Brother Ali On (Accidentally) Kicking Justin Timberlake Off Stage in 2008

blame it on Shake October 29, 2013

During a recent interview, Brother Ali shared a story of how he kicked Justin Timberlake off his stage, accidentally of course. The year is 2008 and Ali is performing at a ski resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During his set, JT snuck on stage and began beatboxing. Being Albino and legally blind, Ali couldn’t make out the megastar, snatched his mic and told him to exit stage left. Crazy right? Thankfully, his DJ informed him of his “mistake” and Ali was able to track down The 20/20 Experience crooner and got him back up on stage for an impromptu freestyle session.

In another clip from the same interview with ne-hiphop, Ali speaks on his recording process and mindset revolving around his studio albums. Revealing he’d like to switch things up and release music more frequently in the form of EPs and other creative outlets. Something I’m all for as Left in the Deck is one super dope piece of work!

  • method

    “Being Albino and legally blind”

  • adam duritz

    Hahaha his being albino has nothing to do with his ability to see.

  • PaperKut

    Actually, in his case, it is caused by his condition

  • thatruth

    ^ wrong

  • DG

    Most albinos do have seeing problems and can go blind

  • internet rap critic

    Majority of albinos have moderate to severe vision problems, why would you waste your time presuming to know a single damn thing about it when you clearly don’t?

  • the killer of sheep

    the fact that justin timberlake just walked on stage unannounced and started……..beat boxing on a mic?!?! HAhahahHahAhahA, that’s ridiculous all by itself.

  • Don’t need no hand dap

    He should of kept that garbage nigga off his stage niggas music sound like his dick got bitin off at a gloryhole.

    -In a french ass restaurant hurry up with my damn croissants.

  • Catheryn Lewis

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  • method

    so tell me “internet rap critic”
    could he not see him because he was albino? or was it because he was legally blind?

    you fuck

  • Al Binks

    @method being albino is a condition that also affects your eyes, so he’s legally blind. Not that hard to unserstand.

  • Al Binks