• King Tyrone


  • Rick O Shea

    Havnt heard much from DZA lately. This should be dope

  • http://www.google.com Tirmis

    thank you please

  • Kev

    So wavy

  • Larry LeJend

    Theze Niggaz madd cool to hook the people up with this CRACK!

  • Paco

    Spitta has the best covers

  • Just My Opinion

    Fire!!! Mirrors from cigarette boats x4... I think live in concert was better tho, probably cause it had more tracks. This joint is tough tho. DZA, Spitta and Fraud make a killer combo. #JetLife

  • nc0310

    Krit on that hook gahhhdamn

  • bloodmoney

    He stole the cover from another rapper...


    thank you based god for this offering tonight.

  • John

    Mannnn First Light reminds me of that joint they did on Covert Coup, which in my opinion is one of Curren$y's best tapes.

  • eZ

    this shyt is smooth as fuck. Wish we had a few more song tho!