Eminem – Love Game f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Illy October 30, 2013
eminem kendrick lamar

K. Dot joins Marshall on “Love Game” off Eminem’s upcoming album, MMLP2, out November 5. Pre-orders available now.

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  • Flowsern

    Eminem killed it, the god is back

  • nyc22

    Song is pretty dope… They make a great combo.

  • ALD

    this shit is terrible… Yall swear Eminem the GOAT lmao….

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    This is so meh but people will be in complete denial coz it’s Em and Kendrick (who totally jacked Eminem’s flow btw). The beat is just trash.

    Complete insult to the og MMLP too.

  • MMLP….2….?

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?! I saw this track on the album and gravitated towards it. Thought it would be something about hip-hop with lyrics from two of the illest mc’s in the game. Wow was I wrong. i have heard one good song on this album (Monster) and even that isn’t even close to the Recovery energy he had. Can’t believe this shit. I am a huge Em fan too. Don’t get me confused for a “hater”. This shit is terrible though.

  • RAW

    is this Suppose to be HIP-HOP

  • Annon

    you guys too serious gotta have fun with it,,, this song is sick!

  • coolcat

    jeez i was expecting a renegade type track from these two not..this. They both did their thing but,

  • RAW


  • stick to the facts


    Kendrick is dope. But hes got a ways to go before he can touch Drake.
    This song proves it.

    I dont wanna hear your opinions on hip hop if you think this song is good.
    And if it is, quote a line.

  • What the fuck is this? We got the “God of Hip Hop” and one of the sickest artist, in the game right now,rapping over this weak pop beat. All of MMLP2 so far is either pop or a trap beat. Don’t think I’ll be expecting too much from the actual date it drops.

  • youngNigga

    lol at drake that simp is trash and his album was average
    this is trash too Eminem fell of long time ago relapse was aight, recovery trash mmlp 2 trash
    rip Eminem

  • Ralph

    You have to be a true Stan to like this shit! Yeezus move aside, we have a new contender for worst album of the year.

  • PraiseRZA

    Is it just me, or does Em’s vocal mix seem off?

    It just seems way to present in the mix for me – doesn’t sit within the beat very well IMO

  • Frank White

    haven’t been this disappointed in a while

  • Huge Eminem fan, but the production on this album so far is depressing. Move over Rick Rubin. Let the hungry up and coming producers with that fire hook up with Eminem. This throwback mess is hardly a throwback to Eminem’s style. Eminem needs that new production, and throw it back to his old lyrical style. Old men who are sitting comfortably financially aren’t going to make raw tracks 95% of the time; unless it’s Dr. Dre who is on hiatus.

  • q

    this totally not what I was excpecting form Em/Kdot collabo…

  • Mr.White

    just heard the album, and i cant understand why he would name it mmlp2, without doubt the worst em album to date, the beats on it smh they like some $10 beats bs

  • tre

    the album leaked (not the deluxe version). So far not that bad

  • who cares

    This is so fucking terrible. MMLP2 is going to be a train wreck. There seems to be no cohesiveness between any of the songs we’ve heard so far. The shit is going to be all over the place. Seriously though, the Stans are going to co-sign this simply because they WANT it to be good, but they’ll refuse to actually LISTEN to the music.

  • jesus piece of shite


  • Cam_Newton


  • killa

    man that lloyd banks mixtape that will drop 2moro will shit on this whole album..all the songs are whack..survival sucks.bezerck sucks, this sucks and monster sucks. i never knew this day would come. i never thought eminem would downgrade this bad. well its all about lloyd banks now.

  • Sad Day in Hip-Hop

    Eminem’s been on a downward spiral since about halfway into his “Encore” album. Been getting worse and worse ever since. I’ve always clung to hope that he still can deliver something classic (or even just really good for that matter) again, but I think I’m officially throwing in the towel on him. Man, I just don’t know what the hell he’s thinking while he’s making this new shit.

    R.I.P. The Eminem I used to know.

  • marty mcfly

    I gave Em a pass on the last one cause hey, ever now you then you gotta make a watered down semi corny song cause thats just the game rappers have to play but this shit? This shit right here nigga? Is the maximum level of corny and the wackest shit i’ve heard all month. GTFOHWTBS Immediately. First there’s the beat and that was complete trash, then there’s Ems verse which was also wack shit (and no im not trippin off the shot at Beyonce cause we all know Em makes jokes) but the verse was just to corny. And then its your favorite hero up here at 2DBZ and why the fuck would Kendrick get on this fucking wack ass song I dont know. Maximum levels of WACKNESS, cause its levels to this shit.

  • Real Talk

    Listened to the leak, it’s not even hip hop it’s a straight hybrid of pop and rock music.

    TERRIBLE, one of the worst Em albums I’ve heard.

    He’s fully lost it.

  • lil chris

    aye ill never forgive this corny mothafucker for naming this bullshit mmlp2,nigga you offically out my top 10 ,nigga shouldnt stayed retired while he was gone now yo legacy is forever ruined, i dont give a fuck how many albums this nigga sell ,you dont disresct a classic album especially when the last decent album you released has been over a decade ago smh

  • Pat

    that was weird… not the worst i’ve heard tho from the album

  • lil chris

    somebody get all these washed up niggas the fuck outta here

  • LexiCon

    just heard the leak. MMLP2 is officially the worst Em album to me. Even Encore was better than that crap. Sad.

  • Rufus

    Are y’all serious? This song fucking goes and because it’s not a classic boom bap track you’re going to talk shit when Kendrick does un fucking natural things to this beat? I don’t even like what Em’s been doing for the last few years and I like this. And let Kendrick channel his Andre three staxs and stop expecting him to use the same style on every track.

  • Slim shady should be back that Side of him was good this straight bullshit fuck is alumb his not shit no more his long gone

  • marty mcfly

    I tired to listen again just to see if its me trippin but NO its just fucking garbage. I dont ever ever ever ever wanna hear such trash again and on this day Oct 30th EMs album should never again be spoketh on 2DBZ.

  • Honesty

    The comments are better than the song

  • Mike Tomlin

    HAHAHA THIS IS AWESOMEEEEE. Yall wanted MMLP right? This is classic Em right here. This song is funny as fuck, got bars, unique flows and these two go perfect together. I’ll take this everyday.

  • Mike Tomlin

    “Just heard the leak. MMLP2 is officially the worst Em album to me. Even Encore was better than that crap. Sad.”

    So you gave a leak, not even the deluxe album, all of one ten minute skip thru and you dime it Eminems worst album? Haha ok. This is why people dont take other peoples opinions seriously. You have been waiting for weeks to post that comment.

    Good or bad, you cannot make a claim either way considering it leaked an hour ago.

  • QZA

    hahah i’m not that mad at it… goofy as shit tho. kinda reminds me of Chance or 3 Stacks

  • marty mcfly

    Go listen to Amityville from The MMLP which is like one of the hardest songs of Ems career, then listen to Criminal, Remember Me etc… This aint classic Em this is Em not knowing that this shit is trash. Also whoever the fuck Sherane is, it might be time to get a restraining order against Kendrick just to be on the safe side cause this nigga almost made his whole debut album about her life and his love for her and he still going… Its getting to that weirdo stage now Kendrick. Just saying

  • Mike Tomlin

    @marty – no its not Remember Me but it is As The World Turns. There’s 20 other songs for Remember Me. This is just as enjoyable and just as vintage.

  • D!3

    that song for his mum is dope

  • kidd

    watch him sell like 300k copies. . . LLOYD BANKS-FNO-DROPPING TOMORROW

  • marty mcfly

    NO just NO, this fool is displaying a plethora of wackness. An exhibit of cornyism if you will. First it was Berzerk and I was like trash but lets give him a pass because he probably worships the Beastie Boys. Then it was Rap God and I gave him a E for effort and then it was Monster and again I was like ok well Em gotta sell records to cheesy people, corny Em stans and soccer moms but now with this shit? This fucking Love Game shit? I cant take it anymore fam, the shit is outta control now. Just wackness pure wackness, I cant keep letting the white boy slide after this shit.

  • WestCoast

    rapgod ft king

  • marty mcfly

    A gallery of garbage…

  • JD

    Ya’ll are such in-the-box rap fans lol rick rubin is a genius

  • Rap God

    Download the leak, play the first song Bad Guy, fast forward to 4:00 and listen. Em’s got a few bars for every single one of you commenters.

  • What. The. Fuck. No, just no. Listened to it back to back and this shit is terrible. It’s clever at best and they rhyme on the beat (which is terrible) but come on… You have Em and K.Dot on a track and this is what the end result is? Wow. What a shame. Had high hopes for this collab too.

  • justenjoythisshit

    Em is so amazingly fucking wack. He even made Kendrick sound wack for one song. Crazy.

  • truedattho

    whoever doesn’t like this is fucking stupid. get over yourselves and get with the programme

  • LexiCon

    One of those rare times when I fully agree with marty mcfly.

  • thetruth

    i noticed someone shitted on this song, and then went on to say the monster is the only good song he released so far. so that comment is void. someone else said he lost because he named the album MMLP2. bitch, i’mma kill you.
    em could still murk your favorite rapper, and this is why he’s your favorite rappers favorite rapper.
    i’ll admit, i was expecting some renegade type shit too, but that’s the problem with track lists these days. you assume you know what the song will sound like and then you’re mad when they didn’t do the track you wanted them to make. you don’t like it? make a better song. try and compete with marshall and k. dot. until then, eat a dick up til you hiccup.
    oh and to whoever said kendrick has a long way to go before he’s drake. you’re a clown.

  • MdotPatton

    Im was born and raised in Detroit, so Eminem being one of my favorite rappers of all time is practically inevitable, but the things I’ve heard from this new LP have been trash. Maybe I need to hear the entire thing front to back, but I feel like he’s ruining his legacy with this stuff.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    You can tell Em still has the lyrical ability, even in these wack pop tracks.

    Go back to BET Cypher Em, stop making music for your 14 yr old daughter.


    Fux wittit

  • SforMusic

    WOW !!!!!!!! I’m sorry Eminem stans but there is no defending in this track. It is SHIT !!!! Everything about this is corny !!!! The fucked up part was Kendrick sounded like Hopsin in like a few seconds in this. I try soo hard not to hate on here but if there was any reason, this is it definitely

  • marty mcfly

    @thetruth, I can almost promise you that The new Scram Jones mixtape coming out tomorrow and the album from Ev & ALC will completely shit on anything from Em. #BetterWhiteRappers >>> Em

  • You can never satisfy hip hop fans because most of them are closed minded. They already have their minds set on what they THINK something is going to sound like before they even hear it, and when it doesn’t, they’re disappointed. Song is fresh as hell. Dope sample and wordplay.

  • Will

    hahaha I am reading the comments and this has got me interested for this song more than the actual song. I knew I was not going to like this album so, I am not surprised. Em and MGK have more in common than people know, because a lot of his cheesy katy perry type songs sounds like some tracks on Black Flag by MGK.

    IMO this was nothing but hype, all the shit the stans kept spouting and you worship this? Lupe had his own recovery too, it was Lazers people kept saying how garbage it was because of its poppy atmosphere, but this shit takes the cake. This is the type of shit you will hear on CW 11 shows especially that monster track lol.

  • marty mcfly

    Excuses, Excuses… the song is trash now have a nice day.

  • SforMusic

    @yeaaahh or maybe some ppl actually took the time to listen to the song and actually thinks it sucks based on their actual listening experience.

  • T9FTW


  • Real Talk


  • datbul

    Yup. The disappointment is strong…

    I don’t think any of us could’ve saw this coming.

  • rankle

    wait. yall kids hating way too hard. This shit is hilarious and awesome.

  • datbul

    If I had been asked to guess what kind of vibe this song would have prior to hearing it… I probably would’ve said a ‘Manic Renegade’ vibe. Oh welp. Guess I was way off. Kendrick’s verse was actually solid but the vibe of the song is just something I can’t get past.

  • de

    haha, i actually like this. not at all what i expected, but its still cool song. nothing i will bump in my ride tho..

  • HesusDuece

    people fucked Em up after they said Relapse was trash, in my opinion its better than Recovery

  • Catheryn Lewis

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  • WildCatz

    Just heard the album. I’m not going to hate on this song, it’s alright but definitely not what I was expecting and a waste of a feature from Kendrick.

    But the rest of the album is awful. Terrible. It’s still early and I’ve only listened through it one and half times but it just might be his worse album. I’m completely lost as to why he named it MMLP2 other than as a gimmick to build some hype. I’m from Detroit and followed this guy’s journey from the beginning, before Dre, until now…gotta say I think he’s done.

  • datbul

    Album is nothing to write home about. This has easily been one of the worst years for mainstream hip-hop releases I’ve ever witnessed.

  • suck it

    can i dislike this twice?

  • jfm374

    bad guy is real dope though

  • Mike Tomlin

    If u haven’t realized that Bad Guy is from the perspective of Stans younger brother Matthew (who still hasn’t gotten his autograph) then it’s way too early for you to form an opinion on the album.

    I’ve peeled back the first layer, now see if you can figure out what Em meant when he said the album is a rededication of MMLP and not a sequel.

    The whole album is laced with these characters/continuations (Parking Lot = Criminal)/revisions and others. This is going to go down as an amazing album as soon as the fake hip hop heads have been weened out and the real music heads are still discovering these layers.

  • HeruThaGod

    you are a dickriding stan to the umteenth degree if you cant admit when your favorite rapper puts out some wack shit. i think em is a legend and kendrick is the best out imo put this here is so corny that its sad. it sounds like a cheesy sitcom theme music man. i was expecting so much more, their rhymes are somewhat decent but the song as a whole is wack that it made me mad. these two could’ve done something so much better. and whoever is around em needs to let him know that his recent stuff is lackluster, whether you consider him a legend or not still doesnt mean he cant recieve criticism

  • LCJ

    I get the approach, mixing rock with hip-hop, beatles esk music to hiphop, but why is one of the most prolific forward thinking artists, looking back in time to find grooves to rap to. Where is the evolution? The lyrical talent is not in question, its the direction, make music that hits people emotions, in a positive way, this sounds forced and fake, I wish the grooves were more original and contemporary to go along with the creative continuations of the first MMLP.

  • After listening through more of the album, I have a bit more faith from the new Eminem. I don’t know what it is though with his latest albums though. The corniest songs always leak first, and spread like wildfire on the blogs, while the real tracks go unnoticed. I really don’t feel like some of the singles released so far fit in overall into a coherent project, and he could have done without them. However, there’s still plenty of Slim Shady to be found on the new album. Before we hate too much on Eminem, we need to hate on the label and blogs for rushing out the wackness. Guess the earlier we get through that, the more we can appreciate his darker and more serious tracks.

  • This song’s no good. I don’t like the corniness. Lol NOPE

  • somerandomguy

    I think the album is dope and will grow on you, just like this song, what fits in the album perfectly. Too bad that songs like Survival/Bezerk/Monster are in the album. They have a different feel than the other tracks on the album.

    Love it so far.

  • mez

    THOUGHT THIS WAS PRETTY WACK AT FIRST listen but after a couple more this song is actually pretty damn dope. I, as well as most of you, expected like a raw emotional song or just raw bars, but I still really like this still.
    Im bout to check out the album if it leaked
    caps was on accident

  • marty mcfly

    I haven’t even listened to MMLP2 and I already feel like Watching Movies With The Sound Off is better. Mac Miller >>>

  • kells

    GO READ the lyrics people , this MMLP2 is all lyrics with corny no energy sample beats, that first verse was the set up for kendrick who brings up sherane again nd then EM comes back with typical EM “Snatch the bitch out her car through the window, she screamin’
    I body slam her onto the cement, until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole
    Bury this stink ho in it, then payed to have the street re-paved
    Fuck, woke up in a dream state in a cold sweat like I got hit with a freeze ray durin’ a heat wave” thw word play both rappers used was CRAZY

  • f12

    i like.

  • biff tannen

    Mmlp2 > Yeezus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MCHG.

    Out of the three most dissapointing albums of the year mmlp2is easily the best one.

    Get mad stanleys.

  • marty mcfly

    @biff, Action Bronson’s Blue Chips2 & even Machete Kills 2 >>>> MMLP2

  • biff tannen

    Machete kills is indeed greater than this. Good call mcfly.


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mchg

  • TooClutch4TV

    Nostalgia >>> Whatever this is suppose to be

  • marty mcfly

    2 Chainz >>> MMLP2

  • biff tannen

    2chainz >>> mmlp2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mchg

    There, thats better. Youre welcome.

  • AndOneill

    people who like this are livin in denial.. the album is poor as fuck, fuck this shit.. SMH, LLoyd Banks tomorrow is gonnna be dope

  • yoz

    eminem, dude, what the FUCK?

  • marty mcfly

    The 2nd nut, the 42ndth time republicans tried to vote to defund Obamacare and failed, fuck it anything with a number 2 on it >>>> MMLP2

  • D

    Hate to be the one to state it, but Eminem officially can’t rap nowadays. He’s…. clumsy.

  • biff tannen

    Don’t forget the, “>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mchg” part at the end of your statement or it loses credibility.

  • CJ


  • Frost

    That sample just doesn’t work for me, son…

    so disappointed with this one…

  • D

    So what if your lyrics have layers and double meanings and all that, if they sound shit over a beat.

  • Youn

    This is actually one of the “weakest” song, if it’s the right term, on the album.
    So before talking shit and discuss about how 2chainz is a better rapper than Eminem (The fuck ?), please listen to the whole album and come back here right some meaningful things.

  • theGovernor

    this song sounds like mayor hawthorne on molly.

  • hova scotia

    mannnn he’s been puttin out wack music but this is kinda ok, at least em’s last verse a little in the beginning anyway

  • Matthew Mitchell

    MMLP2 is the album of the fucking year. Fuck you haters, the GOAT is back. Jay Z dropped the shittiest album of the year, Yeezus sucks balls. Born Sinner was good. BUT THE FUCKING GOD IS BACK. Stan part 2? Who the fuck thought he’d be able to pull that off as perfectly as he did? Haters can all jump back on the GOAT’s dick again. Eminem > Your favorite artist.

  • DGR

    I don’t know how so many people can hate on something like this.. Clearly you all had something in mind for this track and it wasn’t that. If it’s not your thing then move on to something else but don’t blame Eminem or Kendrick for producing something you don’t like. This is the outcome of their collaborative vision just as “Rebirth” was of Wayne’s, “Mr. Nice Watch” was of Cole’s and “Off That” was of Hov’s. Now these are some examples of critically bashed/ noped works from traditionally successful artists but do we ever look at them as people who don’t STILL have talent or something to contribute? No. So before you write off these two artists, just remember that not all of their work will cater to you nor should either of them ever be worried about catering to just you. At the end of the day, there are people (like myself) who will enjoy it or connect with it despite what others say.

  • B

    Hip hops just becoming a business now days more then an artform. people say don’t be closed minded this shit is good, it’s pop, for the radio, it’s different etc etc. There’s a reason why there are different genres. So these mother fukn artists need to stay true to their Artform and genre because we are the real fans and we don’t need this shit.
    Drizzy for album of the year.

  • B

    Ps. I’m getting sick of Kendrick because he has way too many dick riders

  • actuallygetslaid

    Honestly you guys would hate anything he put out. Even if it was like the pusha song you would say he is stealing flows or shit. Just listened to the cd start to finish for the first time and I can see where hes coming from by calling it MMLP2. Stop bitching you losers.

  • saywot?!

    “mannnn he’s been puttin out wack music but this is kinda ok, at least em’s last verse a little in the beginning anyway”[email protected] scotia

    Dude I read the above comment and haven’t stopped laughing ever since. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahh! Nice one!

  • Big-O

    Hahahaha! Wow, sooooo much hate!

    Honestly, I love this. They both go hard as fuck on it, it’s funny, & it made me smile. (Em does no wrong in my book, so I’m a little biased.)

    “I have infinite hate in my blood, & it’s mainly because of the game of LOVE!” <-Maybe the truest words ever.

    A bitch'll get under a niggas skin like that doe.

  • FredRico

    Hip Hop listeners are the dumbest and most ignorant music listeners, I swear. All the complaints have nothing to do with music, but rather your expectations. All you can say is “beat is trash”, because it’s not “hard” like you expected. Lyrics are bad, because it’s not about hip hop, or Renegade stuff. Really? It’s a shame, because rap music deserved better from its fans, but you’re too close minded and clueless about music or any expression of art for that matter. It’s not even worth arguing with you guys. The song is great, flawless from a technical standpoint (lyrics and delivery), and pushing boundaries as far as production goes, which is why you simple minded niggas can’t appreciate it. To say this kind of music (from which the beat is sampled) is trash… seriously! Grow the fuck up!

  • Jon

    I really want to hear a remix of the entire album (just different beats), and I think it would be pretty good. But I really don’t like the beats on the whole album except Brainless

  • AKofteam80ty

    man fuck yall, that album is hard as fuck, and the blending of these beats is dope and fuck, yall just so brainwashed by all this bullshit thats out to say that it isnt hip hop, sorry all the bullshit that has been out ain’t true hip hop. Rick Rubin may have given him some strange beats here and there but for fools that really know hip hop, this album is album of the year. I dont care who you got get, aint no one putting together an album like the one I just listened too, and that aint even the deluxe version. People talking about the album like its trash, had me about to skip over it, but he stuck to the mmlp format in todays time, some of them tracks had me feeling like I was back in that time frame. Idk what no one says that fucking intro was amaazing

  • AKofteam80ty

    I don’t care what nobody says, is what I mean’t, yep had to go back and clean my shit up after posting it, but its all good. yall can listen to all the bullshit and I will listen to Ems shit because he went the fuck in on that album.

  • marty mcfly

    Its time for Em to just stop this rap shit and bow out cause this album is just not dope. Im on the Brainless track so far and im just like wtf is this bullshit? its not Ems fault completely, sometimes its just not the times. Music has evolved passed these beats, passed these kinda hooks, passed yelling and screaming on every song like its a rock album, passed Em rapping about killing bitches. Like really? All these years later and its still about killing a bitch because your angry about some relationship shit? The game is passed the topics, passed Em using the same rhyme schemes and ending his verses the same way like he’s phonetically looking for ways to fit into the first line of the hook etc… Hip Hop is just passed alot of these played out and worn out concepts and techniques. Oh No NO NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! The next song just started and this mothafucka is actually singing like singing the fucking song like he’s in a boy band. Em just stop, its over. Fucking So Far just started and thats just another dimension of garbage. You people cant be serious, Em cant be serious. I mean if I could tell Em in a more respectful way that yes we appreciate what he did for the game but its time to stop, I would. Its like the same reason why I believe its taking so long for 50 Cent to come out. Its not that he’s wack but its just hip hop culture is passed certain formulaic elements now. If 50 cant come back rapping like he’s evolved a little then its no need to put out the music. I cant fuck with this MMLP2 shit FOH. Oh and just when im about to stop here comes another singy song on Headlights smh. Em just stop.

  • Nasty The Nicest.

    Nas is so much better than Em and Jay Z.

    it becomes more obvious with each album they put out.

    These guys like Em and Jay are so washed up and so far into commercial rap that they don’t know what the fuck to do.

    While someone like NAS, (THE GOAT) Makes age appropriate music. He doesn’t try to be a gimmick(eminem), and he doesn’t make watered down rap(eminem and jay z).

    Only Nas can drop an amazing album, a REAL hip hop album like Life is Good, over 20 years into his career.

    Only Nas can still be as lyrical as ever, while still producing the same quality of music for THE PEOPLE, as he always has. Nas is still making real music with real meaning. He still finds a bunch of different topics to rap about.

    Wake up people. As Nas said on ‘Reach Out’- “Nasty the Nicest”.

  • Mad Nice

    I love Eminem but this shit is garbage

  • marty mcfly

    I get all the way to fucking Evil Twin and im like where the fuck was this guy at for the whole album? Bad Guy and Evil Twin is the only dope shit on this album, the rest is wack.

  • Nasty The Nicest.

    BTW, Kendrick can do no wrong.

    Dude is a walking mix of Andre3k and Nas.

  • marty mcfly

    @Nasty, of course Jayz is in commercial rap. Is he supposed to go back underground or something? Jay aint making up gimmicks as he’s rapping, those topics are actually his reality and there are still points to almost every song. If your complaint is that he makes commercial music? Then of course he does, he has millions of fans, its gonna be commercial whether he likes it or not. There is more then enough moments on that album where Jay is rapping is age so just stop. Nas and Jay make different music because alot of Jay fans still like to have music they can have fun to. Nas wants to just stay in a serious and nostalgic zone the whole time. Fools listen to Nas and study every bar every time (maybe not literally but you get the point). With Jayz, when you hear Timberland and Pharrell is behind the production, Jay fans know to expect to have a good time first and then go back and catch messages so its a difference in the music. Nas’s Life Is Good is dope but MCHG lives in a totally different space. You may listen to Nas by yourself and may listen to Jay when your chilling with a bunch of people. Those are two different albums. The thing is Jay and Nas get older and there music documents that life progression. With Em its like he tries to go there but he’s still got up in pleasing is day on fans for the majority of an album. The difference with Jay is not every album he makes is for the same group of fans. American Gangster, BP3, WTT and MCHG are for different kinds of people. MCHG was largely about the state of hip hop culture in 2013, his family, some controversy about some if his news headlines, little bit of art, religion, and turn up music, and not so much about the streets. Thats knowing when to go somewhere else creatively.

  • marty mcfly

    The thing is Jay and Nas get older and theIR music documents that life progression. With Em its like he tries to go there but he’s still Caught up in pleasing is day onE fans for the majority of an album. The thing I feel with this album is Em tries capture a certain feeling but once you “try” its gonna be hard to sound natural. You listen to MCHG and it just sounds like those songs just came out naturally. Its no trying to sound like this or sound like that. Its just making music and letting go… I just think Em woulda sounded better if he cut down on the musicality and didnt try to harmonize and sing or find a melodic balance on ever song and just rap on raw material. MMLP part one is not a bunch of different things going on, its just regular tempo beats and hardly any harmonization as far as singy hooks and just straight yelling and screaming and ranting raps. Em trying to do that and pull off some sort singy song shit multiple times on the same album just fucked it up to me.

  • fck gotta do my HW due tomorrow

    Oh man! Some of the funniest comments in here!
    But yeah, this ish is wack!
    Kendrick and Em both wasted a perfect opportunity for the perfect collabo.

  • marty mcfly

    Also Em still could use his moments where he is himself artistically and that means just making shit that makes sense. Jayz knows when to make a song that sounds like the old wise man in the room, (Holy Grail, Oceans, FUTW, Heaven, Nickels And Dimes etc..) and he knows when to sound like he’s 20 something again and just gives no fucks (Tom Ford, Picasso, Fuckwitme, BBC, Crown etc…) Thats knowing how to give a little for old fans and new fans. Em imo just stays in a certain zone for so long its like you dont know when he’s being for real or just fucking around. Lyrically Em always reaches a certain level of technical rhyme excellence but that dont mean he always makes dope songs with those skills.

  • Nasty The Nicest.

    I mean to each his own. I can listen to Jay’s MCHG but only for the beats. If you ask me it’s sad how far he has fallen lyrically.

    And you did mention a good point. I do enjoy listening to Nas more by myself, because it’s more serious music that focuses on the lyricism and the topics. And I do enjoy listening to Jay around a group of people, but Nas too.

    This is why I say Nas is the #1 MC. He could’ve easily chose a path that Jay chose. Like Jay said his self, “dumbing it down”. But he didn’t. Nas came in the game making real rap and it looks like he plans on leaving the same.

    I’m aware that rap and hip hop has changed but if you ask me, hip hop has and always is supposed to be about more serious shit. You want to listen to something that all your friends can bop their heads to when they’re drunk? Listen to Drake, Big Sean, 2 chainz etc.
    You wanna listen to some real rap music? You listen to Nas.

    Not to sound like a stan, but Nas is the most polished MC this game has ever seen. The lyricisim, the storytelling, the meaning, he puts it all together perfectly without putting you to sleep. It’s truly fascinating if you ask me.

    If you want to listen to a confused 41 year old rapper who’s being a gimmick to sell music, listen to Eminem.

    I’m sorry but Eminem hasn’t been good since The Eminem Show.

  • marty mcfly

    What songs are you talking about Jay fell off lyrically? Holy Grail, Somewhereinamerica? What? FUTW, Tom Ford? Like I said with Jay its not always about drilling you with nostalgic vibes and serious tales of the streets and relationships and how shit use to be in hip hop. Sometimes the point of Jays rap is to just have fun, like that is the purpose behind the song. Jay doesn’t have to constantly prove a lyrical point to you cause he didnt come on the game like that. Reasonable Doubt is not Illmatic or the SSLP. Jay didnt come in the game rapping about how nice he is lyrically. Jay is more telling you whats going on in his life. Its not like he is choosing a commercial path, its his actual life. You take a song like Jayz Blue, thats not trying to go commercial, thats rappind about his daughter because thats where he is in life. With Jay its no trying to play some kinda mainstream musical game, or lyrical exhibition, the content just is what it is. Your looking at Nas as the strictly lyrical MC because maybe thats how he presents his music to you. Jay is more like just telling where is mind is at not trying to hit you with a bunch of double entendres. The dopeness in his style is you still get hit with that wordplay but its not like he’s making that the point of his artistry. A song like Oceans has multiple meanings, the reason the wordplay is dope is because the meaning of the song is deeper then surface subject matter. Jay and Nas are two different types of lyricists.

  • marty mcfly

    You say you like listening to Nas with people? Well put the Life Is Good album on next time you have a party and its gonna be kinda awkward at times. And as far as dumbing it down. Nas has dumbed it down plenty of times in his career. You take songs like Cherry Wine, Daughters, The Don, Summer On Smash, Bye Baby, of course he dumbed it down and thats the beauty of those songs and thats what makes them complex. Its rhyming at a basic level to convey a more complex message. So “dumbing it down” isnt always dumb. Sometimes it makes good songs to do that.

  • marty mcfly

    With Em sometimes the jokes just keep going and going… And that comes off as trying too hard at times. Out

  • mikee

    agree with Nasty The Nicest… nas is the best..

  • Pauly D

    This Em album is pretty amazing, in terms of production, lyricism, concepts and just overall cohesiveness.

    If you expected this to be 100% like the original MMLP, you’re an idiot. It’s not called a SEQUEL for anything.

  • Turtle

    haha Kendrick is doing whatever he wants these days. He can try anything. I love it. Don’t box your artists in. Let him record hypothetical voicemails and messages from his crush’s mom. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting to listen to than almost anything else in rap right now.

  • nicky g0iNEs.

    This shits dope..old school 50s/60s pop sampled for 2 dudes to spit some shit too.For all those expecting the usual thats why you aintnget it cause these dudes keep pushing the bar…thats why they the artists and dudes that say this aint renegade type shit arent…wake up people…hip hop is everything music wise… it borrows from everything. and those that dnt know…well u dnt know..I didnt like the track with ri ri but this is dope

  • Grimzz

    this might be his next single…It’s straight

  • blackbradpitt

    does marty ever shut the fuck up? if you tally up all the comments this nigga leaves in this post alone it’d amount to at least 12 pages worth of words. my nigga that’s a final paper on a collegiate level. my nigga, like..don’t you have a job? a girl? social obligations? like goddamn..

    the song is wack and is the musical equivalent of hackey sack. em, hang it up. you’re like that old ass dad that still wanna play basketball with his son(kendrick) when he’s(kendrick) half his age, 6’8 and playin at NCAA level. so his son(kendrick) gotta let his dad(em) double dribble and endure watchin the nigga that birthed him shoot these weird ass jumpers where he rolls his hips like he’s hoola-hoopin or some shit.

    yo that was a dumbass analogy but so is this entire dumbass song.

  • biff tannen

    I repeat…

    Mmlp2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mchg

    Not even debatable.

  • Jus10

    Song is good, but sadly this is about as “psycho” as the album gets :(

  • Roel

    I’ve been supporting Em for years and the news that this track was coming got me hyped as fuck, but goddamn. What the fuck is this shit?? Slap in the face, Em fell off and Kendrick should have told him this song was wack as fuck

  • Real Talk

    If you want to listen to a confused 41 year old rapper who’s being a gimmick to sell music, listen to Eminem.

    I’m sorry but Eminem hasn’t been good since The Eminem Show.

  • D

    “I’m sorry but Eminem hasn’t been good since The Eminem Show”
    Quite simply THIS.

  • Will

    biff tannen

    MCHG is better than this shit lol. I listened to the album and its not cohesive, it’s all over the place, the production has a clunky feel to it, it just comes off as a try to hard album. I agree with Marty. MCHG had more balance and was less mainstream sounding than this album.

    I know you are probably a stan which means your biased anyway there is nothing wrong with that, but this shit is not better than Yeezus,NWTS, MCHG,WMWTS, MNIMN,Old, or any other album out there this was as bad as MMG’s album was for me and the Gifted.

    There were some great releases this year, but this was not one of them. I personally think old em fans were pissed, because he could not leave his new age sound off the album. It is a mix and mash of both his sounds which for some is a turn off. I am not a fan, but as a hip-hop listener I went in with no biases and I still did not like this.

  • Sydney_Deane

    In my Wesley Snipes voice…

    “Marshall, listen to me. White men can’t rap.”

  • Pauly D

    People actually think that MCHG was better than this? DEAD.

    Jay-Z arguably released an album WORSE than Blueprint 3 while Em ALREADY has surpassed both Recovery and Relapse in terms of quality with this album

  • Pauly D

    sadly this is about as “psycho” as the album gets


    Do you even music m8?

    Bad Guy, So Much Better, Brainless and Evil Twin aren’t “psycho”?

    Especially with Bad Guy being basically Stan Part 2 and Em talking to himself in the last verse?

  • Pauly D

    And another thing about this album, unlike MCHG, it shows a GREAT amount of maturity from Em. Especially Headlights

  • Pauly D


    “Your one-listen reviews are killing Hip Hop”

  • biff tannen

    Lets get this straight, this album is not good.

    Let that statement sink in.

    That being said, it is way better than MCHG. MCHG had a few great beats but that’s it. Lyric and flow wise Em topped that entire album with one song alone, Rap God. As far as singles go, that monster song is gonna be just that.

    But i digress…

    This is not a good album. It is however, way better than MCHG.

    NWTS is the only album Id agree that is better than mmlp2 and that was a bad album too. WMWS is debatable, I enjoyed the album but nothing stood out. The only song that I still listen to from that album is the song with action bronson on it and that’s mainly because of the beat.

    MNIMN? Old? Srsly??? Rofl

  • What happened???

    I’m not even gonna complain about MMLP2. I’m just gonna throw on The Eminem Show and remember the good old days. Siiiiiigggghhhh…

  • Pauly D

    “this album is not good.”

    That’s based on subjectivity, but I agree with most of what you said.

  • AK

    Man that album dope as fuck a seven minute intro written like a fucking movie script, and well thought out, you can name hella people but only other person that could come close to being that descriptive is Nas FOH ol sensitive ass niggas trying to knock it. The only reason why you clowns are knocking it is for beats because I’ll tell you right now aint another rapper alive right now that will be able to out pen em. Im off this bullshit

  • Chad

    i prolly wont ever be in the mood to download and listen to a 2013 eminem album

  • Iseah

    I can’t believe people are knocking this album. If you like Eminem, you will like the album. Some of the songs are just plain nuts, Rap God, Brainless, Asshole, So Far, Evil Twin, and Bad Guy. are throw back Em. Headlights with Nate Reuss is an amazing song as well, very heartfelt and meaningful apologizing to his mother. Crazy samples too, The Zombies, Eagles, and Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders on this. His singles are good too, the song with Rhianna is dope. Listen to his rhyme schemes, most people who don’t like this are saying it’s cause of the beats. Quit being so simple minded, “do you listen to music or just skim through it?” Em’s best album since TES.

  • marty mcfly

    Bad Guy and Evil Twin and thats about it. Now if you like bad Pop music and bad R&B and Rock music then the other songs on the album will sound ok to you but the last quality of those songs aint gonna be much. Once you have laughed at all the jokes and listen to the screaming enough times, its over. @Pauly, MMLP is more “mature” then MCHG? Like really this is the album you view as being mature? GTFOH. Em has his moments where he actually sounds like he evolved some as an artist but most of this shit sounded like he wanted you to think it was 1996 again and this was Infinite 2. No Em No Hip Hop has moved on from that. You gotta be a hardcore Em fan to fuck with this.

  • marty mcfly

    OB4CL2 was the last part 2 album that sounded like it made sense to me. Most rappers shouldn’t be trying to go backwards artistically though.

  • I’ve been giving the album more listens since yesterday, and it’s growing on me. I still don’t care as much for the singles dropped so far, but that’s because there’s nothing as old as the new sound. Anything that catches wildfire on blog sites quickly becomes shitted on. How does this album sound forced, and Jay-Z’s MCHG sound natural? Jay-Z rapping on some of those beats that he did was not in any way natural. Between MCHG, Yeezus, and MMLP2, the majority of the dislike stems from them experimenting with new production. Rick Rubin has had his hand in all 3 albums, so keep that in mind. Get pissed at Rubin for ruining the image of these artists that you always had in mind. At the same time though, those 3 artists have become the so called “gods of rap” this year. You can hate on whoever you want, but at least respect that they are experimenting further with hip hop. I personally only heard 1 or 2 songs that could pass off as radio ish or gimmicky on MMLP2, and that’s Monster and surprisingly this track with Kendrick Lamar. I personally don’t really care for the singles, but the second you box Eminem into an act, you’re missing the point. He’s been taking the commercial forms of music and breaking it since day one. He could take the most pop beat and rap about anuses and ball lickers and you guys would still think he’s trying to appeal to radio.

  • Dan B

    This is better than his last 2 he put out, there are some eh tracks but lyrically this album is better than both relapse and recovery. Can’t wait for those deluxe bonus tracks

  • marty mcfly

    As far as the Rick Ruben shit goes? How many times did Rick actually push buttons on these albums? Or was he just listening to them and giving thumbs up and down? Understand that Rick Rubin is not on anything on MCHG, he was laying on the couch when then were recording, thats not working on music. MCHG is not my favorite album and its not album of the year and there are things I do not like about it BUT musically, again musically Jay did get it right more times then he went wrong. I mean Holy Grail? like really? Your mad cause its commercial? Just stop. As far as the lyrical debate, your pitting a battle rapper vs a song writer but Em drilling you with the same rhyme schemes for most of an album and the same syllabolic lyricism doesn’t mean he made better songs. Imo Em’s music is supposed to sound ugly because alot of his vocals come across as blunt aggression. Now of course Em can make what he wants but if he’s gonna rap like a wild beast and then sing the bridge and the have a singer on the hook and then have some moody type of beat all going on one song? Thats too much for someone who’s lyrics are just raw. You can do it a few times but dont overkill that technique. Em had his moments and Jay had his moments but I think Jay made the better music more times then the songs that aint that dope. With Em its gets to the point where the joke goes on for so long its like he actually wants you to believe he’s some kinda serial killer super villain, smh NO Em, your a old rich guy who is no longer on the same shit you we’re on at 20 years old and the album coulda used more moments like that imo.

  • Marty, do you even know much about the history of music as a whole, or are you just a supposed die hard hip hop fan? Do you know anything about classical music of the 17th-20th centuries? Do you understand how composers like Beethoven broke from the forms, becoming one of the first true individuals to express himself musically? Do you understand the movements of impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, existentialism, modernism and post-modernism? You know anything about breaking from realism, and aiming at to go straight to the psyche and emotions, even if through absurdity alone? Why the fuck do you have any expectations for Eminem? He’s one of the few truly artistic rappers in the game. He doesn’t need to act mature. He’s been subversive politically, religiously, and musically since the get go. Whether it’s classical, rock, hip hop, electronica or whatever; you must expect the arts to cycle to and from sticking to the forms and rejecting them. This is nothing new. So fuck any of your ideas of what things should be. It’s his art.

  • And it’s fine that any of you form your own opinions about it, because I have my own opinions. In the end, there is the artist, and there is the critic. I feel like we live in a time when people pay more attention to the critics than the art, when most of the work goes into the art, and hardly any work goes into criticism. The only people whose criticism should really matter are other artists.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah the history of music is great but were talking about Em’s album not the history of music and I didnt use the word expect so I didnt expect anything. Of course Em doesn’t need to do this or that but it is what it is. Em could make a country album if he wants but if he does then well yeah it might not sound that good. Again hardcore Em fans are happy with this like they’ve always been. Now go play this album for just a fan of music in general thats not really into certain rappers and just likes music and they might listen and look at you crazy like wtf was all that about? Just saying Again Em had his moments but IN MY OPINION I might have been interesting to rap from the perspective of an older Slim Shady. Like the serial killer that got older and is now rich and successful in 2013 but still hates singy songs. That may have been more interesting but again Em can do what he wants like try and sing full sections of his songs like he’s trying out for The Voice. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    Bad Guy
    Rap God
    The Monster
    Evil Twin (if the whole album was as good as this song…) but thats about it.

  • Will

    biff tannen

    Old was better than this, Danny Brown is from the same city. He had a more cohesive project than Em. I am not knocking his album, but only a person who is a fan or more like a new age fan of his previous titles will enjoy this. I did not enjoy it, just like you are looking at me like Danny Brown!?

    I am looking at you from the same lens. He is 41 the lyrics in some of the songs echoes some odd future young kid shit, and even they are trying to move away from that bullshit. The fact remains that he will still sell. His fan base is mainstream White America, and many of his songs like monster and survival have that sound that will resonate with them.

    He also planned to attract the other populations with features like Kendrick. If you are new age fan chances are you will like it if you are one of those day one niggas it might be harder to swallow, but anyway this shit did nothing for me, so I could care less.

  • Pauly D

    “again Em can do what he wants like try and sing full sections of his songs like he’s trying out for The Voice. Smh”

    Shows your bias right here as well as how much you’ve actually listened to Em’s music.

    Stronger Than I Was is, in essence, a second Hailie’s Song, the latter being critically acclaimed.

  • biff tannen

    Rofl @ marty saying, “hardcore em fans will like this”

    Ohhhhh the irony lol


    No. Danny browns album was garbage. But I will agree that it was cohesive.

    It was a cohesive piece of crap.

    That is all


    This is a good ‘SONG ‘ you guys are expecting some underground rappity rap shit . id rather hear a song with an actual concept then a bunch of rhymes about how i am the best rapper ever shit . the purpose of making music is to sell it , therefore you need to make actual songs .. smarten up dumb fucks it is called the music business…

  • hong

    eminem spent 5000 for all the beats on the tape, 4999 for survival, 1 for the rest

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly, your saying im bias but i didnt say everything from top to bottom was trash. There are few dope songs and there are some dope lyrics so its not like Im saying everything about MMLP2 makes it the worst album in history BUT there are alot of not so dope moments and thats just the truth. @biff, the reason I said that is because its some people that are into yelling and screaming and comedic bars and so fourth and there are some people who will like ANYTHING Em does. I for one do not like everything Jay does, I do not like Tom Ford, I dont like La Familia, I dont see a purpose of interludes like Versus and Beach Is Better. Thing is I have no problem saying when Jay makes something that aint dope cause it happens, on almost every album that has ever been created there are songs that aint that dope. Some of YOU on the other hand act as if Em just made the white boy version of Illmatic and NO thats just not the case. And just because Em is rapping in a rage filled string of lyrical outbursts that does not mean he made good songs. Crooked I is one of the best lyricists ever and his album was wack and MMLP2 is like the same story.

  • bighustle

    I don’t care, that third verse was crazy as shit. That was classic Em’: playful, violent, descriptive, lyrical (“snatched the bitch out her car through the window she screaming, I body slammed her on cement till the concrete gave, then created a sinkhole. Buried the stink ho’ in it then complained to get the street repaved”).

    Hit or miss with the joints he’s been releasing, but “Rap God” and this joint have impressed/intrigued me enough to buy this album.

  • rap community lacks respect

    Song was not what i was expecting, but is so relaxing.

    Oh yeah, Y’all need to shut the fuck and be glad that he gave us some great songs like bad guy, evil twin, brainless , dedication and especially groundhog day is dope (has that relaps sound) and this one right here. This guy is probably rich as fuck(fuck this 2chainz reference) and doesn’t need to make songs for money anymore, show some respect. I’m glad he made this album for us.

    If this album dropped and nobody knew who this guy em was you guys would be like this shit is fire. you guys would be talkinhg, Album of the year etc.
    Go ahead and find some upcoming rapper and act like you knew him first. Im out.

  • rap god my ass

    BULLSHIT! I KNEW it was going to be some concept song so Em could avoid going bar for bar with Kendrick and getting ethered. This was beyond terrible. You Stans that defend this shit are the worse. Eminem has been washed up for years, but because he’s a White boy nobody admits it and his mindless fans support whatever he spews out.

  • flo

    this wasn’t really good

  • MewLover34

    Marty, What is your album of the year so far?
    *waits to laugh*

  • Will

    biff tannen

    You can say what you want, but the production on Danny Browns latest album fucking blows this shit out of the water. I mean you have you’re opinions dude, but from where I am standing this shit aint touchin his album.

    Hell I am fuckin with Black Money World’s new album more than this shit. He is playing the same old song with a new age twist, which does not interest cats like me and that shit is played out. If you like it fine, but I still say this shit is mediocre. It is nothing more than a suped up recovery album.

  • marty mcfly

    @MewLover34, I dont know but off the top of my head maybe Ka – The Nights Gambit. Its just raw blood and bones, straight hip hop beats and rhymes. You prolly dont fuck with no albums like that.

  • Will


    I love that album it is just as good as Grief pedigree for me. That dude is straight underground. Most of the cats aint never heard of him and probably Roc Marciano.

  • Eddie

    To “FredRico” : Agreed!!!

  • AK

    For anyone that chooses to hate on Em wait til you listen to the album and get the deluxe version cause he got a song called Wicked Ways, and it’s on a beat like pretty much everyone else is dropping now and he crushed it!!!! Ain’t a rapper alive that will put words together like Em, if it feels like I’m running away with the game it’s because I am, don’t speculate – Eminem

  • AK

    By the way I bought my shit from ITunes and can’t wait til the rest of that shit downloads, but anyways Wicked Ways don’t think for a second that if he didn’t choose to drop an album full of beats like everyone that he won’t Renegade them like he did Jay Z.

  • biff tannen

    This shit is mediocre af. Like I said, this is not a good album but its sure as hell better than Old. Good production can only do so much. Look at MCHG, the production on that is top notch but jay did nothing with most of those beats. How you can take a beat like the one for tom ford and make a genuinely boring song with it is beyond me.

  • Todd at work

    Man, I just blew the stinkiest fart and now I’m basking in the stench.

  • Will


    Both albums are better, he took an album and balanced it out. I do not care what you think Old was a better album and so was MCHG. Kendrick is the only reason why I am looking this up, and he still could not save this train wreck.

    If you like his music then by all means, but this shit sounds like every other mainstream poppy album. The only reason people are dickriding this is because it is Em, the great white hope who failed with this one.

  • biff tannen

    Rofl @your poor reading comprehension skills.

    I never said I liked it. In fact, I mentioned how i thought this was not a good album several times.

    Better than Old and MCHG? Yes, absolutely. But not a good album.

  • c-$hellz

    haha people complaining about this shit… if any other rappers rapped with the skill of these two on this track youd all be clicking repeat for hours. if you cant see how brilliant the album is then your crazy. noone on this site will like anything unless its got a good old fashioned hip hop beat behind it. so closed minded to hearing anything new or different. hes 41, do you really expect him to be straight gangsta rapping? recognize his crazy wordplay, and brilliant metaphores and concepts, and the production is crazy. Its his best since The Eminem Show. Its like you guys wanna hear the same damn thing over and over even though a decade has passed. c’mon guys. this shits great

  • biff tannen

    So eminem hasn’t rapped about being disappointed by women so bad he wants to kill them? He’s never described how he would kill a woman on a track before? Youre right this is new and inovative stuff for him.


    Mental midgets

  • AK

    its new and innovative because of the fact that he is structuring his bars and playing with words like no other artist can. Jay damn sure cant or he would, five minutes away from being sesame street bars on his new shit, its all straight forword and no cleverness to it. Oh I see the disconnect, you just don’t get Em, he is just over your head, that’s wassup. Maybe you need to inhance your thinking cause its not just the subject matter but its the way that you deliver it, and the fact that damn near every track is told in a storyboard format, and ain’t a damn rapper on earth gonna outdo EM with that. I’ll give you 3stacks and Nas, that’s it

  • biff tannen

    Lol @over my head.

    Sit down stanley.

    We already know Em is one of the GOATS. That’s why more is expected of him. Play this song or any of the tracks from this album and then play any song off the original mmlp. Hear the difference? Not in the beats or rhymes but in the cohesiveness off his thoughts. The structure of his verses and songs. The subject matter is similar n yet on this album it sounds extremely forced and unoriginal because we’ve heard this before only better. Stop kidding yourselves, this isn’t a well executed album. It gets an A for effort but that’s it. Couple good songs in it but NO CLASSICS. Nothing I can see myself listening to a month or two from now.

    Get mad bitches.

    I rest my case.

  • The deluxe edition songs alone are better than most people’s albums.

  • jon

    Eminem did Yelawolfs album. GARBAGE.
    Eminem did Slaugherhouse’ album. GARBAGE


  • MMLP2 = Meh

    damn….. ain’t nobody even mention de la’s version of the same sample in here…

    Beat ain’t bad, doens’t fit the album that’s for sure. Song was okay to me, but again, definitely didn’t fit the album… And I’d be lying if I said I expected this type of song from this type of collabo.

    I’m dissapointed, not cuz the song was all that bad, but because this song doesn’t really fit the album theme and also because this collabo, for this type of album could have been on some next level.

    Oh well, I bet they had fun making it.


  • RahRah

    Apparently none of you know what hip-hop music is because this beat is so original and both flows ON POINT. Every critic on this website is a fucking hipster tryna go against mainstream music; y’all mad he’s still got it

  • D

    The Beat is supposed to be a little poppy, like a corny game show or corny old love song. But the Beat is still trash.

    Raps on point tho.

  • mark jakob

    your guys opinion is fucked, yous think this album sucks because yous are all hooked up on listing to music about fucking bitches and getting money, yous hear none of that in eminems music so you dont like it, listin to rap god, he says it in that song, hes found a way to mix rap with pop, rock and diffrent genres, if you ask me its fucking awesome, not as good as mmlp1 but stil good, i dont know why hell put someone as shit as on this album he fucking sucks, say what yous want about the album but is there any artist out that can freestyle battle eminem and win ?

  • Maicel

    Just wanna mention.. Sample is being used by prince paul, back in the days, for de la souls “my brother a basehead” … Everyone said its a killer… Lol.. Now everyone says.. “Wahh.. This beat is wack” .. Fcking idiots.. ;) ..this track is dope.. Cause its not what you all expected..

  • skiler415

    The beat is TRASH. Stop trying to justify it. They both spit, but keep putting out beats like this and the masses will stop buying concert tickets. And all you so called hip hop critics need to stop acting pretentious, Kendrick and Em are great rappers, NOT GOAT.s