Rapper Big Pooh – Jambalaya (prod. 9th Wonder)

blame it on Shake October 29, 2013
rapper big pooh 9th wonder

Just as I’m ready to close the lid on my laptop, Big Pooh hits Twitter with the first single off Fat Boy Fresh 3.5. And yes, you read the title correctly… 9th Wonder on the beat. Now, can someone give Phonte a call and make this reunion complete? Thanks.

PURCHASE: Rapper Big Pooh – Jambalaya (prod. 9th Wonder) [iTunes]

  • wat

    Yes, a Little Brother reunion would be amazing.

  • HopeSo

    This track knocks…I hope that Pooh, Tay and 9th can get back together….but it’s all on Tay. He’s on his singy-song thing right now and he has a buzz right now but they would sound great back together…

  • Sharkzulito

    MAN. I was JUST saying this to my homie. Our friendship sprouted off a LB connection, no homo lol. But yeah this needs to happen, a reunion.

  • How bout a new album and a 10 year THE LISTENING anniversary tour!!

  • Sharkzulito

    Get Back, Left Back, ………COME BACK?!?!

  • deeznuuuuts

    this ^

  • B-52

    Beat knocks!

  • Jus10

    This just made my week so much better. Pooh… and 9th!!

  • whatthafack

    You guys are fucking sheep its the same 9th drums but just last week it was stale. Just because it’s Big Pooh his beats are hot again.

  • himdere

    Dat shit sound old as hell

  • Patti O’Connor

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  • LB = $$$

    OMG… 9th & POOH!