Lil Durk – Traumatized (Video)

Directed by Zae

I'll be honest: "Dis Ain't What U Want" is one of my favorite songs to drop this year. Anyways, the OTF frontman drops a new set of visuals from his Signed To The Streets mixtape that's out now.

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  • BuckNasty

    This is almost becoming a parody of itself.

    3:46 of gunfingers and high grade coonery.

    Just drop a nuke on Chicago already and start fresh.

  • LA

    ^ You can tell this motherfucker only talks shit over the internet

  • beware

    This is the only guy from GBE who actually trys to have some type of flow and lyrical ability

  • BuckNasty

    I see the lil durk fanclub caught feelings...I'm surprised you can even read let alone function a computer.

  • LA

    ^ I'm not a fan you dumb bitch i'm tripping off the ignorant ass comment you said about Chicago


Curren$y - "Pirates" (Video)

Weed & Instrumentals 2 drops July 22nd!

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