Eminem – The Monster f. Rihanna

blame it on Shake October 28, 2013
eminem rihanna the monster

Back in 2010, Eminem and Rihanna first linked up for the global hit “Love the Way You Lie.” Since then, the two delivered “pt.2” and “Numb.” Now they are back at it with “The Monster.” Premiered on Shade45, the Frequency-produced single (which hits iTunes at midnight) will live on Em’s upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, out November 5th (pre-orders available now). UPDATE: Explicit/CDQ.

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  • Ogu

    Follow up to an album that had songs like Stan, The Way I Am and Marshall Mathers… im done

  • Nolan


  • fraspi

    This is disgusting. Pop-rap trash.

  • HesusDuece

    do people even listen to the music or just skim thru it….this is dope

  • Nova

    Sounds like some Katy Perry shit…


    People are stupid this is pretty dope for a radio hit.

  • LA

    Why is this called “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” again???

  • Mike Tomlin

    Love The Way You Lie, this is not. Fack.

  • Sammy

    This beat was meant for the new Justin Bieber album, but Bieber said the beat was too soft for him.

    Who could imagine a shittier album this year than Yeezus? I think Eminem’s got Worst Album of the Year on lockdown with these singles.

  • 1dopeboy

    The verses are good but Rihanna just ruins the song. Get a new beat and at least have someone else on the hook and MAYBE it could fit in on what’s supposed to be a “revisit” to MMLP

  • Tyler

    I like it but the rihahnna part in this song could have been a lot better

  • Cam_Newton

    Evey fucking Rihanna featured song sounds the same…
    generic pop single…hope the rest of the album wont have this pop sound. Anyway this will make #1 in the Single Charts lol

  • Gere

    Em made this for radios, songs like rap god is for true fans

  • yoo

    lloyd banks F.N.O is coming in 3 days. fuck what u heard


    what a fucking joke hahahahaha
    why do this shit? he sould be rich enough that he doesn’t need to keep doing these radio shit songs. i guess he enjoys them, which is sad

  • jfm374

    We know this is a radio single but the point is at the time eminem made MMLP he never would have put a song like this out, even for the radio

  • who cares

    LMAO! Holy fuck this is awful. I couldn’t even get through the entire thing because it sucked so bad. The beat is ass, the hook is ass, Rihanna is ass, and Em sounds so fucking corny.
    co-sign jfm374 The fact is that Em used to be able to make radio-friendly singles without aiming towards the tween crowd. Literally none of the shit we’ve heard from this album sounds even remotely appropriate for a Marshall Mathers re-visitation. Still, the dope/nope ratio shows that people will eat this shit up simply because Em’s name is on the cover.

  • Da Spaniard

    I’m a HUUUUGE Em fan but this is trash. Yes, the verses are good but this aint Em, this is pop-rap, another Love the Way U Lie.

  • djx4445

    as soon as the beat stared I was like….oh God. please, God no.

  • marty mcfly

    Its ok I guess. Certain people will feel some type of way about it and say its pop or whatever but Em is a pop star. Like thats his lane whether people like it or not and plus he still puts some cool bars together. With Em it think its about just doing what is best for his brand and shit like this is what it comes down to. People wanting lyrical miracle raps, he just gave you that like last week with Rap God.

  • This Snow Nigga Trippin

    Eminem – Let The Fans Down.

  • Nigga

    You don’t name your album The MMLP II with songs like this!

  • awful as fuck. bad even for rihanna…

  • jfm374

    “New kids on the block suck a lot of dick boy girl groups make me sick”…..and this is mmlp2?

  • mike

    Rihanna ft. Eminem is more like it…

  • LexiCon

    I used to be such a big fan of Em. Fuck it, I was a Stan! But this…this is disgrace. Em, you’re ruining your legacy with this pop shit. I haven’t heard a good Em song since “No apologies”

  • eminem

    u guys dont understand .. this eminem is EMINEM NOT SLIM SHADY HE DONT HACE 20 YRS ANYMORE… he grew up … and this song is epic… AND how can u say that u are stan .. u are retard nothing more… u want slim on drugs ?!?! u are idiot than



  • datbul

    I can see how many would find this disappointing.

    Not terrible. But not particularly good either. Certainly a pass for me.

  • m&m

    “Hot beat & a catchy hook”

  • Wow, let’s get this straight. “bezerk”, a record paying homage to the Beastie Boys and Hip-Hop itself. “Rap God”, 6mins of what NO ONE IN HIP-HOP COULD do, combining all double timing speeds, smh. Then his record, “The Monster”, that will go 3x-4x platinum (which he already knws it will, but holds substance, too) radio single. Which in the end, sell records. Got that out the way, now with all that being said, he isn’t Hip-Hop? I rather listen to THIS, than Juicy J or French Montana. Let’s get something straight, it’s bullshit on the radio, at least he’s saying something in this record.

  • Grimzz

    It’s aight…

  • T9FTW


    It’s like he named it that to add insult to injury. The fact that he’s doing yet another hip-pop album after a hiatus was bad news enough. He decided to tease us with a kinda decent first single and a promising title, JUST so he could crush our souls even more.


    Was that too dramatic?

  • marty mcfly

    Oh yeah and not to burst anybodies bubble but its impossible to make the MMLP again. Em cant make that album over because the talking points and the times are different now for example. Hip Hop heads really hated pop music back then because that sound was really poppin. Its still kinda poppin now but the fans of hip hop can tune that sound out by picking through what they wanna hear on the internet. What im saying is when Em used to clown on pop music back then, he was basically saying out loud what alot of people were already thinking. Nowadays if people dont like pop music they will hardly ever catch it playing if they not looking for it so people dont even think about it. This change in music makes it impossible to build an album around that as the anti pop music so making another MMLP would be impossible. Also The MMLP was riding the energy of the SSLP and in 2013 Em doesn’t have that same energy right now. Even if he did make the same album again, its not like that would be artistically a good thing. The parallels here imo are the rhymes themselves. Like Em is saying im focusing on creating good rhymes just like he did on the MMLP but is it actually the MMLP all over again? Probably not.

  • Solongbitchyoudidmesowrong

    Fuck you Eminem we want Slim Shady! This shits wack. Even the MMLp skits were better than any of this bullshit I’ve heard. Shit, Recovery is better than any of this bullshit I’ve heard. Fuck you too Dr. Dre your washed up haven’t had a jam since The Documentary. Em of 2000 would be bashing Em of 2013. Fuck Rhianna too.

  • TK

    Love the Russel Wilson reference! SEAHAWKS!

  • WhereIsShady

    This is an insult to the original MMLp

  • KSI19ave

    Em lost it when he stopped the drugs and drink

  • slippaz

    95% of y’all are idiots, y’all should not be allowed to voice your idiotic opinion because its idiotic

  • pL


  • datbul

    @Marty McFly: You make great points and keen observations. But, at the end of the day, the burden of possible disappointment still rests solely on Eminem’s shoulders for choosing a title that is clearly going to lead to a certain expectation from a large portion of his fans. The truth is, the album could actually turn out to be quite good, even great, but if it doesn’t capture the mood fans are expecting (based on the name it is given) they will judge it accordingly and, quite honestly, they have every right to do so. If you go to the movie theater expecting to see a horror flick and it turns out to be a romantic comedy, it could be the best romantic comedy ever made, but there’s still a high likelihood you’ll be disappointed. I don’t expect the disparity between MMLP1 and MMLP2 to be that severe, nonetheless, it does seem to be shaping up to be something considerably different than what fans have perceived the title to suggest.

  • This Song is not bad at all. Most of You are listening from an ear that wants the “MMLP2” thats in Your own head. If He didnt Name the Album that, You would listen to these Songs from a different point of view.

    Besides that, I Wish some of Yall mufuckas would get off of Your computer bashing everything in sight (that cant harm You) and go have an ol fashioned fist fight or look someone in the eyes while insulting them. “The bitch-ass era” lol Judge everything but hates the world when Youre judged lmao and then cowardly shoot shit up and aint never gotten into a scuffle. Yall niggas aint hard! Stop Judgin

  • Mike

    Eminem already said this is not a sequel in a traditional sense. There is no connection between this and the first LP.

  • Most complaints are about the Title of the Album and not this Song.

  • marty mcfly

    @datbul, yeah, the fans can expect to hear the MMLP again based on what Em titled his own album and they wouldn’t be wrong to expect that but I just saying dont put all your hopes into such an album because most likely it wont be that. There will be some songs that probably will sound like they coulda came off The MMLP but some of it of course will sound like a more evolved Em cause thats just who he is in 2013.

  • trthbrebth

    turned it off after the first verse. garbage. and who the fuck are these producers? did Em forget about Dre?

  • who cares

    co-sign datbul
    @Ashy Larry from Dave Chappelle – No. The song fucking sucks regardless. I don’t want to hear Em going over some Lady Gaga production and I don’t want to hear Rihanna’s terrible voice on the hook. This is Hip-Pop at its finest.

  • Honestly…Fuck You!

    Alright Eminem fans, I appreciate the enthusiasm. And you do make a few good points. But here’s the problem, Em titled this The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Meaning that it’s a continuation of the first one. So with all that said, what does this song have to do with anything related to MMLP2. If this were called Recovery 2, I’d understand. Hell I didn’t even like Recovery but I can at least say the production was better. This album should’ve been called Recovery 2, because that’s been the path that Eminem has been taking the past 3 years. And why stop now, it’s been successful. I’m as big of an Em fan as the next but I’m not a dickrider. I’ll admit when something doesn’t seem right. What’s the point in naming the album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 if you aren’t actually gonna follow it up? That’s why people need to be better consumers. Their favorite artist will drop a piece of shit on a golden plate and say it’s “art”. I know people have different perspectives, but I think the main difference between this and any track off MMLP is that Em actually didn’t give a fuck and that he attacked pop stars for sucking. Now he’s actually working with them. Someone explain to me how this adds up.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    This shit is terrible. No excuses. You are not a real fan if you condone this bullshit. No one with a modicum amount of discerning taste can like this in earnest.

  • If the artist himself, says this isn’t a traditional sequel. What STILL makes you think that it should be? You’re not making it, he is. It’s HIS project he’s working on. I’m sry it doesn’t sound like ’01 or trying to either, it’s 2013, not 12yrs ago. He’s talking abt himself, NOW not then. You don’t like it, then you don’t like it. Don’t try to give excuses of why you don’t. The song is talking abt something he’s still trying to recover but at the same time, he feels this is his MMLP2. Still have yet to hear the FULL album. This is will sell, as well, will be something in everyone’s mouth like it already is.

  • JHP

    This isn’t a bad song, it’s an excellent radio single, but the fact that he would put this on an album called The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is ridiculous. I don’t know how sure I am about this album anymore. Survival and Berserk were just average, this song is good but it’s most possibly the poppiest song he’s ever made. The only awesome song from the album so far is Rap God. If the rest of the album sounds like it, then it might still be pretty good. If not, I don’t even know…

  • When Miley Cyrus has better beats than Eminem…

  • mz

    @Ill Son and the others
    I think Em said its not a sequel but a revisitation, which means its should still have some link to MMLP, but I’m not even tripping over that.

    The song isn’t shit, it’s just a sound I and I’m sure most of us really don’t like. Berserk was pretty good, and Rap God is what we all know he is capable of, one of the reasons he can be called the GOAT, but the beat was mediocre and without a good album around it isn’t much. I’m just dissapointed, hopefully the album is good.

    And to all the people saying listen to the lyrics, lyrics dont make the song, Sound a production is just as important. Thats why we hear good beats and shitty rappers everywhere instead of lyrical rappers and shitty beats.

  • Code

    Some of these comments are funny. The guy is 40 and raps better than that other 40 year old out of Brooklyn. Respect the skill and enjoy the damn music. The fact that he garners any hype at all is impressive. I admit the name MMLP2 does set a standard but this guy is still excellent at what he does. To everyone wanting Slim Shady, a 40 year old talking about the shit he talked about on MMLP 1 is not cool. Rap or not. If you’ve been a fan from the beginning you should have grown with him.

  • oto

    based on all of the comments i thought this was going to be a lot worse.
    it’s actually not too bad. still looking forward to the album.

  • datbul

    @Marty McFly: Word. I hear you. That would be the most sensible course for his fans to take. Doubt that’s gonna happen though. Lol. Me, I could care either way. I respect Em as one of the best to ever do it, but I’ve never been a huge fan of his for some reason. So I’ll be able to listen to the album with little to no bias.

  • marty mcfly

    Em cant reproduce the feeling you had back in the day when you first heard The MMLP even if he did somehow deliver that musically. The times are different now, his fans are adults now and really Em was high as a kite back then and he aint like that no more. As ignorant as this sounds today, people back then were still shocked that Em was a lyrically dope white rapper. I mean that in itself was its own form of shock value back then. In 2013 its no way to reproduce that atmosphere even if Em yelled and screamed over the same instrumentals from The MMLP.

  • viewtiful_alan

    When will people learn that they shouldn’t have to defend an artist or a song? If it’s good it will do that for itself. I haven’t seen one comment that actually said “TIHS IS DOPE!!” but I’ve seen plenty that try to justify not hating it.

    Its a waste of energy. No one had to jump to the defense of Good Kidd Maad City, or even the first Marshall Mathers LP. That’s because they were great works of art that spoke for themselves on their own merit. It’s ok for something to suck every now and then.

  • Will

    Whats Em doing? So I guess we’ll never hear a Eminem x Primo collab? Sad day. :(

  • mike

    Sounds pretty good to me.. only issue is it just doesn’t fit with the MMLP2 title. I can easily look past that as a weird but small issue.. album sounds like it has some variety and will do well. IMO off to a good start.

  • Garth Brooks

    I’m feelin this song. I listened after reading all these comments and feel a bit confused haha. The chorus is weak, but the verses are both dope. Dopeness

  • Pauly D

    Good enough song I think. Obviously Em’s been delving into the Pop-Rap sub-genre for a while, but it’s never been as truly blatant as this.

    The production, from a Pop standpoint, is absolutely amazing and Ri-Ri’s hook is bliss (along with the bridge and Em’s back vocals), but idk Em’s verses are all good on paper, but feel a bit hollow to me.

    7.1/10. Better than Survival but not touching Berzerk and Rap God.

  • Frost

    Chorus is a little much, but eh…

    I’d rather listen to this then Berzerk…

  • truth

    this song is crap, no matter what way you look at it. let me know if any of you who are saying “it’s good” or “it’s not that bad” are bumping this in a year.

    i liked berzerk and rap god. this is just ur popcorn music to get radio spins. which em really doesnt need at this point. disappointing

  • jesus piece of shite


  • cookiencream

    way way better than love the way at least

  • Pauly D


    Let me know when you can just respect someone’s opinion without coming across as a douche

  • SforMusic

    Yhh this ain’t it ! I am from the UK and I can blatantly tell this is the same commercial sound as every commercial song out there. I don’t like it. Truth be told Eminem shouldn’t have named it MMLP2. This simply because regardless of being a revisitation or not being a traditional sequel, having a sequel album requires familiarity at the very least which Eminem clearly doesn’t have in 2013, hell i don’t even think he could go back to Slim Shady even if he went back on drugs… I feel this album is probably gonna be a repeat of Recovery… Then again Eminem ain’t done it for me for a few years now … whatever this is gonna end up being platinum regardless and Eminem stans are gonna like it regardless seeing that they worship the ground he walks on

  • flo

    this shit was already on the radio this morning. god damn. trash

  • ZB

    Damn..the comments had me thinkin this was about to be “Flor-ida level of wackness” ..but the Track isn’t even as bad as yall make it seem.

    obviously the hook (and overproduction during the hook) is terrible but the Rest was ok.

    Defnitely heard waaaay worse from Email.

    I give it a 6/10

  • d-bo

    So Rih got AIDS? Is that what I’m hearing?

  • SforMusic

    it’s funny you say that @ZB cos it has that feel to it 100% thats why i don’t like it

  • me

    Eminem needs to hang up the mic. You’re done. You peaked on your first album. Close the door when you leave and please take your racist fans with you. GOAT my ass.

  • biff tannen

    This is going to murder the radio.

    That being said, I’m dissaponted. The bars are cool n all but this is not what I want to hear from em. Shits catchy tho.

  • Will


    This is funny, because I was arguing with a racist Em fan yesterday. He had the nerve to say thee only good rapper, because niggers do not know about hip-hop and then, when cornered talks about some DethKlok group. The dude was a thrasher and metal fan, who did not know when hip-hop started all he saw was a Anglo guy rapping and that got his racist ass giggling.

    This shit is garbage and more pop than a 2-chainz album, some dumb ass is gonna say song of the year or sum shit, never was a fan and now I see why.

  • See, honestly, this record WILL sell. As well, it’s Eminem STILL, just aftr Recovery. The previous MMLP was significant upon his dealings with fame, and ppl actually liking him. This time it’s a whole new ball game. Same strategy, tho. Some things weren’t said, that he couldn’t say off the strength he wasn’t at the top as he is now. For that, anything he releases goes 2x-5x platinum. He didn’t expect that, back in ’00 and so forth. This is great song, actually. It holds substance he’s talking abt his dealings with life, as being Eminem as a person coming up with fame. Look at it frm that perspective. Again, this album isn’t abt reliving the past but making a new statement with what’s going on now. I love this joint! To be perfectly honest, every last one of his albums (with the exception of, Curtain Call) I listen to frm beginning to end, no problem. Guess, that’s what a true fan does, smh. His catalog is better than ALOT of what’s out on the radio or being forced in ppls face. That’s honestly, what it boils dwn to.

  • KenSpliffeyJr.

    He mentions RUSSELL WILSON #3, so that’s cool! Oh and the track is cah cah. The end.

  • Patti O’Connor

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  • Shawn

    Funny how the stupid faggots on here are down voting this record on the merit that it is pop, trash, etc. then then around and listen to garbage like Gucci Mane, French Montana, and Waka Flocka Flame. Fucking idiots. Even as a radio single, it serves its purpose and actually has a point not talking about hoes in the club, how much more money they are going to spend, and beating some “nigga’s” ass. You stupid fucks are the reason why the subject matter doesn’t really change with some of these retard artists talking about selling drugs and doing dope and how many bitches they can bang. Get the fuck out of here with that stupid shit. I’ll take this and Kendrick over most of these fucking morons out there rapping.

  • mz

    @Shawn Dude most of the people on 2DBZ aren’t really fans of them. And saying it’s better than shit doesn’t mean much. Especially since it is Em.

    On another note, song is kinda growing on me. Production still makes me cringe at some points though.

  • Pauly D

    Uhh…what? The production, from a Pop-Rap standpoint, is excellent.

  • truth

    @pauly d.

    your name is pauly d, i think we know who the douche is

  • Don’t need no hand dap

    This shit is garbage my mothafuckin ears bleedin, yall niggas hurry up with my damn croissants.

  • Schismzzz

    This is on some gay ass Drake and Kanye level shit. I thought Em was at his all time low on Recovery. Guess I was wrong!

  • Seif

    Here guys, let us reminisce back to the conscious Eminem