• wat

    Yes, a Little Brother reunion would be amazing.

  • HopeSo

    This track knocks...I hope that Pooh, Tay and 9th can get back together....but it's all on Tay. He's on his singy-song thing right now and he has a buzz right now but they would sound great back together...

  • Sharkzulito

    MAN. I was JUST saying this to my homie. Our friendship sprouted off a LB connection, no homo lol. But yeah this needs to happen, a reunion.

  • http://welcometothefreaqshow.tumblr.com/ YouGots2Chill

    How bout a new album and a 10 year THE LISTENING anniversary tour!!

  • Sharkzulito

    Get Back, Left Back, .........COME BACK?!?!

  • deeznuuuuts

    this ^

  • B-52

    Beat knocks!

  • Jus10

    This just made my week so much better. Pooh... and 9th!!

  • whatthafack

    You guys are fucking sheep its the same 9th drums but just last week it was stale. Just because it's Big Pooh his beats are hot again.

  • himdere

    Dat shit sound old as hell

  • Patti O’Connor

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  • LB = $$$

    OMG... 9th & POOH!