DJ Khaled – I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie f. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I., Diddy Puff Daddy & Swizz Beatz (Video)

Khaled drops off the visuals for the highly contentious "I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie". Read Khaled's response to the criticism here. Suffering From Success, out October 22.

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  • Stush

    this is the worst video ever, smh. they couldn't even get rick ross or ti to do it, just used old footage. Did they just google/youtube biggie and tupac and fkn role the footage/images.

  • wrex

    this is actually atrocious

  • naoshad

    ti verse go haf


    This is the worst video I ever seen.
    Who was the intern who made this shit?

  • This Name Is Way Too Long, MAybe I Should Make It Smaller, NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, but really, Pac And Biggs are legends, leave it alone, also switch to Disqus, damn this chat janky as hell!

    Songs okay, still ain't right though.

  • Your Father

    Missteps like this is why Hip-Hop doesn't prosper as much as other genres. Too obsessed with trying to be artists from the past instead of becoming new legends.

  • justmeok

    william roberts and khaled khaled are a joke and have made hip hop a complete joke and this is yet another example

  • skimba

    Tracks like this should be forbidden, still cant believe why people feeling this

  • NOPE

    Who was the AnR for this record THEY NEED TO BE FIRED.

  • Fuck this shit

    Just when I thought the record was bad enough, they release this fucking disgrace of a "video" Jesus fucking Christ, these dudes need to just stop.

  • T9FTW

    Dope song, awful video. This is about 8 times worse than that 3 Kings video though.

    This cost about $0.50 to make.