Kanye Goes on (Another) Epic Rant in L.A. (Video)

blame it on Illy October 29, 2013

Yeezus talks that talk once again during last night’s L.A. stop of his Yeezus Tour.

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  • hohum

    Kanye is a modern day Plato. Nigga is so enlightening and if you don’t think so you are a fucking fag/dickriding/hating teenager.

  • yoho

    FUCK this Diva. Kanye is forever on some weak emotional bitch Shit and ‘real ‘ hip hop fans constantly give him a pass.

  • rocky

    Kanye is a modern day play-dough

  • sirj

    this nigga look like quasi moto the fucc up with him

  • Welsh

    “Don’t talk to me like that!”

    That entire rant was like a spoiled brat yelling at his parents.

  • Smoke

    He looks like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

  • LA

    The man is GREAT

  • gee whiz

    the first 2 comments prove you’re only going to love the dude or hate him. He’s talking that real shit though. Through all these comparisons, notice how he’s only being compared to Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson. 2 of the greatest in their own right. Kanye is definitely up there.

  • datbul

    Modern day Plato? Gotta say that’s not only highly hyperbolic but, more to the point, highly inaccurate. Plato, purportedly, rewrote the book on the parameters of human cognition, ushering in movements we in the modern day refer to as existentialism, philosophy, metaphysics and ontology. I’m not saying that Kanye’s rants don’t have merit. In all honesty, I think his rants are refreshing and quite possibly necessary in our social climate. But Plato? I don’t think so. His rants are far too microcosmic and self-serving to qualify for that level. When he starts approaching issues from a more objective, panoramic perspective, and begins to challenge the entire thinking process of the masses… then we can talk Plato status. Again, though, I think what he’s doing is just fine for now.


    i dig this.

  • fuckaname

    @datbul you probably just left the realist comment on a kanye post on this entire webiste lol

  • datbul

    @Fuckaname. I appreciate that bro. I wasn’t hatin’ on the man at all. I personally think Kanye is dope. I just felt I had to address that first comment. The Plato comparison was a little over the top. Ha.

  • kanyekardashian

    Talks about how he isn’t MJ…then goes on to compare himself to Ali, Malcolm X, Mandela….this shit is ridiculous. Don’t talk to me like I’m just a celebrity. Like I’m just a musician…..Kanye put himself in that box. Walking oxymoron.

  • meh

    I got in my feelings once.

  • Catheryn Lewis

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  • jhock420

    dont talk to me like that…

  • Games


  • nicky g0iNEs.

    homeboy keeps setn the bar…niggahs talk shit n he lettin em know he aint hvn it…werd up tell em ye

  • mk

    I agree with @datbul, even though I have no idea what he is talking about

  • FACT


  • ggggg

    Actaully Plato is not the one who ushered in these movements like philosophy, human cognition, etc. It was Ancient Egyptian teachers, and scientists who taught Plato and other Greeks who went to school there. Imhotep is one name to KNOW. The western world and educational systems never credit early African Intelligence, because of its on racist, ethnocentric view on the world and history. Greek Philosphers and Pioneers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates credit Egypt for their knowledge. Go to your research.

  • Will


    This is true Plato did not build anything he was treading on already pre-existing parameters. Imhotep is actually one of the true fathers of medicine. When Greece came to North Africa they were still in a Dark age.

    Kemetian (original name of Egypt) technology advanced their civilization. In fact before the Western appropriation of Greece they were not even considered White.

  • OGrichie

    hmmmm. why he got two different voices tho.

  • datbul

    At gggg: Lol. That’s precisely why I said Plato ‘purportedly’ did those things. I’m well aware that many of the Greek philosophers– Plato, Aristotle, etc.– appropriated (read: quite possibly stole) much of their (sacred) knowledge from the Ancient Egyptians (this also includes Ethiopia). But I was only trying to address the top comment, and I was consciously trying to avoid going into the depths of THIS very discussion– which almost always causes controversy in this Eurocentric social political climate. Lol. Regardless, I hear you.

  • datbul

    And lol @ mk. Thanks bro. Loool.

  • the realest

    @ datbul no controversy over fact. Just not allowing the credit of others to be whiteout’d, out history. Like always. Kanye is that nigga and somewhere in the past couple years he fully realized that. He believed it his whole life, and once everything you said and thought becomes real and actual, you reach a level of confidence and security that insecure ppl hate and envy, and others see as motivation.

    “You either build or destroy, where you come from” – jay elec

  • datbul

    @the realest. Couldn’t agree with you more on several points. First and foremost, yes, Our history has been being systematically buried (quite literally in some cases) for centuries now, all in the name of White Imperialism. And two, Kanye is definitely on an existential journey right now. I just hope that he can combine that undeniable confidence he has with a more macrocosmic perspective; one that isn’t so consumed with his own personal agenda but, rather, the issues that concern humanity as a whole. He’s showing signs of possibly heading in the direction that will serve the greater good, but we’ll have to see if he can find the necessary balance of confidence and humility to achieve it.