Drake Debuts Hit-Boy Produced “Trophies” in Brooklyn

blame it on Shake October 29, 2013
drake wylat jersey

Drake’s Would You Like A Tour? stopped in Brooklyn tonight for a special performance at the Barclays Center. During the show, the Toronto native’s DJ, Future the Prince, gave the crowd a special preview listen of a Hit-Boy-produced record called “Trophies” (which you may remember from an earlier NWTS trailer). Take a listen below and leave your thoughts in the c-section. hhnm on the footage.


    That opening piece stretch of notes sounds similar to All of the Lights but doesn’t develop in any direction like Kanye’s song does.


    Buncha handshakes frm the fakes but my niiiiiigggaaaaaaa i do not wanna b friends doe !


  • Why the FUCK didn’t this make the album????

  • justenjoythisshit

    Drums are crazy.

  • Pauly D

    Oh, this is the track from the album trailer. Remember?

    Hopefully they fixed up the trumpets in that shit because it sounded really lazy.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Kendrick calls out that niggas name and disses him on national television so drake responds with a subliminal shot at a concert on a track hes hoping will never see the light of day.

    Go home Drake, youre soft.

  • mike stop it

    “so drake responds with a subliminal shot at a concert on a track hes hoping will never see the light of day.”

    He took a subliminal shot at HIS SOLD OUT HEADLINING CONCERT.

    He waited to debut the track in NY …. the biggest media market in america. Because hes hoping nobody will hear it…

    You sound either confused or emotional.

    When youre on top of the game, you respond to who you want, when you want and how you want to. That Kendrick cypher did not rattle Drakes position as the number 1 hip hop artist in the game right now.

    Kendrick drops a diss, Drake drops another platinum album.
    Ye takes Kendrick on tour with him and is forced to cancel tour dates because nobody is buying tickets, Drake headlines AND sell out his own tour, again.
    Whats more of a statement? Kendrick is not Drakes equal.

    Yall cats are playing checkers. Nobody is listening to control or to the BET cypher anymore. But this track much like any other tracks Drake has make that take shots at people, will be heard everywhere for months on end. If this song is a Kendrick diss, its gonna be played everywhere for the rest of this year. This is not a secret. HE TOLD YALL WHAT HE DOES. Thats a chess move. This dude is not going anywhere anytime soon. Pull up a chair and get comfortable.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Drake is on his third album. Kendricks first album generated just as much buzz as Thank Me Later. The word ‘classic’ was and is being used when talking about GKMC. When Kendrick is on his third major release he will be “dropping another platimum album” as well. For your sake, I’ll let the female teeny bopper sales count for NWTS.

    Drake is not the number 1 hip hop artist in the game right now. Drake is the number 1 R&B artist in the game right now. Congrats on that, I guess.

    Yeahh, co-headling a tour with Kanye is a negative. Sure. Have you been to a Drake concert? Those female teeny boppers count toward ticket sales too. If youre one of them, great. If not, dont act like thats helping Drakes cause when dropping a diss track.

    Did a Drake fan just call me emotional?

    Also, I am still bumping GKMC as well as Control. As are a lot of people. NWTS got old, boring and honestly pretty depressing after about two weeks. I’m sure a lot of real music heads are in the same boat. But hey, you always got those female teeny boppers!

    Its not about numbers, its about hip-hop.

  • drill

    lol @ Mike Tomlin FIRST, Kendrick took so long to go platinum. and what “teeny boppers” are you talking about, I went to barclays center and I saw Madddd niggass and its headlined in BROOKLYN. DA FUC ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU INTERNET THUG? all you do is sit behind here and think you know exacly who listens to drake but you don’t.

    Secondly, drake is number 1, all evidence points towards that, all you have is opinion and your insecurity about ” your hip hop” be thankful its not lil wayne running shit. all factual evidence, numbers, awards, fans, point to the fact that he is number 1

    THIRD, Its not a Diss track, Kendrick was dissing papoose, drake will always have subliminals and here and there a direct one like ( stay scheming ).

    4th, GKMC is not a fucking classic so stop calling it that and get kendricks balls out your mouth. stop calling him the king of new York, its disrespectful onso many levels, he realeased 1 album so far, it takes years for one to be called a classic.

  • chea!

    look at these fags^^^

  • Grimzz

    people are so quick to reach for any type of conflict…I echo virtue’s question though lol

  • d-bo

    Mike Tomlin’s right tho. Any way you slice it, Drake’s soft. The dude just don’t fit in to hip hop music. Dude’s an R&B singer and his fans be mad about that. Rihanna harder than Drizzler.

  • $$$

    The cats aren’t even hungry I fed them an hour ago

  • Pauly D

    You’re an idiot if you think that Drake isn’t Hip Hop. In fact, I’d say that Drake’s done MORE for Hip Hop than really ANY of the New School.

    Are you mad because he doesn’t have a basic ORDINARY Hip Hop sound and is able to delve into another genre to mix them both together?