!/
Why your favorite artist always wanta play retarded?-
I’ll whip out a style,
that with flip out the crowd
And Den?
I’m would get fouls and wild
and rip out his vowels!!
And Den?
take a quick bow and smile
And Den?
Carve out his tongue,
And den?
Starve out his Young..
Preserve his nerves and brains In this Jar that I Brung!!!!-

In the beginning they called me Rapgod. Everything I drop you know it slap hard whoes the real rap god whose the wack fraud.
No rapture, ain’t know coming back dogg

I’m reading off a scroll while your
Bleed on the Guillotine;
A Carthaginian Killa, Phoenician; Philistine/
Spark the semi fa skrilla, I’m beasting, Guerrilla main!!!/
Stilla swing the Easton
Villa in the Philippines-
Bill Fold in-a-Ma-nil-la Fold-er ill-rap Real-Cold and-i’m-still-a-soldier
said “Make a style that will break him down then
take a bow” know I’m kneeling over!!!—
Thank You Thank You Thanks You, Thanks/
The Blue Bemer thinga snatch ya queen Fatimah/
now Ya chick rub my Jiz on her face; Neutrogena-
(Pause)You not #Rapgod; you a stupid demon.
I leave your group or team; leaking like Fukushima-
A gruesome team of Emcees but I don’t need my fucking crew
I’ll knock you out and wash your mouth out with a Hooka Cleaner-
Claim the Son of Rapgod and I won’t abuse my child/
Listen Bigge use to use my style
Homie this ain’t 8 Mile!!
Now everybody feeling the rhymes The Real #Rapgod out rap that fraud
now where you at?
Could have done it in a minutes time, when he begin his rhyme, I’m at the finish line-
I been a splitter with a trigger happy rapid fire repertoire/
Ask ya chick, Since the early nineties/

In the beginning the called me Rapgod,

“Yeah Rapgod that’s me. I’m the divine Manifestation, The Supreme Incarnation. There are other Rapgod’s but I’m #Rapgod. and they know that from the Bay to the Bricks;”

Young Zee, What it do Fam?
Smoking wax daps In a Black Cab,
at a tittie bar; with a fat tab, (or)
in a shitty car, with a pretty broad
with a fat ass
on Mac Lab,
and the rat; in the back; with the sack; interact with the cat
on Twitter and she tweeting;
“How you call yourself a Rapgod; and not anticipate the Backlash?”
In the beginning the called me Rapgod. Everything I drop you know it slap hard. Now you studio looking like a scrap yard-

Now you are about to be bared up, every bar that you thought up;
I’m Deified. In my past life, I believe that I died as a Martyr –
You’ll get Baptized in Rap Water/
By Protestant Nuns who hold guns like BlackWater;
Bigger than Shaq Daughter-
I’m in The Back;The Black Part of the Rap Charter/
Rap-god harder than All y’all;
Check the #Hastag
I’m in my crash pad having a flashback of when you didn’t write rhymes on a trash bag/
I gotta smash that cause I’m the #Rapgod you try to snatch that, better give it back dog!-
I got the Cherubim bring out the Seraphim you can’t prepare for them better beware of them I bring the Nephilim and then the Rephaim when I rock my thing, with the best of them-
And I’m you nemesis, about to finish this kid off/
Spit giant sentences, Genesis 6:4-
Fallen Angel my parliament calling terrible/
rapping to the trumpets that toppled the Walls of Jericho.
The Real #Rapgod Album on Bandcamp/
with alot of my other shit/
I slaughter and smother shit-
You got a cash stack but that fast rap
useless like hairs on an ass crack/
I’m abusively intrusive and you confusing me with music-
I moves elusively, Your lil fans are now my fans/
Here is something you cant understand!!!!-

  • fuck2dopebois

    em is no way in hell a rap god and damn straight casual aint a rap god either lol

  • Jem

    well that was irritating

  • Fame

    yoooooooo you dont have to say casual (of hiero)…………LOL


  • who cares

    Meh. I expected something more.
    co-sign @fuck2dopebois

  • theonlyvoicespeakin

    Good flow but Casual don’t have shit to say. Fucking brainless. If he the rap god he would be doing a lot more in his career… fact is, no one cares about his shit. Biggie used your style??! “ain’t no commin back dog.” You killed yourself.

  • caliOwnsIt

    the only good line, “useless like hair on an ass crack”

    and im not even an em fan

  • hustla013

    everybody with no money starting to get into papoose lane .. tyler perries

  • Wrex


  • Hector

    Casual been #rapgod he goes in on this shit! Do your homework casual is the most under rated mc and is your favorite rappers favorite rapper!

  • David

    This is pretty cool! I’ve never heard casual tongue twister flow! If you really listen to what he saying tho u would be impressed.

  • David

    Casual killed it!! I’ve never heard him with this type of flow! Hiero crew always putting out dope individual projects!! •••

  • Alex

    Dope flow

  • Not-JonRedcorn

    Sounds like he stole a page out of Tech N9ne’s lyrical flow.

  • Mike White

    That was Incredible!!! Better than Em’s and Papoose’s. #Rapgod is Casual.

  • Mike White

    I have every Casual album… This is Classic.

  • Shock_Caller

    Waay better than I was expecting. Sorry Cas, but you aint underrated dog. This is far better than your average. Also, 1000% chance biggie didn’t even know you were alive. LOL. Good tactic tho to gain publicity, going after em! props for that.

  • BeastCoast

    @shock_caller when Biggie popped up with ready to die casual was already rocking the mic for years! Guaranteed he knew who Hiero was, especially after Souls put out 93 til. Hip hop fans are so ignorant of history.

  • De

    I don’t think so..what are you talking about… Ummm where’s Del?

  • Redeye Beats

    Cas ripped it!! Ems still got the same style!! Cas is way more lyrical!!
    Now lets show these trapper dabbers whats up with some real lyrics!!!

  • Mel

    @shock_caller do your research. Biggie not only knew who Casual was but was a huge fan. In 1994 he even freestyled over Casuals’ “I Didn’t Mean To” Beat. This shit fire!

  • Mike White

    @shock_caller Bigge rapped to Casual’s I Didn’t Mean To beat on Mr.Cee’s The Wickest Freestyle. Cats really don’t know hip hop.

  • lmao you cats are retarded robots man. This cat RIPPED it and went light years over your pathetic brains…Em won’t even understand most of this…only true heads need apply…ya’ll bums just go sleepy night night…real nigga boulevard over hurr.

  • J.Lately

    As he should…

  • Yeah and also a lot of you bums don’t realize that cats in the SOuth AND New York back in the day LOVED real Bay Area Hip HOp…From E40 to Heiro…so please like I said: REAL NIGGAZ TALKIN-SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!! lol

  • MGRK

    Give me the pillow. i want to sleep now…

  • truth

    He killed it. Casual more intelligent then 99% of the artist out go peep that niggas twitter

  • Czar

    Killed it

  • Patterns. Knowledge. If you say he aint spitting, you’re not listening. The Tech and the Biggie comments “That’s how ya lost” kids.

  • Threepac

    Intelligent, witty, and saying something. Casual is one of the illest of all time. Will the real #RAPGOD please stand up? He just did.

  • corilladetrile

    Bars. These are REAL bars. Flow. Punchlines and some real kemetic gems thrown in there if you know about some ancient egyptian text. Seeing cats act like Casual is some new jack and that Biggie didn’t know him tells me I don’t need to argue with anybody frontin on this.

  • Clayt G

    I dissed Eminem on my song “Number one contender long before I heard Rap God. I find this an odd coincidence. Listen to my song “Number 1 contender” at Check it out.

  • khemkush

    Casual bodied, yall kids need a history listen.

  • Herb Superb

    To the casual haters do ur homework!! Most of what smash rockwell went over yal head!! He got knowledge,flow,content and agressive mic prowess! If u dont understand ,dont dis it just admit u dont understand!!! Heiro all day!!!!!!

  • Herb Superb

    To the casual haters do ur homework!! Most of what smash rockwell said went over yal head!! He got knowledge,flow,content and agressive mic prowess! If u dont understand ,dont dis it just admit u dont understand!!! Heiro all day!!!!!!

  • Eddie winslow

    Actually Biggie named Casual as one of his main influences so learn your shit u fucking rapnoobs

  • MjrDeegan

    That shit is amazing! Real RAPGOD, laying down Real lyrics. Enough Said

  • Ran

    This shit is WAYYYYY better than Em and Pap. Let’s go quote for quote. Cas kills Em! Em has given us nothing to quote to compare to Casual. Em’s rapgod is trash.

  • haavi

    Casual is #RAPGOD the OG from the oak trees!! Spreading knowledge with a lucid flow. Em and Papoose are sheep ~ Cas is the lyrical Elohim

  • Casual destroyed this. Dunces need to realize who this guy is. Honestly I’ve been following this guy for years and if you know his legacy you’ll realize nobody can f*ck with him. Learn to use google if you don’t understand what he was talking about. Biggie was his fan!!

  • Dmoney

    Not feeling this crap …. Waste of time . Even end version wasn’t dope but this shot was straight annoying ..

  • J-Rock

    Most of these flows went over yo head like a hat. You tricks is used to these new booty cat in the hat ass rappers. You suckas dont know nothing about real hip hop. Squares !!! Casual killed that shit ! East Oakland ya bitch.

  • CasFan

    Casual been killing it, he #RapGod no doubt. Naysayers obviously weren’t blessed with ears to hear. This is the business right here.

  • Leks

    Casual Murked that ish

  • switch32

    Casual is one of the dopest rappers out there. He can dissect hip-hop and put it back together like a mechanic. Anyone who has been around the scene long enough knows this. He can freestyle better than anyone in the game and has a catalog of classic material out there. His crew (Hieroglyphics) is hands down more talented than anyone. Anyone who disagrees with that is just a bunch of rapnoobies who still live with your mommies. Go suck on your rap pacifier and go nigh nigh. Some day you will go to school and learn the #truth. Casual is #Rapgod.

  • timestretch

    everything that needed to be addressed by you ignorant posters has been. damn ya’ll some lames posting negative shit, you can’t even back up. “since i was rebellin with del and a plus!” #rapgod getem casual!

  • spirit equality

    “Sounds like he stole a page out of Tech N9ne’s lyrical flow.”

    Um, no. He sounds NOTHING like Tech N9ne on this song and Casual was kicking flows in 94 before most people outside of Kansas City even knew who Tech was. I’m sure Tech N9ne is just your go-to guy for someone who doesn’t know much about rap flows to compare someone to, but no.

  • cLaE

    Is this dude serious?

  • Back AtyaCrib

    Biggie used Causal’s “i didn’t mean to” for his Wickedest Freestyle, he was a Casual fan. SMH reading some comments talkin bout he sounds like Tech N9ne. Casual right now bar for bar out did Eminem on this song.

  • Casual aka Smash Rockwell bodied this track. I knew when Em called himself RapGod that the originator would respond. He definitely went over half you cats heads looking at these comments. You want dumb down lyrics & this brother can spit in medu netcher. Thats basically the language of Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

  • “they lion on him, not versace…” WHAT?! it’s a fucking Medusa head you ignorant moron! (said like Holden)

  • Td Camp

    Casual killed it… Real Rap God!

  • Deanta Cannady

    He murdered the track…. Peace and love to the spirit within. ..