Drake Shoots “Worst Behaviour” Video in Memphis

blame it on Shake October 28, 2013
drake worst behaviour memphis

Days before he jump started the Would You Like A Tour? road trip in Pittsburgh, Drake flew down to Memphis to shoot the video for his next single “Worst Behaviour.” With Director X behind the lens and hometown heros Juicy J and Project Pat by his side, the OVO team hit the streets. Take a look at a few behind-the-scenes shots, courtesy of Matthew Henry Films, below.

drake worst behaviour memphis

drake worst behaviour memphis drake worst behaviour memphis drake worst behaviour memphis drake worst behaviour memphis drake worst behaviour memphis drake worst behaviour memphis
  • VoiceofReason


  • Juju

    LOL. This is like SNL type farce, right?

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Juicy J is such a hanger-on. Complete trend parasite. Just hops on the dick of whoever’s hot. I guess he has to make up for his complete lack of talent someway.

  • Spencer

    drake the fake trying to ACT hard again .

  • Juicy J, is actually FROM Memphis, just like Project Pat, who is his brother, smh. That’s like saying, 50 Cent is Atlanta, where Shawty Lo comes into the picture. That’s where Shawty Lo is frm why wouldn’t ppl frm that city be in the video?

  • malcyvelli

    @Ill Son whatever the fuck you are trying to say is incoherent as hell

  • Ari Gold

    This fool Aubrey really got ya’all fooled? He claims he wakes up and doesn’t have to act like someone else . He does act like he hard in his videos and when he gets around white people he talks all proper with his white boy fake laugh . He is a phony . A nerd who acted his way to be someone he really is not .

  • champ

    Haha this fag got all you boys and gals gassed… Look at how hard he looks in them red camo jeans LOL faggoty look he rocking. Why hasn’t anyone taken this guy out.. Come on Chino destroy this fool… all that singing and acting hard aint hip hop.. Too many of this fags getting a free ride for too long, we need the vets to come and expose these fools come on Cormega, AZ, Chino XL, Ras Kass etc… show these young cats what hip hop is

  • edon

    I hope he does one for 305 to my city…but can’t wait for this vid to drop…Who’s the woman in the last pic doe???

  • BobX9

    Lot of misinformed people on here. His pops is from Memphis and he has tons of family there. Not to mention he used to spend summers there growing up. And how is he even acting hard? All he’s doing is posing beside cars. SMH at some people on here…. Ari Gold and Champ.
    PS did this nicca really try to bring up Ras Kass as an argument?